Features of catching pike in the summer on spinning

In the summer, pike are not so actively caught. As in the autumn and spring. This is due to the fact that in heated water almost all ichthyodes become inactive and lethargic. Lowering the temperature stimulates the fish, they begin to scour in search of food.

Spinning specialists with experience know for sure that pike fishing will be most successful in spring and autumn. During these periods, the predator will eagerly chase after almost any of the baits offered to it.

Catching pike in the summer for spinning is often less successful, but if you know some secrets and subtleties, you can easily catch an impressive specimen.

The spring post-spawning and autumn zhor allow anglers to easily catch predators of various sizes, but catching pike in the summer by spinning from the shore or a boat  will in most cases be less successful, but no less interesting. To always be with the catch, you need to know some features of the catch by month:

month where to looking for
June at the beginning of the month, a pike can be searched in places of its permanent parking, with increasing temperature the fishing spots can be very different
July in hot weather, the predator falls into the pits, where the water temperature is lower, there it stands until dusk and the long-awaited cooling
August lowering the temperature at the end of summer activates the pike, it more often leaves the pits, returns to permanent places of parking

In many respects, these indicators depend on weather conditions, cool weather will not be able to drive the pike to the depths, and hot June and August will not lure a predator for shallows even at night.

Therefore, the question of how to catch a pike on a spinning rod in the summer may have several answers at once. There will be only one thing to unite them: in no case should you stand still ; to be with a catch, you must constantly move around the reservoir and try as many various lures as possible.

Cooking Tackle

Spinning fishing in the summer involves the use of standard components. For successful fishing you need a quality rod, reel , base, reliable fittings, as well as bait. Next, we learn about them in more detail.

Spinning blank

In July, pike for spinning is caught on standard bait for open water, so the characteristics of the rod are selected average:

  • test it is advisable to choose from 5 g to 25 g ;
  • the length depends on where the fishing is planned: for the watercraft, a 2-meter version is enough , but for the coast it is better to take a length of 2.4 m;
  • it is better to give preference to a rod with a fast or very fast formation .

When choosing a spinning blank, you should pay attention to the plug-in options made of carbon. Such rods will be light and durable, with their help even a novice fisherman can easily carry out almost any bait as necessary.


The presence of inertia on the form is mandatory, it should have a good friction brake, without which it is unlikely to get a predator. Summer fishing for a predator of this type will require a product with a spool of 2000-3000 size . This will be enough to wind the required amount of warp.

When buying, you should pay attention to the backlash in the handle, they should not be present in a quality product.


Catching pike in August for spinning, as in other months, will be more effective if you use a braided cord as the basis. With a small thickness, it can withstand heavy loads, which is important. The best option is a product of 8 weaves, thickness from 0.12 mm to 0.16 mm.

You can use the fishing line, but it must be put thicker, a good option would be 0.28-0.32 mm in diameter.

Accessories for snap

In addition to all of the above, pike fishing gear in June includes leashes for spinning. It is best to put fluorocarbon, but strong steel and soft tungsten will be a good option.

Both purchased and homemade products are used. For the second option, you need to choose high-quality fittings, swivels and carbines are of medium size, but with good casting performance.

Bait selection

Before catching a pike on a spinning rod, it is necessary to determine the bait, their abundance can enter into a stupor of everyone. Summer fishing on a predator by this method occurs using a variety of bait, best pike responds to:

It is not worthwhile to ignore spinnerbait and other less popular lures, it is important to offer pike a variety, maybe something will interest it in the heat.


Fishing for pike in June for spinning is not complete without the use of silicone baits, this type of bait in shallow water will work especially well.

A variety of forms are used:

  • twisters;
  • rippers;
  • vibration tails;
  • Worms
  • handles;
  • weak.

Of the colors, it is worth giving preference to bright acidics , and it is desirable that the back or tummy of the selected model stand out. Natural colors should also be in the arsenal of the angler, white or black-backed silicone or grayish are always successful with a predator in the summer.

Installation can be done either through a jig head, or movable with a collapsible cheburashka and an offset.


In June, a pike responds well to spinning on iron, and at the same time both a spinner and a swivel can attract its attention. Throughout the summer, it is these baits that will be at the peak of popularity right after the wobblers, the main thing is to choose the right one.

Catching pike in July for spinning will be more successful with the use of spinners, choose not large, but not quite small. The middle version of the petal and a tee with a fly with uniform wiring will surely seem very appetizing to the predator.

Catching pikes in August for spinning will be more successful with oscillators, classics of the genre are:

  • Atom;
  • Lady;
  • Перч.

Almost every manufacturer has these types, Spinnex is considered the best .


This type of bait is always popular, pike reacts to it in August, in May, in October and throughout the season in open water.

In the summer, such models will be catchy:

  • Poppers
  • rattlin;
  • minnow.

Each of the options must be managed correctly, only then can the bait attract the attention of a predator in a pond. For poppers, fast animation is used, only with it you can achieve the specific sound of this wobbler. A variety of options are suitable for minnow, and you can experiment freely with rattlins.

The color scheme is the most diverse, both natural colors and acidic are used. An important selection criterion will be a bright tummy of red or orange.

Experienced anglers do not recommend fast animations of lures in extreme heat. No predator wants to pursue fast and nimble prey.

Features of fishing on the river

In July, catching pike on a spinning course is very sluggish. A fisherman constantly moves along the coastline or along a reservoir on a boat, catching the most promising places. Midsummer will be successful for catching in the evening and morning dawn, as well as in the night . It’s possible to get the catch precisely in cloudy rainy weather, and it is desirable that such conditions last for several days.

Apply a variety of lures:

  • Larger silicone with loads of about 6-10 g for catching the middle layers of water;
  • the wobbler is chosen with different shovels, it all depends on the depths in the selected reservoir;
  • spinners will also be effective, from spinners, preference should be given to models with an elongated petal, and oscillators will suit both single and skimmers.

It is worth catching the edges, sharp changes in depths, exits from deep holes and the holes themselves in the heat.

The subtleties of capture on the lakes

A variety of lures will help you to catch pike in August, and throughout the summer successfully on the lakes. Their wiring will not differ much from the animation on the river, but the promising places here will be different.

It is worth looking for prey:

  • along the coastline with vegetation;
  • at shallow depths;
  • in the reeds and water lily;
  • in places where trees and bushes cast a shadow.

Among the lures used, it is worth highlighting spinners, for standing water it is worth choosing models with a round petal.

Spinning in June will bring more trophies than this kind of recreation in the middle of summer. But do not hide the spinning blanks far, at the slightest opportunity you need to try your luck, maybe a pike sits under one of the bushes and waits for the casting of your bait.

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