Features of pike in the suburbs

Pike is a fish hunter, it can rapidly overtake ambush their prey, leaving her no chance for salvation. Its prey, the pike often enough across the body, swallowing after unwrapping it in the jaws by movement of the jaws, executing it without stopping after the throw.

Greed for a fee fishing in the suburbs pike striking, having in mouth not swallowed the fry, she may attack another lure that his game had a strong impact on her. The adult pike diet consists mainly of fish, sometimes she eats tadpoles, frogs, rodents, small waterfowl.

When fishing pike spinning as bait you can use Wobbler. The body of this bait is made from a porous material, the specific gravity significantly less than that of water, which gives it buoyancy. From a great variety of lures for pike it is necessary to use large lures with a length of 11 to 15 cm, with a metal leash, consisting of two or three parts, the line you need to use thin and durable. The material from which made the blade lure better from optical impact-resistant polymer with the sustainability of the “game” of bait. Practice proved that the coloring of the lure gives the best effect – silver color to match the color of the scales. Artificial bait – crank, very versatile (depending on design) and efficient, it is recognized by many fishermen.

Not always a novice angler, going fishing, attaches great importance to the weather. Well prepared gear, equipment, and selected the proposed location of fishing. However, experience shows that weather conditions, if you want to come back with a decent catch from fishing, a very should be considered. Good bite in the period of open water can be kept at constant atmospheric pressure and weak wind. The temperature rises gradually from sunrise to far past noon, then slowly decreases. Day there are small clouds by the evening disappear. Although the pike, it is believed, dwells in all bodies of water, but it is better to go to those places where she is not only there, but has impressive size.

Which weather is better caught pike

Autumn has fully come into its own, with the air gradually cools the water in the reservoirs. Activity peaceful fish gradually decreases, which is not about predatory fish, especially pike, in which aggressiveness and appetite with cold water only increase. Some of the anglers, going on the hunt for the pike, out of habit as fishing peaceful fish await good weather, early in the morning arrive at the pond. Before lunch, plenty of nemacaulis spinning and without any catches going home, considering the fishing failed.

What is the cause of failure – above all, in ignorance of the fisherman of the features of the habitat and habits of this predator. It turns out that pike at this time of the year begins to be caught with lunch and usually on cloudy, even rainy weather, when most of the fishers lying on the couch at home, watching TV.

In addition, when fishing for pike in this period it is necessary favored among artificial lures give the lures of longer than 12 cm and the rotating spinners No. 4-5. The wiring of the baits must be done slowly oblasova promising spots where the pike can lie in ambush. To improve the efficiency of fishing for pike, you need not stop at one reservoir, and to inspect several ponds its possible habitat.

Catching pike on lures

Summer in the suburbs, when the pike almost refuses to take any tips, it well can be caught on crankbaits. This type of nozzle is excellent bait for pike. They very naturally mimic the behavior of live fish. The success of the pike lures lies in the fact that they have good buoyancy. Conventionally, the lures can be divided into floating, sinking and neutral. To fishing for pike with lures has been successful, it is necessary to choose the right buoyancy of the lure that gives you the opportunity to do different kinds of transactions.

This is very important, especially in the summer when you have to catch an active pike. Very good working crankbaits with rattles of different sizes with little penetration. They are convenient for uniform transactions and active well caught the pike. In the same period, did a good job sinking crankbaits with rattles size of 7 cm and above, made of good ringing plastic. Work well weighted lures weighing more than 20 g active when fishing for pike speed wiring.

Pike fishing spinning reel live bait

When pike fishing on a paid fishing with the spinning rod with artificial bait anglers often encounter a situation when none of the baits chasing fry pike does not want to take. Not help in this case and different types of transactions bait. In this case, you must try to catch pike on live bait. It is better to catch pike on live bait that lives in the lake where you fish. As live bait for pike you can use perch, small bass or carp, roach, bleak and other fish.

Moreover, it is better to use live bait for catching fresh that their movement attracts pike, arousing her appetite and causing her grip. Depending on the size of bait and the diameter of the applied leash hooks, tees or doubles No. 6-8, VMC №№ 8-12.

Stick bait on the hook it is necessary carefully not to injure the live bait and keep it alive and lively. The throw rod with the live bait should be done in places where the pike chasing fry without weakening the line. Feeling the line tension and jerk it is necessary to do cutting. If the spinning caught a big pike, to prevent derailment or breakage of the fishing line, the pike needs to tire, slowly pulling her to shore at the same time, making it impossible to go snag a spot.

The pike fishing in the fall

Autumn fishing for pike in the suburbs – an interesting exercise for the fisherman-the fan. Ponds for pike are chosen relatively remote from populated areas and places frequented by the person. In these places, the pike can be found at intermediate depths, the pits, and pools of water not available on the opposite shore. Spinning for pike must be used with rigid-rod bezynertsionnoj equipped with a reel and line not

less than 0.25 mm, with the mandatory installation of metal leash. Bait when fishing for pike can be very different, all depends on the location of fishing, as the spring Jora pike is not very legible. In heavily zakoryazhennyh places where there is frequent loss of hooks and lures, it is advisable to use a jig lure, bright colors and lures with the hook protection from snags, the so-called <nezatseplyayki>.

Spinners, crankbaits and poppers will come in handy when fishing for pike in the water column and at the surface. By using vibrating lures pike can be fished at half depth and the bottom of the pond where there are no hooks. A very important requirement when fishing for pike in the fall is choosing the right transaction baits. The most appropriate form of transaction in these terms, is a slow retrieve the lure with short breaks. When oblaivanie alleged locations of pike special attention should be paid to the harvest of Yam where there can be a large specimen pike.

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