Fishing foam

Fishing the foam is very rapidly gaining momentum lately. But she has one drawback, it is possible to apply the foam as bait only in stagnant water.

Yes, on some rivers you can use this snap-in, but not all, depending on the speed of the current your hook will just be pressed to the bottom, and the bite will not occur. Let’s briefly consider catching foam from the point of view of the fish, often the catch you have to see carp, carp and bream.

A well-known process of feeding carps: they swim along the bottom, kicking up silt and digging there in search of food. The food is blowing from the bottom utaskivaet the flow of the water and the fish it eats. This means that it is not only what is on the bottom and what floats beside him.

If the bait is just hanging on the hook at the bottom, it is likely to wary fish, but still may provoke her to bite. But, if the bait will very slowly sink, then there is quite another matter. This primarily will look natural to the fish and will certainly provoke it to bite. This catch on the foam, during its gradual lowering very effective.

And in order that your bait is not frightened the fish, but rather appeal to her need to know a few secrets and a few simple steps. The main thing that the foam got into the flow of the mixture that is released from the trough. Here can help various dusting components that are found on the fishing market is quite simple.

The next secret is a tribute foam ball directly from the bottom. This can be achieved by “sticking” the hook has foam in the trough. The foam is fairly durable material and it does not soak, as it allows him manipulate it.

Fishing for carp on the foam for

Fishing foam carp the task is quite simple, just need to put the balls on the hooks and score a trough of porridge before casting. The main thing to choose the right bait for carp, so she’s not off the springs during the cast and eroded over is not very fast.

To throw the snap-in is the place where you think there really is a carp. After the dive snap on the bottom in order to exhaust the sagging line. Do this very carefully so as not to move the feeder. This is extremely important, because when you dive the springs with her disappeared part of the food and left a stain on the bottom. Their task is to lure the fish to the spring.

After a few minutes the pieces filling the trough begins to rise slowly in the water, attracting fish. At this moment Karas, who began to eat porridge and swallows dressed on hooks foam.

Fishing for carp on the foam is interesting because it even podscasts yourself, because the sting of the hook to remain open. Typically, you may notice a sharp jerk of the line, and then she sags. All the fish on the hook and can get ashore and get in the tank.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, carp are quite cautious and the bite can influence even the smallest detail. Suggest you go to the video to better understand the secrets of catching on the foam.

Tackle for catching on the foam

The main equipment for catching on the foam – this trough, as in other matters, and any other feeder a snap. Without it, the sense from the foam balls will not no matter what flavoring you used. Who does not believe, takes two rods, and one puts the bird feeder, and the other is not. Believe me – the effect will be visible immediately.

The rest of the snap is identical to the feeder. However, there is another difference – a radically different way of installation. The spring is attached to the main fishing line blind Assembly, without the use of loops and carabiners. This ensures trouble-free cutting.

I think that the best form of trough is a classic spring agrogene at the bottom of the coils. This spring will be on the bottom of the bait up. Depending on flow velocity the weight of the filled feeders can be in the range of 80 – 150 grams.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of binding of leashes:

  • the minimum number of leads – two;
  • they need to be mounted on different sides of the trough;
  • optimal long leash is 5 cm;
  • it is best to do the leashes of thin fishing line or a braided line.

Now, regarding the size of hooks, choose No. 3 to No. 5 according to the Russian numbering. You need to tip and Cuvee the hook is opened and the foam ball was planted in the midst. With regard to the diameter of the balls, they should raise the hook.

Bait for fishing on the foam can consist of anything but that she could raise a murky cloud near the trough. I prefer the classics: 1 serving of bread crumbs to 2 servings of sunflower meal (cake), pour the water and mix until desired consistency.

The main we have reviewed, and the remaining components of the tooling will not dramatically affect the catch. The diameter of the line you need to choose depending on the weight of the trough. Feeder rods also are chosen according to the weight of the finished tooling. The coil need to choose a reliable.

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