Fishing for bream from the boat

Fishing for bream from the boat very interesting. For this type of fishing it is best to use the sounder, but if it’s not then you can use the line marked at every meter. This simple device can play the function of the sounder.

For large rivers, the bream fishing from a boat occurs in line or close to it. Very often but not constantly catch bream in the transaction. The first obstacle can be a large depth. And very often, the riverbeds are exposed to wind, which is not good. We all know that after sudden gusts of wind with the current need to check the snap-in and, if necessary, to fix the bait. If the wind starts blowing against the current, the catch does not work.

Side rods to catch will be very convenient and comfortable. On small rivers the bream fishing from a boat occurs most often in the eyebrows. If they do not exist, and the bottom has extreme depths it is possible to catch in the wiring. It is recommended to put the boat to anchor a little higher than pit. On a flat section of the bottom of bream should lure bait.

If you will catch in the wiring then you will need to move the rod, and with long “sticks” this process will be time consuming. But in this method of fishing has a number of advantages:

Bream fish are timid and lure her to the boat any closer than 10-15 meters will be a very difficult task. For big bream will be good to eat the bait at such distances. Because of this when fishing onboard a fishing rod is basically biting the young bream.

When you post the bait on the hook will look natural and will undoubtedly attract bream. When the bait is moving the fish forgets his fears and seeks to eat it.

Of course, nobody says that other ways of fishing and no fishermen, choose certain. Depending on the characteristics of the pond and fish in it.

Many prefer to fish the feeder, but this method usually does not give the desired results. Its main drawback is the lack of area for bait. Another disadvantage is a long and arduous setup gear.

Tackles for catching bream off the boat

Before you can select a snap you must pay attention to the structural features of the fish. Bream have very weak lips and the choice of hook should be approached carefully, very thick hook can break the lip, and a thin strut. It is recommended to give preference to medium-sized hooks with a thin ciwem.

The choice of fishing line depends on the characteristics of the reservoir, most often it is the fishing line with a diameter of 0.3 mm. For example, if the rivers no hook that would be a good idea to choose the line thinner. To the color of the line also should be treated seriously and choose it under the color of the bottom. The choice of float approach, taking into account their preferences, for fish it is almost irrelevant. The only thing worth mentioning is the preference of a sliding mounting of the float. We wrote about it in the article, the bream fishing on the float.

Bait for bream from the boat

The bream fishing from a boat requires good bait, if its not to achieve the desired results will be difficult. But, as practice shows, one bait is small. It is advisable scatter bait, in small portions and often. At first SCORM do not spare the bait, pour a lot of it. Then make a bait at certain intervals of time, gradually reducing portions.

Most fishermen prefer cake and semolina as the basis of the bait. Often, the bait interfere with the clay, this makes it last longer on the course and not to oversaturate the fish.

The presence of obligatory landing net fishing for bream from the boat. Nothing very difficult to fish bream is not present, but do not apply it as a routine exercise. Bream, seeing the fisherman that makes the last couple of jerks and very often it is because of these jerks gets back into their native element.

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