Fishing for carp and carp in the spring

Most often fishing for carp in the spring depends on the weather. Only the water is a little warm, the carp starting to Wake up and bite. It was at this time and started catching carp and crucian carp. In the spring of observed active movement of fish.

If you see bubbles going up, so there is carp. Fish tries to recapture the ground of parasites, remoras clinging to it in the winter. For successful fishing need not only patience, but also well matched tackle. At this time the big fish coming to the shore and catch her standing there. Of course fish need to be fed, that’s just with the amount of bait no need to exaggerate.

It is easier to catch a very big fish from a boat some distance from shore. In my opinion, regardless of whether you catch winter or summer, spring or autumn, crucian carp or carp, fishing still remains a very interesting task. As they say: “the main process, and fish catch”.

Noticed that on certain days the fish is caught very well, and some do not bite, why is that? The explanation is only one – apparently the carp moved in flocks, and sometimes anglers find themselves on the pack, and sometimes not. If there is a desire to catch a lot, in ponds where there’s a carp it will not make any difficulties. But is a good approach to the selection of the place. In those places where the water warms up more carp takes better.

When it comes to summer, it is best to attach a large bird feeder to tackle and to pick up cooler.

After the winter most of the fish goes to the bottom, and the pond is covered with ice. Fishermen sometimes punch holes for the ingress of oxygen into the pond and the fish could breathe.

It is best to catch carp near the reeds, there are many herbs which it eats. Depth to put more is not necessary, because most bites occur on fish weight. Best time is morning or night.

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