Fishing for carp (carp) and what to fish

In larger rivers carp and other fish of the carp family, is found at the border of difference of bottom topography on the slopes and the sidelines, in the pits with still water or a weak return flow in the rushy calm channels and bays.

He can stand under trees and bushes overhanging the steep banks.

If coastal vegetation is sparse or absent entirely – carp tries to stay close to the fairway.

The location of the lake the carp have a close relationship with both the fishing seasonand time of day, and with the habits of the animal, as well as weather conditions.

After the melting of ice narodivsya for winter carp satisfies hunger the first shoots of plants, so most of the day spends in the coastal zone is rich in remnants of last year’s vegetation – reeds, pondweed, reeds, which also serve as refuge for insects and invertebrates making up the bulk of his spring-autumn diet.

Spring is the best season for carp fishing, especially in front of his spawn – in the period when it is hard fat. This time of year, the master of rivers and lakes, which it is considered everywhere in Russia and Belarus, biting it in vegetable and animal bait. During the spawning season to catch carp, however, like any other fish, is prohibited.

Activity and location of carp is largely dependent on water temperature. Being cold-blooded animal, it needs warmth, which influences not only the metabolism of the body, but the whole process of life.

This feature is reflected in the habits and behavior of heat-loving fish, losing activity at temperatures below 10 -12 °C and feeling good in the water warmed to 18-23 °C.

Hot summer days, our hero prefers to be at a depth of escaping from overheating and people who represent a threat to him. Only in the early morning and near sunset he goes out in shallow water to satisfy hunger, frolic and bask in the sun.

In artificial ponds where the fish regularly gets food, she’s not as skittish, and several times a day coming to the feeders. Acquired habit of our hero are anglers-carpatica, privativa the handsome hero to a specific location, which then are fishing.

With the first signs of approaching winter carp occurs in autumn zhor, but despite this, autumn is not considered to be the most favorable times for catching him, as due to frequent changes in temperature, typical of this time of year, animal is constantly changing his location.

Providing a proper amount of food needed to accumulate fat for the upcoming winter, and at the same time, adjusting to weather conditions associated with rapid changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature of the water, he is forced to constantly change the depth of immersion, than a very difficult fishing.

In bad weather goes with the rapidly cooled shallow water depth, but is the water warm up, he returns to the coastal zone or rises in the upper layers closer to the surface and, regardless of the time of day, actively feeding, giving preference to animal food, rich in protein.

Therefore, for the fall fishing choose the days, preceded by a good warm weather. To catch river and lake carp in cold water does not make sense.

Ways of fishing for carp – carp

In the first months of life the fry of common carp feeds on phytoplankton and invertebrate organisms, then it goes to a larger and more diverse feed being omnivorous, eats almost everything edible: plants, seeds, berries, roots, worms, insects, mollusks, fish eggs, juvenile fish, crayfish, frogs and leeches.

Offering increased voracity, does not disdain even the food and wastes of their production.

The method of fishing and equipment for fishing for carp is largely dependent on the time of year and location of the Fisher. For example, boats where there is no need to throw the gear away, it can catch the side line or short spinning rod extragear class, using the bottom and snap the float with a sliding float.

Equipment with fixed attachment of the float to catch carp with no boats or from the shore does not, as the limited depth and distance of fishing will prevent this.

Type of reel for the tackle on the carp does not really matter, the main thing that it contained the necessary yardage of the line of the required caliber.

From bespoleznyj gear fishing for carp in open water (boat) used feeder or a regular bottom snap on the same extragear spinning rod or side rods.

Stationary fishing is carried out more serious match and carp rods, capable of providing significant distance casting equipment required for catching of this fish from the shore.

It happens that the carp is very far away, and even a special fishing rod is not allowed to throw equipment to the right place. This usually occurs in reservoirs with a gently sloping bottom topography significantly alienates deep-sea areas from the coastline or where the carp subjected to severe fishing pressure, kept at a considerable distance from the shore.

In such cases, carpatica resorted to using radio controlled boats deliver a snap to the right place.

Regardless of the type of snap-in all its elements and have to be durable – designed for the fish weight not less than 12-15 kg: the main fishing line – nylon monofilament is thinner than 0.5 mm , leads – 0.35 mm, hooks carp 2-3 number in international numbering.

No special rods should not preclude the desire to catch this wonderful fish. Not being able to spend money on expensive fishing accessories, fishing for carp at an average distance of 50-60 m, doing the usual spinning or telescope of the same power and inexpensive retractable.

For this you just need to find the right place with steep bottom topography or ahead of time to bait the fish. Many anglers of the old generation successfully catch carp and other fish without a fishing-rod, casting-fashioned zakidushki with his hands.

Of course, there are items of fishing equipment, without which the fishing is impossible to do. For example, to pull out of the water a large carp, having no landing net, no it does not work. Delivered to the shore and seems to be no longer resisting the trophy will explode hard and will break the line as soon as you feel the touch to her or to himself.

Equipment and bait for the carp

The most popular nozzle for bottom gear on a large carp always been cake, aka cake – a product obtained by pressing of seeds of oilseed crops: sunflower, hemp, etc. For use with a fishing snap-ins used special tools (see Fig. below), called “maculation”.

This files most often is a homemade lead plates, to which using rubber bands for hair or rings of rubber attached chamber the briquette cake and tie 2-4 hooks on short leashes – 10-12 see

The tip of the hooks are injected in the nozzle, distributing them evenly throughout its surface.

The dough, mixed with animal feed or ground cake, since ancient times is ingrained as an excellent tool for catching carp lake (carp).

The principle of fishing for carp on the dough is simple to surprise mixed with animal feed or ground cake flour mass, long razmakhau in the water due to the contained eggs, nalalia on the spring – feeder trough, spiral type, a weighted sinker.

The part attached to the spiral hooks (2 to 4 pieces) concealed in the test, and the other – strung worm, corn, or any other attachment.

Very good results this dough brings in angling for carp in artificial ponds in which fish are fed with feed or its ingredients. Optionally, in the flour mixture, you can add the components included in the daily diet of carp.

For example, you can add boiled corn or barley grits or just sweetened with brown bread.

Low-cost fixture of plastic stoppers, popularly known as nipples (see Fig. 4) serve as a good alternative to the spiral feeders.

Okrujenie lead pellet and equipped with 2-4 hooks, they are the worst springs keep the lure/bait and fish.

Fly fishing for carp British Donk based on container feeders for loose bait, provided with just one hook, is considered a more sporty and traditional way.

Camouflage the hook in the bait, and is mounted to the snap-in so that it is in the working position, located next to the feeder.

To do this, use a long leash and a special arrangement that would prevent its twisting. Nasazhivajut on a hook or attach the hair mounting the nozzle, are in demand by our character, Boyle, corn, worm, the flesh of clams, potatoes, etc …

 Spring and autumn are effectively “work” the bait of animal origin, summer – vegetable.

Prikazivanje and complementary feeding fish

To catch carp without bait, as a rule, the employment prospects, if someone can catch, only the small innocent sasanika. Catching a large carp – cautious and alert, besides feeding alone, requires a much more thorough approach to carp fishing, in which the complementary feeding fish like before, in the process, has an important role.

Sometimes just feeding is not enough, in particular to catch big species in a large and wild pond, then a handsome giant have to bait for the upcoming fishing.

To this end, the fishermen a few days leave on the dot for a future fishing or live near it, feeding the fish in the morning and evening dawn in the same place. When it becomes obvious that the object of the hunt fearlessly suited to the desired area of the biotope, and it usually occurs 3-4 days, that’s when you begin fishing, hoping for a specimen.

In contrast to feeding, which is carried out purchase bait or mixtures of their own making, for prepaymania carp are suitable cheaper means of steamed grain, wheat, corn, peas, porridge from cereals, feed, cake.

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