Fishing for carp on the float rod

It is no secret that currently the most popular tackle is a float. Although over the last few years among fishermen has increased interest in such equipment as feeder rods. It speaks of the fascination of this method of fishing.

But if you are going to go for carp, you should thoroughly approach the selection of equipment. Be aware that this is quite a powerful predator. To compete when playing will have even with not a large individual.

Carp spinning rods on today’s huge mass. Choosing the rod, note on his “power”. As this fish is strong enough, the weak rod simply will not cope with the enemy. As a rule, use a serious telescope. Equipped with a spinning reel and a sturdy rings. In addition to power should pay attention to the softness of the rod. Due to this quality you will be able to repay the shocks or jerks of the carp when playing.

The coil needs to have friction brakes, and the gear ratio should be no higher than 5:1. It does not matter the location of the clutch (front or back), choose to be in the first place from the convenience or habit. The spool is better to choose three-dimensional. This choice will make itself know when you come across large or very live, lively carp. Difficult to focus on playing, when all thoughts about whether there will be enough fishing line on the spool.

The fishing line must also be determined. Carp are very cautious, many fishermen it is called the Fox. Therefore, you should choose the best type – it should be as thin as possible at the same time possess high strength. If you take a thick fishing line, it will just scare away the predator. The most suitable diameter – 0,28…to 0.3 mm. It is desirable to buy it from a reputable manufacturer, to ensure quality. This rule applies to all gear.

It should say that braid is not suitable. This is due to the fact that she simply did not have enough stretch. And this quality is appreciated when using float tackle. The hook needs to be sharp, to have a small handguard, sturdy and thick enough. Having a small fore-end is easily hidden in the bait. In the case of thin (made of thin wire), it just cut the lip of the fish. The optimal number of hook-carp – from 5 to 7.

Snap-in float fishing rods for carp

If the choice is to proceed from the natural timidity and caution of this fish. Therefore, the use of large and colorful floats contraindicated. The priority weight from 1-3 grams, serene colors. Form a matter of controversy, but there are options where anglers converge is: the lower part must be as short as possible (short keel), the shape of the droplets (a bit round and elongated body), thin antenna.

Do not forget about the conditions of fishing. At the far throw just need a heavier float, a short distance to handle and lightweight. In shallow water carp very suspicious and cautious, taking the bait very cautiously. As soon as he feels resistance immediately spit the tackle. Summing up: in shallow water, use a float weighing up to 2 grams, in angling at a depth of is better to take 3-4 oz.

Hook better not to save. Matter which firm to buy, but the important components are: sharpness, size 6-12, samorodskaya design. It should not be with wide width poddevom (the distance between the forearm and the sting). If used in the manufacture of the material will be of insufficient quality, and carp are large, this can lead to unbending and as a consequence immediately fish.

Correct ogruzka will increase the chances of catching a trophy. This will depend on how well You can observe the bite, and how much the float will react to gusts of wind.

The first sinker is mounted at a distance of 10-20 cm from the hook. Remaining at an equal distance from each other. Top grain needs to be bigger and heavier than the others. Allowed moving of the snap-in, which undoubtedly affects the sensitivity of the capture of bait (fish feels no resistance, and thus behave more confident). In strong winds it is desirable to be embedded the float to the antenna. This will reduce windage. In its absence, on the contrary, to hang smaller goods.

Used bait

A simple way to prevent the bait from corn, worms, peas, maggots, etc. to Throw small amounts to the expected habitat of the fish. It is important not to make any noise, so as not to scare cautious carp. Men’s pinches will be enough with a periodicity of a few minutes.

The second method requires separate attention and time. It is based on a large fraction of the mixture that is created through the use of cooked cereals, or purchased, ready-made mixtures for fertilizing. It is important that the smell was fruity (sweet). The secret of experienced anglers is that they add a finely chopped bait in the starting mixture, which further positively affects the bite. When using this method the area of the fishing sakhalinets once, that would not create permanent noise.

What bait to use

The main and frequently used in spring and summer are: barley, dough, peas, sweet corn. It is not necessary in these times of the year to use a lot of sweet flavors, in the heat, they can only scare away the fish. Use dips and attractants very carefully. In the fall, the fish become almost indifferent, preferring a diet of maggots, worms, bloodworms, insect larvae.

How to find a promising fishing spot

In areas of the waves of water washed away a mass of insects, creates turbidity, and accumulates what you eat. There is a perception that finding such a suitable place to catch your trophy. Of the more traditional habitats are considered snags. This is one of the most promising fishing places exactly where the fish can eat, and spend the day.

If at a sufficient distance from the shore there is a Bank, it is also promising for harvest. This is especially noticeable in cool weather. In the morning, with the rising of the sun, this shallow water will warm up faster and better than other places, especially in the spring weather. Hanging trees over the water are almost inexhaustible source of insects. They always something living falls into the water, so cunning carp will be here.

Algae, water lilies and lush grass – all favorite habitat. When fishing in such places it is better to use a boat, as the fish will certainly be trying to leave in the middle, leaving the fisherman a chance to successful fly fishing. Finally I will add that to begin hooking should only be in the moment when the fish starts moving with the bait. Up to this point is the chance to spook cautious fish and stay with no bites for another couple of hours.

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