Fishing for catfish on a trout line

As we all know, soma refers to bottom-fish, besides predatory. On this basis, the choice of a donkey as a snap-in for catching him, can bring good results.

Fishing for catfish on a trout line from shore and from a boat has a big advantage in the simplicity of the structure of the gear.

Fishing for catfish on a trout line from the shore

Sinker, the weight of which depends on the choice of the place of fishing, the more there is for the heavier sinker is necessary. As a constraint for moving sinkers to use a swivel to which is attached a leash of a pretty durable material (usually thick braids). The hook to choose a quality, don’t neglect its sharpness and strength. Hook size is chosen considering the size of the bait and the desired trophy. Do not forget about the strength of the main line. Catfish fish is quite strong, and ease of tackle for catching him is not recommended.

An integral part of the snap is the use of powerful rods because the prey is very strong. Most often used powerful baitcasting reel. The coil also needs to be extremely powerful and have a good work jerks catfish. Fishermen often can’t even imagine the som strong. Because of this, often break fishing rods, fishing line breaks and so on.

You need to catch a fine line, and very rude, but strong tackle. After all, if the tackle is very rough then the som is unlikely to be caught at it.

The choice of the location must be approached very carefully, sometimes som resists so much that the work coil becomes impossible and you just have to drag him over the line, so do not choose the narrow passages in the reeds.

The choice of nozzles for catching catfish is very wide, the most frequently used frog, bird offal and fillet fresh fish. Fishing for catfish on a trout line from shore in the spring will be effective only when mounting on the hook of a bunch of worms. Known facts catfish in the summer on pieces of soap. Likely catfish attract fats of which manufacture soap.

Fishing for catfish on a trout line should be held very carefully and quietly. Som quite cautious fish. Very often som tries to take the nozzle, and if after that he doesn’t spook, then swallows it. Try the nozzle som maybe half an hour, because of this cutting should not hurry, it is better to wait for a strong push. But hooking is only half the process, the main thing is still ahead – towing.

The first action is to assess the size and power of resistance extraction. then build a further action plan. In the early stages of a fight it will be a very difficult process, adrenaline will give your brain to think about something else except “don’t go”. With experience you learn to control yourself and estimate the weight of the fish.

If you managed to pull catfish from the bottom, don’t let him go to shore. Try to drag it into the mainstream, where he quickly tired to pull it out will be easier. Often the largest individuals lie on the bottom and pull them out becomes impossible task. Sometimes it helps the noise, knock on the rod, maybe it’ll scare soma and he will rise from the bottom.

When you see line covered in slime, this is the coveted signal som is near, prepare the hook.

Fishing for catfish on a trout line from a boat

Fishing for catfish on a trout line from a boat has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as coastal fishing. This method has several advantages, the most important of which is: small distance to the point of fishing, the possibility of movement on the water and the use of thinner meek tackle and rods. Oh, and equally important, that due to the proximity to a place of fishing the angler is able to accurately deliver gear.

But also a lot of disadvantages, for example it is a nuisance when playing the captured instances, the inability of night fishing and stiffness of the fisherman in the boat. Yes, and going fishing, do not forget about security measures in the boat. Be sure to take with you on fishing someone else, because if you land a trophy fish, she’d ride you on the boat.

Catching catfish on a trout line from a boat can start from the time when last ice melts. And ends with this interesting process with the first freeze-up. If to speak about the time of day, all the fishermen know that catfish are biting best at night. Especially lazy fishermen like to put the donkey before sunset and then dawn just to test them.

But this feature rolls only for coastal fishing. And what to do if you are going to fish from a boat? First we need to determine MS the anticipated size of production. Because the catfish has an interesting feature, it habits depend on the size.

Depending on the habits of catfish can help you when playing towards the boat, and maybe on the contrary, to take off to the shore. Here it is important not to miss the moment and the time to give back the soma. It is necessary to properly distribute the load on your muscles and it will help you get the fish. The main thing is not to expose your gear to heavy loads and don’t rush. Well, when you see the fish, take it the net or baharicom.

Otherwise fishing for catfish on a trout line from a boat is no different from coastal fishing. Tackles are the same and the tactics are catching about the same. Find the hole, throw the tackle and jam. Here’s everything you need to know in order to catch many large fish.

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