Fishing for catfish on Kwok

Why caught catfish on Kwok? Sound waves passing through the water, creating vibrations that are transmitted to otolith the inner ear.

These vibrations are then transmitted to the brain, giving soma an increased ability to detect high frequencies emitted by prey animals of the water world. For this reason, fishing for catfish on Kwok became so popular.

The history and varieties of catfish on Kwok

Kwok is a tool used for catching catfish. Consists of canes with three parts: the handle, fork and heel. Were originally made of wood, but nowadays there are options of plastic, metal.

For the first time this gear was manufactured in the middle of the 19th century. The fishermen discovered how som responds to sound. European fishermen were amazed at his efficiency and over the next several decades, perfected the instrument.

The main elements of the original tackle was arm of Apple or maple, which was treated with a special liquid and covered with paint, knife of aluminum plate and patch from the resin.

Kwok for catching catfish

With the emphasis on water Kwok emits a sound which comes out due to the fact that penny captures air bubbles and holds out the bubbles with the highest speed is very close to the plane of water. A little may resemble the sound of a frog or a battle predator deep under water.

Manufacturer Kwok for catching catfish

The main property of Kwok considered tones. Specifically from it and will hang luck. More often the material used for the manufacture of consider the tree behind the plastic and alloys. However, a more effective option – the combination of materials listed above.

How to make Kwok on catfish with their hands

The handle is made of timber, plastic and sturdy foam. The heel and the tip is made of alloy. Specifically, this tool is better to hold in the hand, he won’t slip and won’t get lost.

Allowed to make a hole and thread the rope through the loop to just throw the rope on the wrist. Iron the edge of the can with a little resistance to cross the surface, and the heel will loudly make a sound. Good Kwok is able to attract catfish from long distances.

For a beginner it is better to stop on a variant with increased heel rounded. So Kwok is easy to beat for a long time. A large heel could make the most effective for attracting catfish sound, but it is more difficult to act, the hand gets tired faster.

How to catch catfish on Kwok
Fishing for catfish on Kwok’s boat

Kwok stored in a box, since wood models are quite easy to break. An important aspect is the anchor – a special parachute used for deceleration of the boat during winds. Sail down the hole you need with a little speed.

The parachute is tied to the area in the middle of the Board, bait down on the other hand, in this case during the drift of the hook bait will stay in place and not to the boat.

If the boat carries a wind you try to catch the anchor, in this method, it is put on the edge using a long rope so you can control the situation with the wind. Calm in the absence of currents, the intervals between repetitions of the blows Kwok made movement one (at least) oar to the boat slowly moved.

Tackle for catfish on Kwok

During the selection of gear for fishing for catfish must consider the probability of biting individuals of larger size. On this basis, we select all gear should have a substantial margin of safety and to be reliable. They must be able to withstand long and fairly heavy loads. Because the process of playing this fish can last more than one hour, depending on the size of the catfish.

Tackle consists of rods of a type suitable to carry 10 pounds. However, when it comes to large instances, it is more efficient to use a spinning rod with a test of 200 grams and a length of 2 meters.

The most suitable rods which are preferably used for catching catfish, this plug-in. They must also be equipped with rings. It is worth noting that to catch this fish, you should not use a telescopic rod. Select the length of the rod for fishing for catfish must not exceed three meters. Otherwise it will be difficult and problematic to maneuver while playing fish fish of large size.

Coil rod should pick up the instantaneous type, which is equipped with high quality friction brake.

Sinkers are used depending on currents, depth, and lures from 80 to 150 grams.

When fishing for catfish at Kwok’s not advisable to use a depth sounder. The Fishfinder will help to trace the picture of the bottom. Exit and approach catfish bait clearly reflected on the screen.

The receiver of the sounder should be placed in a horizontal position. Tracking the performance of a Fishfinder, you need to execute the strokes Kwok and observe the behavior of fish. A large amount of gear with a variety of baits at different depth level faster will show that som takes preferable.

Comfortable to fish with one rod, while holding in his left hand.

Some anglers prefer to catch catfish old-fashioned old-fashioned method, without using the rod and not using during a fishing reel. In this case, for successful catfish used an ordinary donkey, or, as they are called bottom gear. They are assembled with nylon cord, previously wound on a reel. Also in this equipment applies small amount of hooks and gets a load suitable for successful fishing.

What is catching catfish with Kwok

During the selection of bait for catching catfish, you need to focus on the taste preferences of fish that may vary on a particular body of water. Typically, the running bait for catfish, use small fish, worms, frogs.

Fishing for catfish on Kwok in the spring

Som is one of the most popular representatives of the fish, which have quite large sizes and are often found in reservoirs of the country. This fish has very tasty meat, but most catfish anglers are attracted to its impressive dimensions. The length of individual birds may be about 5 meters and weight up to 200 pounds. This fish really is the real Royal trophy and calls for sport fishermen.

Fishing for catfish is a pretty fun and interesting. Each angler who is trying to get that fish need to pay special attention to the fact that som is a pretty powerful and predatory fish. So catch it without prior training and experience can be quite difficult. For its successful capture should be applied not only endurance, strength and patience, but you know all the intricacies of his behavior and fishing on this giant.

With the arrival of spring catfish is careful and tries not to deviate away from the pits, he hibernates. This fish prefers warm water, consequently, begins to show increased activity in the second half or at the end of the spring, closer to may, when the water has time to warm up. When the temperature of the water in the reservoir reaches to +10 C, som begins to move smoothly in shallow places. In this period quite often can find catfish in the shallow waters or in the shallows. With the advent of may usually catfish are actively biting throughout the day but the night bite stop. This is because the spring nights are pretty cold.

For successful catching catfish in may, it should be sought in the crest and in areas of the reservoir where there is a difference in depth. Also during this period, catfish favorite places for Parking are the areas around the shoreline of the reservoir, in which there is large accumulation of driftwood or place near hydraulic structures. Som tries to avoid silting up the bottom, which is very viscous. This fish prefers clear and clean water for their habitat. With the arrival of spring warmth, when the temperature in the environment begins to rise, catfish begins to migrate and to settle in all parts of the reservoir.

After a grueling winter, pretty hungry catfish hungrily attacking equally good baits, both artificial and natural origin. Is his behavior during this period is the main feature and difference of catching catfish in the spring compared to other seasons.

When the water temperature warms up and reaches +18 C, the catfish begins the spawning period. But until that time, the fish observed pre-spawning feeding period and she is actively trying to find food to restore their strength. After spawning activity of the catfish falls and he stops to peck at. It should be noted that this period of calm for the duration can be up to three weeks. But then follows a very long and very strong after spawning feeding period. This period is most favorable time to hunt for catfish success.

Bait for catfish when fishing on Kwok

That just does not nasazhivajut on a hook anglers to pull out of the river depths moustached giant. In the course of going and Nightcrawlers and rotten meat, and even roasted on the fire sparrows. But no other nozzle compares to a big black leech.

Som loves this annelids. When he finds at the bottom of the beam appetizing wriggling leeches, then immediately swallows it, completely forgetting about caution. The advantage of this bait in the fact that it is rare to come across a small somata, mostly copies from 3 kg. she’s Got a pretty hard body, so other fish can’t bite or pull, which reduces the number of empty bites. To cope with the leech under force only to large perch or Chub, but this production fishermen too happy.

Where to get leeches for catfish

To get the best somovu the bait is not difficult. The easiest way is to buy at the local bait shop. Experienced soratniki prefer to stock up on leeches directly on the pond. Summer living in the worms crawl out the water to bask in shallow areas where they can just gather up. More chances of success will be in the coastal zone, littered with the remnants of aquatic vegetation. Outwardly, this place must be like a swamp.

What if, for some reason, leeches do not go to a Bank? You need to flush them out. This will take any animals that have blood. For example, a frog or a small fish. Toad being killed and throw rope in the water half a meter from the shore. Every 2-3 hours, her pull and shoot a bunch of leeches.

Save bait fishing

Big black leeches can be stretched in a thread and crawl through any cracks. So for storage it is best to use nylon jar with a lid, in which done tiny holes for air access. On the bottom of the tank put a bit of algae and filled with water about a quarter. Bank with leeches must always be in shaded and cool place, otherwise the prisoners will overheat in the sun, lose their elasticity and attractiveness.

How to put the bait amovie treat

With leech catfish caught in seines, bottom gear, with the boat on Kwok. The hooks apply to both single and doubles or tees. Because the lack of appetite bearded giant does not suffer, we should offer him more than one leech, and a whole bunch (5 pieces).

It is known that the leech on both sides there is the sucker by which they attach themselves to their victims. Before forcing these body parts, it is desirable to remove – simply cut with a knife, putting worms on any hard surface. Otherwise, they will hold onto each other and the suckers will become fixed in the dense tangle, hardly noticeable on the background of the bottom.

Active cropped leeches much more attractive, their race certainly not go unnoticed. In addition, the wound will bleed and to lure soma no worse than a strong attractant. To enhance the effect of some fishermen at first pull the leeches on the stick and turn them inside out and then like this nasazhivajut on a hook. And doing it not in vain, as confirmed by solid catches.

Catch Kwok at least one soma will refund all diligence. This experience will leave a vivid and unforgettable memories.

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