Fishing for catfish on spinning

Of course, a catfish, today, is the largest freshwater predator in our area, so, for me personally, sport fishing for catfish on spinning – this is a highly emotional and exciting experience.

Overall, fishing for catfish begins as soon as the water warms up after winter, to 10-12 deg.

With regard to the places of feeding catfish in the summer, is very effective: in zakoryazhennyh places, the outputs of pools and channel edges and in places with dense underwater vegetation.

Now, about the time of fishing. For me, the best spinning rod fishing for catfish is at dawn or evening sunset. It should be noted that soms does not like the heat and trying in the heat of midday to lie down somewhere under the driftwood on the bottom.

As catfish – the fish is very powerful, and spinning tackle fishing for such a giant need a powerful. In this case, I would recommend you to get the fishing rod fast action with a test of at least 70-100 g. best of all, fishing for catfish on spinning passes using braided fishing line and reel is taken with the size of the spool in 3000-5000. The optimal length of the leash for soma – not less than 50 cm, as the catfish mouth is very large and the leads of shorter length can just lead to loss of tackle with a valuable trophy.

And of course, fishing for catfish is not without such lures as artificial frogs, foam fish, artificial mouse, twisters with heavy heads and spoons. All of this – sinking heads for deep transaction. The transaction pace should be slow moving nozzles on the bottom of the pit. Transactions for spinning for catfish is characterised by a slow rise combined with a sharp descent.

It should be noted that in the night time the spinning takes place with the use of floating lures: a variety of porolone, wobblers, artificial pogruzheny frogs and mice. Night for catfish transaction is carried out directly in the pit, because at night, catfish is anyone can appear to taste any of the small fry. Wiring is going slow speed combined with short breaks.

Given the heightened sense of smell soma can recommend you to use odorous attractants while fishing on him. In General, fishing for catfish for many of my friends is using industrial fragrances. Covering of the body of the lure or spinner, we get a bait with a steady smell of Nightcrawlers or cancer that will appreciate com. Personally I do a bit different and just fix on the line, directly in front of the lure, a piece of small fish. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the use of such scented lures when fishing for catfish is justified only on deep holes, but sometimes there are other situation.

In particular, the situation when the midday heat begins to fatten catfish straight from the water surface. Unbelievable, but true!

This happens when the body of water such as low water or at low atmospheric pressures. Most interesting is that while som may even slam the tail on the water, pretending to be, either slowly move directly below the surface layer of the pond, looking for prey. It is clear that in such a situation, fishing for catfish on spinning at the bottom surface is a pointless exercise, and therefore the deep bait is not needed. In this case, I would recommend to take a medium sized Wobbler and do the wiring either in the surface or middle layer of the reservoir.

Draw your attention to the fact that the pace of posting at catfish, in this situation, it will be faster than the rate of posting in depth. In addition to crankbaits, you can also use when fishing for catfish spinning rotating and oscillating spinner medium size.

If fishing for catfish on spinning takes place on the river, then look for it somewhere in deep holes just behind the sand bars. Moreover, the further a Bank is from the shore, the better. Most often, you can get there by boat, but if you have a pond, you can stand in the water near the shoreline. You need to be careful and cautious, because during the fight with the catfish it is possible and to fall down the side of the boat, and standing in the water on the sandy bottom, the main thing is not to slide on the sand into an underwater hole.

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