Fishing for catfish on the river

Surprisingly, fishing for catfish on the river, most often, for me, was as an auxiliary fishing. That is, you catch a perch or pike and catfish suddenly pull, the temptation to someone else’s bait. And while catching bream, catfish could even bite on Nightcrawlers.

But if you purposefully decided to catch this fish, the fishing for you to be very efficient, subject to certain rules.

For starters, you must carefully choose a good place for river fishing for catfish. It is clear that this will be the section of the river where there is Parking soma. Next, we need to determine the time of day when catfish most often out of the pits on the hunt. Finally, we need a competent selection of tackle and bait for catfish. For me personally, effective fishing for catfish is strongly associated with night fishing in the channel holes through the bottom of the gear.

But the fact is that, usually on the river, quite a lot of holes. And which of them is Somavia Parking? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is to ask local fishermen where to catch catfish or from more experienced soratnikov. Agree that the most productive fishing for catfish on the river is where you already know exactly what a catfish than where you just assume his presence. Well, if you ask just one, then the most expected place of stay of the soma – steep drop offs and deep holes. Moreover, what they are steeper and deeper the better.

Often, such holes are located on a sharp river bends. Well that was a hard clay bottom with a slight presence of sludge. But if you find on the bottom surface a couple of snags powerful, it is only for the best. Draw your attention to the fact that too big snags on the bottom is not a sign of the presence Somavia Parking. Besides, the hooks in this place will be just torture.

As for time of day, as I said earlier, the most effective fishing for catfish is at night. At this time of day, som, as a rule, begins to actively hunt, often just in the pit or out of it. And during the day, large catfish just sleep on the bottom of the pit and, of course, not reacting in any way. Their smaller brethren, often, moved, literally, across the river from the channel to the shoals and sandbars with grass. It is clear that the easiest way to find somovu the pit, wait for the night and pull the big catfish than to chase the day, across the small river.

You might ask why I have chosen it bottom fishing? Yes, because fishing for catfish on the river – work, very time consuming and labor intensive. A lot of whirlpools, strong currents and large depth. In addition, the first bites of catfish have long to wait, thus, often replacing the bait. And of course, the direct fight with the fish was catfish, especially large, something akin to weight lifting – power clean exercise. The float rod here will not take, for obvious reasons. Spinning is good, except that, for detailed studies of the most Somavia pit. In the end, you have two or three market will be the best solution in this situation.

What is directly Somavia Donka? As a rule, it is powerful and very hard rod, medium in length, with a giant test. The baitcasting reel is taken (if you can find “Neva”, then this is the option). It is clear that fishing on the river is only used by a thick cord. In this situation to make long casts is not necessary, but often have to overcome considerable resistance as the fish and snags at the toe.

In General, I would recommend you lower the diameter of the cord only in the case of amovie pit, there is a strong current, to reduce the sail effect. For a given gear always takes a slip sinker to increase the sensitivity to more clearly identify early bite catfish. It is clear that the hooks for such fishing undertake the most large, high-quality and sharp. Chosen depending on the type of bait.

The bait for catfish most often are: frogs, chopped meat of the mussels, cheese, lots of large Nightcrawlers, rotten fish or meat. In principle, all these biological bait is fine for bait. In this respect, the most appropriate bait are “drunken” crabs are a favorite treat river catfish.

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