Fishing for catfish on the Volga

I must say that fishing for catfish on the Volga begins immediately after spawning in July. At this point, the Volga manages almost completely to return to the previous banks after the floods, and the water warms up to 20 degrees.

Mostly fishing for catfish in the summer is with the help of Kwok. As you approach the autumn and the cooling of water in the river, a lure for catfish dipped lower and lower to the bottom surface, and the effectiveness Kwok is gradually eroding. Then begins the season bottom fishing for catfish on the Volga.

In the summer, fishing for catfish begins with the warm evening twilight and ends with the morning dawn. Som may as well eat and in hot weather, but I would not recommend trying to catch him in a cold, rainy and windy weather. But immediately after the storm and rain biting soma is just excellent.

As for tackle, today, catfish on the Volga caught using gear very similar to the bottom. It includes: a powerful rod with a spinning or baitcasting reel, a heavy load to 100 g, thick braided cord (0.3-0.5) mm, tee or a powerful hook, and power swivel. Draw your attention to the fact that the sinker should be placed always above the tee. The tackle usually does not fall to the bottom, and is in the midst of the depths of the river. During the game you can slightly jiggle the bait.

Most often, fishing for catfish on the Volga is good for a big frog or a garland of small frogs impaled on the hook for legs. Also, attachments are fine: cancer, cricket-mole cricket, live bait and meat perlovitsy.

The technique of catching catfish

Now, about technique. If fishing for catfish is done from a boat, you have to become over Somavia pit to anchor against the current. During operation, Kwok, try to avoid unnecessary noise. Made 3-4 punch with a slight pause.

It should be noted that the bite can determine what size catfish took your bait. Usually, catfish are medium in size dramatically grabs the nozzle and instantly bends the rod in an arc, and a large specimen at first, slightly pull the frog foot and will be easy potica. If the frog pulls leg, then the som from its capture and then wait for the powerful of the line, but if something is wrong, then the som instantly throws the bait and goes and you are left with nothing. Anyway – very important to correctly adjust the gear for catfish.

  • I want to draw your attention to the fact that fishing for catfish must necessarily happen with a weakened clutch coil, in order to avoid fracture Blanca or even breakage of the cord.
  • Once there was a cutting I would recommend to hold the spool with your hand and prepare for a long exhausting fish fish.
  • And again. It is advisable that your Somavia fishing was carried out in the presence of an experienced partner. Together is always easier to get to the shore of the river giant.

I must say that fishing for catfish on the Volga river with the help of Kwok, often gives great results. It is quite possible that when you the day will catch some trophy catfish. Often, the weight of fish caught varies in the range of 50-100 kg. Interesting fact, when he was caught in 2000, the largest catfish weight more than 180 lbs! Was out on the beach for several hours, so you always have the prospect to catch something close to that.

In this regard, I would like recommend you to visit the base “night Flight Delta”, located near the village of Karalat of Kamyzyaksky district of Astrakhan region. It is 75 km from Astrakhan, if you move downstream the Volga river.

In the fishing grounds of the base are: Big Black river and Sternesky Bank with an average depth of 3-4 meters. The most interesting that just near the base are two Somogyi pits with a depth of 7 meters. And if you take a boat trip to split Middle Stamenkova and Stamenkova banks, here you can find somovu a hole depth of 12 meters! Also, around the base, you can find a lot of small holes on a small Somavia Eric.

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