Fishing for float fishing

Fishing does not mean fishing itself, but a complete process with a choice of fishing rods, the choice of a “high-yielding” place, feeding and the fish itself bouncing on the grass.

Fishing for float fishing rod consists of: fishing in summer and in winter, fishing for sea, river and lake fishing. You can fish standing on the shore, as well as near the shore in the water, from a boat, in the winter on ice, as well as under water.

For fishing, various devices are used in the form of fishing rods of different classes: float, bottom, spinning, fly fishing, zherllitsa, bow for shooting at fish. Fish can be caught for food, as a free lunch, but you can for fun: caught – released. The fish is divided into two subspecies: predatory and white. A cage is used for storage and transport of fish, and a landing net is used to remove fish from water.

Choosing a fishing rod

Fishing begins from a selection of fishing rods. When choosing a fishing rod, you need to decide on the place of fishing: calm water or a rough river, from the shore or from a boat, what kind of fish the fisherman is counting on. A fishing rod consists of a fishing rod, which can be solid or composed of several parts, fishing lines of different lengths, reels.

There are 4 types of float gear for fishing in different waters:

  • for fishing from the shore on a quiet river or lake, an inexpensive, lightweight, fly fishing rod is bought;
  • for fishing from the shore in high sedge, with a fast current or on the ice, plug gear is bought that does not need to be thrown, but simply lowered to the right place;
  • for long-distance or deep-sea fishing, match gear is bought, which is abandoned as float gear;
  • The most universal are the Bologna rods, which act as flywheels and match rods, for long-distance and deep-sea fishing.
How to choose 

For novice fishermen, the most appropriate choice of float fly fishing rod. The choice of such a fishing rod has a number of advantages: it is the simplest, even an inexperienced fisherman is managed with it, not expensive, not heavy. It is necessary to buy tackles only in special shops, in the spontaneous market you can buy low-quality goods. At the first load the fake fishing rod breaks. The choice of rods also has its own nuances. The first thing you need to pay attention – what material is made rod.

The first of choice are made of fiberglass. They are durable in operation, can withstand a large weight of fish, easy to care for.

The second are rods made of carbon (modular graphite). The rod indicates the number of module content of graphite – IM – 1 … .IM – 10, which means the strength of the rod under load, but also the fragility of the material. Such fishing rods are sold in a tube and must be in it during transportation. They are comfortable when fishing because the rod is very sensitive. But we must remember that graphite conducts electricity and in a thunderstorm it is advisable not to fish on such a rod. At this time there are rods made of bi – spiral carbon. They are stronger and more elastic, suitable for fishing on a boat and on the coast, withstand the load when the rod is bend by 180 degrees.

The average material for the rod are made of modular graphite with the addition of fiberglass. For durability and flexibility, they are slightly inferior to the above gear, but for the price they are cheaper and for the amateur fisherman they fit just right.

Summer carp fishing in summer

A crucian carp is a fish that lives in lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Where to catch a crucian – the choice is yours. In July you need to catch a crucian carp in shallow lakes, dives, near marshy shores. Catching carp in these places is not difficult, and on large clean ponds the bite is not so frequent. The crucian carp in summer loves wetlands overgrown with grass where it is cooler, and if you get on its habitat, you can catch crucian carp – giants. For successful fishing you need to determine the depth of the reservoir where the carp is located.

If such a place is difficult to find, you can use the lure. The bait can be a live supplement: it is a bloodworm, manure worms, maggots, as well as home-made dough. The recipe consists of cereal flour: wheat, peas, corn with the addition of semolina, as well as the purchase of flavored additives. You can make bait from pasta and pancakes. A good bait is steamed pearl barley, you can throw it for lure and put it on the hook for. This method is used to catch a crucian in September.

A day before catching a crucian you need to feed the place well. When the catch of a crucian begins, the feed should be stopped because the timid crucian will go with the bait to the bottom. Fly fishing and match tackle are used to catch a crucian. It is important to properly put on the sinker so that the bright part of the float stays above the water. For the summer to be successful, consider all the hints.

Such fish as carp is best caught in early summer, when it is still not very hot. To catch a carp in the summer on the float will be more difficult, as it will go into the depths, where it is cooler.

Night fishing

Fishing at night has its advantages: few fishermen, nocturnal coolness, many timid species of fish only rise at night closer to the water surface. For night fishing float fishing rod used, spinning and fishing rod – donka. Find a fish place is not easy, a big fish goes along the coast along small stones with an active course. For night fishing rod must be further equipped. The float must be equipped with a chemical firefly inserted into a silicone tube.

Pike perch is best for fish at night. The most successful fishing spot is the beach. People who swim during the day, with their feet, raise the mud with clams, a treat for fish. Fish that hunt during the day, swim up to feed to the beach at night. For night fishing, an electronic alarm is used, which is attached to the rod. It has a slot with a roller, which is inserted into the fishing line. At the slightest movement of the roller, the backlit electronics and the sound signal are turned on.

Fishing in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Fishing in the Nizhny Novgorod region is very revered by anglers because there are many ponds and lakes in the area, large and small rivers. Of the large rivers, the Volga, the Oka and the Vetluga are famous for fishing. Also, the presence of reservoirs provides the opportunity to catch fish on the float rod. There are more than a thousand small rivers, which makes fishing just a rest for many city dwellers. There are also many forest lakes where fishing in the Nizhny Novgorod region in solitude with nature is very much appreciated.

Lure and perch fishing

Fishermen do not agree on whether it is necessary to feed for fishing on a perch, but many people know the tricks of prikorm and catching perch. You can catch a perch in the summer with a float fishing rod without additional food, because there is plenty of food for it at the bottom of the river. Perch prefers prikorm only of animal origin and preferably in the winter, when there is not enough food. The perch has a good sense of smell and, smelling its favorite nozzles: moth and pieces of worms, will arrive for lunch. There is another interesting way. Perch is very inquisitive and tied a transparent jar with fry on a float fishing rod will hold a flock of perch for a long time in one place.

Fishing in the Moscow region

The most effective is the beginning of autumn. In the suburbs in September you can catch pike, perch, zander and other fish. For fishing, certain tackles and feeding are chosen, depending on what kind of fish and where you are going to catch. Among the most popular fishing grounds are the water reservoirs: Ikhtinskoe, Khimkinskoe, Klyazmenskoe, Pirogovskoye and Yauzkoe, where carp fishing is appreciated in August. Due to the fact that the reservoirs are often replenished with fry, fishing is always full.

You can also catch carp in August on the rivers Moscow and Oka. The Borisov ponds and the pond on Losiny Island are famous for their rich catches. For fishing use different tackle and bait. Fishing on the Oka has its own characteristics because the river has a fast current. Fishing for perch is not effective, it is preferred to fish for zander, roach, bream. Basically fishing occurs in the evening, in the morning or at night. Fishing for roach is always more successful in the dark from trays. In the other half of the summer pike and zander are caught, and at night burbot. On the bottom of the boat, fish are caught near the bottom, where the current is not so strong.

How the fish bite on the Neva

The Neva River flows out of Lake Ladoga and flows into the Gulf of Finland, because there is a variety of fish in it sufficient for all types of fishing. For fishing on the Neva, where a strong current, you need to take a spinning or donke. The most popular fishing places on the Neva River are embankments of the bridge and the neighborhood of the Oreshek fortress, as well as Vasilievsky Island. On the Neva most pike and pike are caught.

Fishing with Normund Grabovskis on the float fishing rod

Fishing with Normund Grabovskis – this is a captured footage of his hobbies. A lot of video – works devoted to fishing, filmed with Normund Gribovskis – three-time vice – world champion in fishing for mormyshku. His favorite type of gear is spinning. In the films there is a story about the types of gear and bait used in different reservoirs and when fishing for various types of fish. Each video reveals the secret of fishing on the float fishing rod, fishing rod for summer and winter fishing, the use of various fishing techniques.

Normund Gribovskis shares the acquired experience of fishing in the summer and winter, with and without lure. He will tell about new developments on new feeder bottom rods. This video was shot specifically for viewing and acquiring new knowledge in fishing. The champion in fishing tells what you can do with your own hands for individual convenience.

Films about good fishing

A lot of good work filmed about fishing: there are movies, educational works with stories about devices for fishing. The first place is occupied by the film “Peculiarities of National Fishing”, where episodes of fishing are shown, but this is not the main theme of the film. Educational films about fishing, selection of gear and complementary foods were made by the Shcherbakov brothers. The film “Fish with us” shows different ways of catching various types of fish.

It tells about the choice of gear for winter fishing, for summer fishing. Also describes the places where you can go fishing in our country and abroad. It also deals with the choice of gear and accessories, how to choose a float fishing pole, fishing pole for predatory fish. Tips on how to measure the depth of the reservoir, determine the quality of the bottom, and the story of all the details of fishing.

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