Fishing for redfin on the bombard

Fishing for redfin on the bombard, or spirulina is one of the most effective and modern methods of fishing. The tackle came from Italy, and allows you to cast light baits long distances, a kind of mixture of a spinning fly fishing.

Bait can be very different, fly lines and flies, and silicone fish and of course baubles.

Fish and the first and second method are equally good. However, the first option is a small minus fishing leash very often confused for the main line. This happens most often during the cast. But there is a small secret that helps reduce the number of false casts.

All that is needed is to stop the line during the initial contact of the float with water. If not clear, then look no further, just close the spool when you see that the float is about 1-2 meters from the water, and all the snap-in will straighten your weight the main line, and with it the leash.

Let’s take a closer look at the device tackle, and it consists of 4 parts:

  • The swivel (to achieve vertical position of the lures used 3-4 swivel);
  • Leash (fishing line or cord, long 1-3 meter);
  • Bombard (sbirulino);
  • A few (or one bait);

The tackle is produced in two ways:

Fishing for redfin on the bombard with a snap of this type is used only in combination with one bait and provides for mounting the bait on a leash after the float.

Let’s look at the process of installation more:

  1. First, you need to thread the fishing line through the float, then dock at the bottom of a small lead pellet or bead. You can use any stopper;
  2. Then by the end of the line you want to attach the swivel, well, or a few vertluzhnoj, and it’s already on the leash. Long leash depends on a long pole (the longer the rod the longer the leash);
  3. Well, the final stage is consolidation of the lure.

The second type of snap used when fishing multiple baits and involves the installation of a float after leashes. Thus the float will complete your tackle.

And make it not difficult, you only deprive you need to:

  1. Attach to main fishing line leash, this is done with the help of vertluzhnoj;
  2. By the end of the main fishing line to attach the float;
  3. And then on a leash to secure a few additional leashes to which will be attached bait. Usually they are 2-3 pieces and is more than enough.

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