Fishing for redfish in the black sea

Sea bass called sparidae, due to the similarity with river fish. Depending on the lifespan of the fish changes its color. Rarely reaches a length of over 20 cm Has a blue tint.

The obvious distinguishing feature is one spot on each side of the body. Smarita is one of the most common and famous types of black sea bass.

Less known are:

  • Klovach
  • Golden
  • White

The main distinguishing feature cloaca is the appendage on the lower lip. What he most distinctive from Golden.

Klovach reminiscent of the striped robber rivers, but has a bulging black eyes, a sharp dorsal fin and red. Type is the deep sea, living from 300-1000 meters. Was so nicknamed because of the growth on the lower lip. Has common features with a Golden representative. Grows very slowly and has a low population, estimated in the area of 300,000 PCs at risk of becoming extinct because of the large demand among fishers.

Golden perch. Very similar to klyuchom color and shape, but has no appendage on the lower lip.

Golden has the fiery red color of the body. Able to grow to the size of 40 cm, but there have been cases of capture of individuals of length 1 meter. Also has large bulging black eyes. Because of the habitat at great depths of the black sea, their eyes adapted to perpetual darkness. Located at depths of 100-500 metres, rarely, but there are lower, around 900 metres. Like it or not, but this kind of perch difficult to catch the usual Amateur method because of the habitat at great depths. When fishing use fishing line, with bait in the form of mussels, shrimp, sliced fish, liver and all that may be interested in the predator.

White perch

White belongs to the Atlantic species and comes in the Black sea for spawning. Individual is better than the rest caught on, because dwelling on a relatively small depths up to 200 meters.

Maximum sizes up to 50 cm long and entire to 2 kg. All sea perches are dangerous to humans due to the venomous fin, you must be extremely careful in angling and cutting of fish. Pricked or hurt he could cause serious harm.

How to catch black sea bass: tackle for bottom fishing from boat or shore

As mentioned above, all representatives are found at great depths. But at the same time, it can be found near the coast, in thickets of grass, providing bass the cloak and giving the opportunity to attack from hiding.

Most often marido caught from the Crimea or Taman, calling her different, she’s chaplik, Syniak and others. While at depths of 5-20 meters is of particular interest for fishing, as it is not outrageous numbers, can handle ordinary bottom fishing rod.

To the rod no major problems, will fit any telescopic (composite) rod length 3 meters. Locals as fishing rods use what is available. Wisdom in fishing there are no secrets and subtleties just a little.

For fishing from the shore is the fishing line as with ordinary float fishing for small fish: 0.12-0.14 mm, with a leash the smaller diameter (0.8 mm). Hook size (number) from 4-7. A ground rod is wound the primary forests up to 0.3 mm and 2-4 leashes thickness is smaller.

Test rods, it is desirable to have more, to 50-60 Gy. It is possible to equip the form with a thick line, at the end of the attached load. To the main fishing line is tied to 4 leashes are thinner, which increases the chances of a good catch. Going into bays and ports, smarita excellent bite from the shore and from the boat, if you have the opportunity to move away from the coast a little further away.

Because black sea bass is a predator, then use the corresponding bait: chopped fish, worms, shrimp. For feeding, bringing in the point of fishing as bait fishermen throw shellfish (mussels and any other), provided that the walls of the shells still have meat. Please note, it is not necessary to throw a lot of them, this will distract the fish from your donkey.

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