Fishing for roach in July and August

But, despite the higher activity of roach than in June, to be with the catch in the summer period it is necessary to choose the right time , place and tackle for fishing, buy or make your own bait mixture, to produce timely and measured the grazing of a particular area.

Fishing for roach in July and August, more productive and interesting.

Fishing for roach in July on a float

In the July heat, the roach is still quite passive, feed is only active for a short period of time. In the day-time heat is in the deep holes, under steep banks, Lily pads, submerged roots and snags.

Small species are located in the upper and middle horizons of the water, large and medium feed at the surface only at the morning and evening dawn. All the rest of the large specimens weighing are kept in small flocks or singly near the bottom.

Where to catch roach in July

On rivers of various sizes in July roach caught in such places as:

  • In “Windows” between the grass and water Lily
  • In the backwaters ,oxbow lakes rich in aquatic vegetation
  • On the drop offs and channel edge within the reaches;
  • Near steep banks with sharp drop offs
  • In the shore snags.

In still water the fish is kept coastal thickets of water vegetation, flow between the lakes, places with underwater plants and solid, pokryt a small layer of silt, sandy bottom.

When biting roach in July

The most active biting medium, and large roach in July at the following times:

  • Early in the morning – with the onset of dawn and dusk to 8-9 hours;
  • In the evening the weakening of the heat to the sunset;
  • Very often caught roach and bream along with a quiet and windless night.

While early morning and evening to catch a roach in the surface,subsurface layer. During the day, a big roach catch middle or bottom layers.

Tackle for catching roach
  • Float tackle ;
  • Poledance –modified in terms of location of the float and weight sinkers float tackle
  • 3,6-3,9 -meter feeder with the test up to 100-120.
  • Piker – a short feeder( length of the rod up to 3 meters) used for fishing on small and medium distances.
Fishing for roach in August on a float

In August, the weaker the heat of the roach starts to more actively feed in preparation for the upcoming winter. At this time, the catching roach is better than June or July – the fish are biting not only in the evening and in the morning, but in the light throughout the day.

At the same time in surface and subsurface horizons along with the small instances begin to feed and larger. Towards the end of the month, the roach starts to more actively peck at the nozzle of animal origin.

Where to catch roach in August

For catching roach in August suitable for such places as:

  • Space with clean water (“window”) in the thickets of aquatic vegetation
  • Coastal slopes;
  • Channel edge;
  • Holes and drop offs with podkrucheno tihovolya parts of the rivers – stretches;
  • Long with a constant depth of at least 2-2,5 meters underwater plateau(“tables”) with a sandy bottom.
When catching roach in August

As in July a more active biting roach in the early morning and late evening. During the day the fish are fed with warm, cloudy weather with rains passing quickly.

Upon the occurrence of a protracted rainy days with a cold North wind biting stops and resumes only when a steady warming.

As in July in the previous month in August, active biting roach and at night when fishing on the bottom gear of bream.

Snap-on roach in August
  • Float rod at this time using 6-7 foot long Bologna or 5-6 metre flapping rods, match fishing tackle.
  • Feeder –use this tackle when fishing for roach in medium and large rivers, reservoirs and large lakes
  • Poledance –tackle, get out when you pull the float close to the rod tip. Worked well when fishing for roach in August at low flow at a depth not less than 1,5-2,0 meters.
Snap-in float fishing rod for catching roach in July and August

Float rod is the most simple and available to every angler tackle for catching roach. Catch her this fish, as in the current, and in stagnant water, which imposes its own requirements to the configuration and characteristics of equipment used in certain conditions.

On the flow behind a roach

When fishing on the course apply the Bologna 5-7 foot rod with small spinning reels on which is wound tooling, consisting of:

  • 20 – 30 metre reserve manolescu section 0,16-0,18 mm.;
  • Float with spindle-shaped or bochkoobraznye body, long antenna and a carrying capacity of not less than 4 oz.;
  • Shipping consists of a sliding sinker (about 80% of the shipping) olives and shepherd(20 % shipping);
  • A leash with a length of 20-25 cm from monolescu cross-section 0,12-014 mm with hook NoNo10-12.
In stagnant water

For catching in stagnant water applied centrifugal and Bolognese rod length of 5-6 meters with a snap, consisting of:

  • The main line cross-section 0,12-0, 14 mm.;
  • Spindle-shaped bobber ogruzka 2-2,5 GRS.;
  • Shipping consists of a main cargo and located him a shepherd at the distance of 20-25 cm.
  • Leash length of 15-20 cm from manolescu a cross section of 0.1 mm with hook NoNo 12-14

In addition, when fishing in water bodies without current passes for a distance of over 20-30 meters used match fishing tackle. It consists of:

  • special match rods with a length of 3.6-4.2 m.;
  • match reel with shallow spool 3000 size
  • Snap – sinking manolescu cross-section 0,14-0,16 mm, large float with carrying capacity of 6-8 to 16-18 Gy, long (50-80 cm) leash of manolescu a thickness of 0.1-0.12 mm with hook NoNo12-14 .
What bite roach in June, August

Bite roach in July and August, both on the plant tips and bait. Among vegetable nozzles roach prefers such as:

  • Boiled barley;
  • Semolina Prater Park;
  • Bread crumb;
  • Dough;
  • Pea porridge (“Mastyrka”);
  • Filamentous green algae (mulberry);
  • Boiled barley;
  • Pea seeds;

The main bait for catching roach in July and August are:

  • Motyl;
  • Maggot;
  • The Nightcrawlers;
  • The larva of the caddis (Shitik);
  • Different kinds of grasshoppers;
  • The horse leech.
Bait for roach in July and August

The independently manufactured for catching roach at this time the bait add components such as:

  • Base – bread crumbs, crushed shortbread cookies, sunflower meal, dry milk, semolina. All the components of the basis mixed with boiled components aft in a dry form. The total weight of the mixture basis should be approximately 75-80%.
  • Aft (25-20% by weight of the entire mixture), boiled barley, millet, peas;
  • Flavors – honey,coriander, dill, molasses.

Ballast (weighting) – red clay or of sand in the soil.

Useful tips
  • In the waters near the hayfields and pastures, water-meadows with the appearance of grasshoppers very productive catch to the bait by removing the bulk of the shipping and installing the lightweight pen float. The bait with this method of catching sinks slowly, attracting the attention of roach, which takes it almost on the fly.
  • When fishing in still water bait weighted with clay or soil rolled into small balls or throw loose
  • To weight of bait should not be used sand, the bait ball with this ballast will start to fall apart in the upper layers of the water and attract the bleak and other small fish.
  • When fishing for bait necessarily rolled into balls with a diameter of 5-8 cm, the Density of the ball depends on the strength of the currents – the stronger it is the tighter should be the bait ball.
  • When fishing for roach on bloodworm and maggots, not to much damage to the bait and keep it attractive to fish appearance, you should apply the hooks to the small size NoNo12-14 of thin strong wire.
  • When fishing in mid-late August in the bait mixture added a small bloodworms and maggots.

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