Fishing for roach in spring

In the spring, when the waters have already escaped from the ice cover, we can finally do what you love – fishing from the shore on a summer fishing rod. In the beginning of the season was one of the first aktiviziruyutsya roach, it often becomes the object of fishing at this time.

But in order to catching small fry in the spring really brought fun, not to sit all day without a single bite, you need to know exactly where to look for this fish.

For roach hunt all known predators. She has to pay a lot of attention to disguise, and otherwise you can easily become the prey of pike or walleye.

Search of roach in spring

For roach it was a matter of life and death, so she tries to stay only in safe places, and when hunger drives her to look for food, do this with extreme caution. The best assistant in her hard existence is the vegetation. Water overgrown is simultaneously a dining room, and a home and a safe shelter from predatory fish.

And since awakened early spring plants just beginning to grow and are unable to provide the roach defenses, she has no choice but to hide among the submerged snags and Islands of the dry reeds of the last year. In such places it is necessary to catch.

It is worth mentioning that in areas with light sandy bottom, this fish stands out too, so she always avoids them, choosing a darker background.

Bait for roach in spring

Success in catching peaceful species of fish, including roach, ensures proper complementary feeding. For spring fishing, there are separate rules. The fact that after snow melt and flood water is very turbid, and find food in it is quite difficult. One vision there is not enough, therefore, roach relies more on the sensitivity of the lateral line and sense of smell. Bait for roach must meet the following conditions, that is, first and foremost to have an attractive smell.

It is noticed that at low water temperature (10 °C) fish are attracted to food of animal origin. Therefore, the bait mixture it is desirable the presence of small feed bloodworms or maggots. Even better to add manure worms, pre-cut them into pieces. They will attract roaches not only active movement, but a characteristic odor.

Another important conditions for the bait is a dark color. Stern light spot, and a bright section of the bottom, rather dispersed cautious roaches than lure. Therefore, the composition you need to choose such that the mixture is almost merged with the surface of the bottom. To darken it you can use rye crackers, humus or food coloring.

With regard to the main components of bait in fishing for roach in spring proved itself to be canned corn. Also works well with steamed millet. The main thing that the amount was not excessive, otherwise the fish will quickly be satisfied and go away from the point.

How to lure the roach

The only correct method of feeding of the spring roach is abundant starting sakorn (up to 10 balls about the size of a tennis ball) and then throwing one ball every 25-30 minutes. Because roach can be not only bottom but in the middle horizons, the bait is better to make more loose. It will begin to break up in the fall, and show the fish the way food.

Bait for roach

As already mentioned, during this period, roach prefers animals. Therefore, the bait used all the same bloodworm, maggot and worm. Some fishermen recommend to plant them on the hook for the foam ball, as when feeder fishing. Such bait for roach is not gruznet in the mud, it stays “afloat”. It is recommended to use activators, fish the fish, the addition of which can significantly enlarge your catch of roach.

For biting roach in the spring are largely influenced by the weather. On a Sunny day she often pleases confident bites, but only in the morning and evening hours. But in cloudy weather it bite not so active, but throughout the day.

Tackle for catching roach in the spring

If you are going early spring on the roach with a float rod should be favored as thin as possible a snap. This clever fish is able to remove the hook from the bait unbeknownst to the angler, and most often this happens with a rough snap-ins. Therefore, special attention must be paid to sensitivity.

The best option for catching roaches medium size fishing rod, comprising:

  • easy convenient rod;
  • main line no thicker than 0.12 mm;
  • leash 0.08 mm;
  • fixed in two points of spindle-shaped float;
  • properly distributed line loads (80% of the total weight closest to the float, the shepherd boy – 0.1 g);
  • the hook corresponding to the size of the lure.

That’s basically all the nuances of fishing for small fry in the spring, which will provide not only a decent catch, but a lot of fun in the process.

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