Fishing for taimen in Mongolia

In Mongolia, there are many nature reserves , where there is paid fishing for taimen. Since this fish is considered a landmark of the country, it is listed in the Red Book and has a limitation in catching.

On paid fishing, a place is given, tackle (if there is none), a briefing on how much and what kind of fish you can catch. Also, places equipped with everything you need to relax.

Do fishing in Mongolia – this reasoning inexperienced fisherman. In Mongolia, a real fishing paradise for professionals. But you need to imagine a place with fish where people do not go fishing and do not even know the taste of fish caught in their homeland. According to the stories, we present Mongolia as an endless steppe, with herds of horses and shepherds. Then the steppe smoothly passes into the endless Gobi desert with sands – what kind of fishing can there be? But you can imagine another picture: a ringing river flows, not a soul around, the water in the river moves from the multitude of fish. The fish does not swim away to the depth, noticing movement on the surface of the water, and views you with interest. Such places are in Mongolia. Fishing for taimen is one of the top priorities in these colorful places.

The country is 4 times the area for Ukraine, and the number of people living there does not exceed three million. Villages are far apart, houses and yurts can stand nearby. In the cities as it should be high-rise buildings, and outside the city, in the steppes, built houses. We represent the steppe country, and here there are highlands, forest tracts and rivers full of non-intimidated fish.

The people of Mongolia began to catch and eat fish only recently, but religion did not allow it before. And up to the present time, few people have real tackle; they catch fish on a fishing line and a hook directly with their hands. Instead of a fishing rod, you can see a simple stick, to which a fishing line of incomprehensible quality is attached, and instead of a weight, a nut or bolt. A grasshopper is put on the hook and the “fishing pole” is thrown in a way that the Mongols throw a rope on the horses. But even with this primitive method, the catch is assured. Who are such poachers, they do not know and do not understand the meaning of the word.

The rivers are full of fish and it is a pleasure to catch them. There are few species such as ours, but there are few, but cupids, carps and silver carps grow to enormous sizes. Most of all in the rivers and lakes there is Mongolian fish Taimen. It is necessary to fish in the summer, in the winter the frost reaches minus 40 degrees, and in the spring it is forbidden to catch because of spawning, and the weather is unstable in the spring, as in the summer month of August. This month it rains almost all the time and fishing is out of the question. After the rains from the mountains often descended, you need to be very careful on the river, which is located near these mountains. There are seasons when strong winds blow, therefore it is necessary to know about all weather conditions in advance.

Fishing in Yakutia on taimen

Taimen is the largest fish found in freshwater bodies of water and grows in length up to two meters and weighs up to 80kg. Taimen lives in the northern rivers of Yakutia. Fishermen are aware of such a handsome man and dream of going fishing in Yakutia. It is best to catch him from a boat, rafting along the river. Near the shores in the stones, the jamb of the trout keeps itself apart and does not tolerate neighbors of other species. The most fishy river is the Lena River and the rivers that flow into it.

For fishing trout must be strong spinning because such a fish can hardly be defeated with frail tackle. The line should be taken woven and multicolored in length. Even if there is already a fish on the hook, it will still fight for freedom for a long time. Even pulling it into place, she wraps herself in a fishing line and, when she touches it, can jump for the last time, tearing the fishing line to break free.

Likes taimen cool water and lives most in the northern rivers, on the shallows. Fishing begins in August after spawning. Large baits are used, spinners, which have a fluctuating rhythm. The bait “mouse” (this is a foam trimmed with dark fur) is very effective at night. Fish bite at this bait because real mice often swim across the river at night and become prey. The bait does not need to be immersed in depth, you need to float on the surface of the water.

For fishing from the shore on a fisherman, clothing should not stand out from the background of vegetation, the trout can be very careful, and with the slightest movement of shadows on the water it leaves. If one individual is caught, don’t be in a hurry to change the place, there are a few more similar in weight and height. Do not collect a lot of fish in store, tomorrow will be the same fishing.

Fishing on the Yenisei

The Yenisei River itself is considered the most beautiful and most filled with water and fish. Fishing on the Yenisey is available all year round. The river does not freeze even in winter due to the influence of the hydroelectric station, which is located in the upper reaches of the river, therefore the water temperature in frost is always above zero. Fishing is best on the reservoirs or near the villages located on the shore. The bait for fish is a jig.

In the summer you can catch large pikes, they live here in fullness because there are a lot of small fish in the coastal overgrown shores of which their food consists. You can go fishing both from the shore and from a boat, near the shore. The catch will be excellent in any place, the fish does not go far from places of feeding. In the morning, the fish is caught spinning for live food (a worm, moldy worm), and in the evening or at night at the feeder.

In the autumn, when the waters of the rivers are replenished due to frequent rains, you can fish at any time of the day and with different baits. Before winter, she gains weight and grabs everything. You can get very large in weight and height of fish, but do not forget about the weight limit of the catch.

In places far from the HES, where the river freezes through in winter, you can fish in the ice-hole. But now the fish does not come across such a large size, large specimens lazily lie on the bottom, feeding on fat in the fall. In the spring, spawning begins, because fishing is allowed only for one fishing rod and catch of a certain weight. Due to the fact that the river does not freeze in all places, you need to use the service of a guide. He will indicate a place where you can go on the ice and not be afraid that the ice may crack under your feet, and where a good catch is possible.

Tours to rest on the Yenisei

The most beautiful places on the middle stretch of the river. But you can only catch the fish that are allowed. The taimen is listed in the Red Book, and if it accidentally hit the bait, you need to let it go. And such fish as pike, perch and other white fish are allowed to catch. In the headwaters of the river, where there is wildlife, fishing is excellent, but you can only get to the place by all-terrain vehicle or helicopter.

Tour agents offer places where the tent camp is organized, they will meet and take you to the place. Experienced instructor will tell and show the fishing place, will provide all the equipment. If you are not satisfied with living in a tent, you can book a tour to the base, which is located on Lake Vivi. Comfortable rooms, tasty food, a guide who will accompany and assist. You can also rent equipment, a boat, all kinds of bait, and even a mobile phone.

Another place – the dream of a fisherman, is the river Moiero. Wildlife, excellent fishing, but you can only get by helicopter. You only need to take a sleeping bag with you – the rest will be provided by the tour organizer. Fishing in these places has no restrictions and the nature here is virgin indescribable. You can stock up not only catch, but also beautiful photos and videos. Impressions of the beauties you see will accompany you throughout the season, and you will want to go back to the same places.

Fishing in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The first place where the fishermen stop is the environs of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir. Green beaches, beautiful nature, clear water, but fishing prefer other places in solitude. More attracted to quiet places where smaller fishermen and larger fish. On the reservoir itself, you can fish from a boat, with lures of light colors, and with a bait – donku.

Wolf Lake is very popular for its clean water and large specimens of fish. It is necessary to cast a fishing pole to the bottom, where large fish hides in the pits. You can also catch from the shore, but you need to be careful with tackles, coastal areas that are heavily overgrown with grass and a thin fishing line is easily confused and cut off. The depth of the lake reaches 6 meters, the bottom is sandy with the islands of shells, but the coast is flat and it is a pleasure to catch near the shore.

Tunguska Night Fishing

The Tunguska River is affluent and the flow in it is quite fast. The bottom is rocky with shallows inhabited by large schools of fish. The river freezes over a meter deep in winter, so winter fishing here presents certain difficulties. It is best to get to the places on the boat, go out of the Yenisei River to Tunguska, which is a tributary and replenishes its waters. You can also when organizing a tour for fishing fly by helicopter.

As soon as the name of the river is recalled, questions about the Tunguska meteor are immediately raised, but fishing is in a completely different place. Tunguska is Ugryum-river, which became famous for a film based on Shishkov’s novel. The place here is semi-wild, there are very few settlements and it is likely that you will be alone for a hundred kilometers. Guides accompany the places where a meteorite has fallen, and in this area you can see and take a lot of interesting pictures.

Very distant places from civilization in the north and, living in their small villages, people mostly feed on fish and prey from hunting. In ancient times, there were large state farms for the production of furs. Moody – the river in the old days was navigable. A lot of cargo was floated and transported along it, and now you can see half-destroyed buildings and rusty barges along the coast. On the banks there are lonely hunting huts, where you can, if necessary, wait out the night and get fishing.

Fishing at night has the disadvantage of having here many species of mosquitoes – blood-sucking. When you go fishing in this region, it would be good to stock up with a net or mosquito repellent. If you fish in the middle of the river, on the boat, there are almost no mosquitoes. The river itself in its origins is very capricious and bubbling. But in its middle part it passes into a wide surface, where bursts of large fish are visible. The bottom of the river is rocky, there are pits where large shoals hide. Well caught taimen wiring for heavy lure and the “mouse”. Night fishing turns into trophy. At night, you can catch a very large taimen, it’s a pity that you need to let this fish back into the river.

The difficulties of fishing Mongolia

When going to Mongolia for fishing there are no special difficulties. You just need to plan everything in advance:

  • when you can catch big fish – taimen, and do you agree to other types of fish;
  • when it rains and impassable roads (must be coordinated with the organization of the flight);
  • come to terms with the fact that for hundreds of kilometers you will be alone (there are places where a person’s foot has not stepped);
  • stock up with tackles and baits, suitable clothing, a sleeping bag, anti-mosquito drugs.

Even with such inconveniences as a helicopter flight, moving on UAZ and all-terrain vehicles, mosquito attacks and the fear of loneliness, fishermen tend to go fishing in Mongolia.

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