Fishing for tench on the float rod

Fishing for tench on the float rod often comes with a nozzle located in the bottom layer of water, and used a light rod with a very light float, and sometimes even without it.

Less common, but are caught when the bait is on the bottom, in this case, it is necessary to periodically shift, as it quickly will sink in the mud.

Snap-in float fishing rods for catching tench

Fishing for tench on the float rod requires the rod so that it is sufficient long, elastic, flexible, durable and easy. Everyone is familiar with the process of fish playing, so, Lin refers to the active fish and has a decent resistance when towing. That is why the rod must be flexible and able to dampen the jerks of the fish.

It is best to choose the rod as much as possible long, but in any case not more than six meters. The choice of course is yours, but I’m more inclined to short rods. After all, long poles are bulky and not very convenient to use for fishing.

Fishing for tench on the float rod can be carried out using two types of equipment:

  • A remote installation;
  • A rolling installation;

Rods with a blind installation (do not confuse with the installation of float) includes rigid clamping of the fishing line on the tip. With this mounting stock of fishing line stored on motoviltse. Working long fishing line with this installation, is usually the same length rod that very rarely exceeds 0.5-1 meter. I try to make the length of the line is the same as the rod, as for me, as long she’s just going to get confused and throw is not very convenient. And of course, remember to place a leash.

Float rod with a sliding mounting provides for the presence of crossing rings and coils. In this case, the stock of fishing line stored on the reel and it passed through the ring. This type of equipment increases casting distance, and to draw out the big fish becomes much easier.

If you are going to catch the bait with a sliding snap-in, you will have enough and a 4 foot stick. In this case, the ring will distribute the entire load evenly across the rod and the line will not SAG. This mounting method allows the utilization of a fishing line of a smaller diameter, as by using a coil you can slightly loosen it and pull (if necessary).

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