Fishing for trophy carp in the Moscow region

Fishing for large carp pay pond “Silver Cup” on the Kiev highway in Moscow region requires certain knowledge and skills.

We will try to tell you in the article about what tackle for carp fishing it is better to apply, how to choose a pond, how to tame a big fish, then to catch.

Step one: choose a body of water.

For carp fishing fit good pay pond in which the cleaning of a bottom and aeration. Regularly serebryatsya. To which for many years had not filed any claim of noncompliance with the standards. Here you can catch carp all year round. Particularly successful in the early autumn when the water gets cool.

Because in these months the fish is trying to eat fat reserves before the cold weather. Sin not to take advantage of that to catch the giant on the hook. By the way, how it should be, to fishing for carp the bait ended with the victory of the fisherman?

Tackle for carp fishing:

  • Carp – fish is very strong. Therefore, for carp fishing you need to choose
  • a solid line of the working diameter (0.22-0.25) with an average elongation without memory, natural colors because the carp are picky to the color of the line;
  • rod with plenty of power, length;
  • feeder (perfect feeder German company Browning Force Feeder 13 ft);
  • the reel is very powerful (if it has a rear clutch – excellent);
  • large hook of thick wire (No. 4 – 0, 68 mm from the company Owner) with a short stinger, correct, smooth curve and guaranteed sharp, which should be changed after capture each fish kopnoi;
  • the float is sensitive and subtle;
  • a feeder (preferably from the company Easy Speed feeder).

With this snap-in carp almost in your hands. It remains to make fish meal.

Catching carp on boilies:

Traditional menu for big fish – worm, maggots, beans and corn today pushed the finished feed. In particular, Boyle. They keep their flavor, perfectly absorb moisture, can have any shade and is attached to the hook with the hair of the installation, they seem fine. But the main advantage of this feed is chroboly selekcioniruut prey. Boyle could only swallow a huge carp. Small fish it will attract. And this is what you need in this case.

Another excellent option is the feed pellets. It is composed of wheat, soy protein, gluten, a valuable set of various minerals and acids, flour – 3 types: canola, soybean, fish. All all-natural and reasonably priced.


Alternatively, you can prepare yourself food for catching of large fish with use of grasses and hemp, pellets, boilies, different aromatics. The ratio is: component feed – 20%, about 40-60 basis, 20% fillers and 5% of fragrance.

For feeder bait you can use products Expo from Marcel Van Den Eynde. But you can dream up. Take, for example, cans of corn and soak it in banana attractant from Marcel Van Den Eynde. The big fish cannot leave the deep, tart flavor and bright yellow color excellent Royal meal. Especially during the winter. And always will be “in captivity”. Although, not a fact. Carpfishing is the eternal search for methods of bait and catch carp. It is always an experiment. But this is the whole interest of fishing.

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