Fishing Rotana

Native to Rotana the water bodies – rivers and lakes of the Far East (the Amur region, Kamchatka, Primorsky Krai and other adjacent regions). The gradual penetration of it in the Western parts of Russia contributed to the birds, are big fans of caviar Rotana.

The eggs cling to the feet of birds, they survive in the stomach.

The exceptional longevity Romanovoj caviar helped to settle the mind everywhere in the lakes and rivers of the Moscow region, Kaluga, Tula and Leningrad regions, as well as in some Northern waters.

Rotan. Description.

Rotan has a disproportionately large head (about 1/3 of the whole body). Weight it reaches a pound with a length of 25 centimeters. But this is the maximum size of Rotana. Usually, its length does not exceed 12-14 see he has many glands that produce mucus, which helps it to easily and quickly move around in the water. Color of back dark, flanks are yellowish with spots of color. But it should be noted that depending on the surrounding conditions, the color of Rotana may vary considerably, changing it also before spawning.

Rotan. Habitat.

Rotan is an active predator. Having a wide mouth, it is able to swallow quite large prey. It is extremely voracious. Rotan fed may increase its abdomen is almost three times! Then he sinks to the bottom and lays there for 2-3 days, digesting food. To hunt successfully helps him good vision (the visibility is about 4-5 meters). It is hardy and not demanding to the purity of the water. It suits any body of water.

The only places that he avoids, it is the river with a very swift current. On the vitality of stories It survives in frozen to the bottom of the lakes. Is the ice which had frozen rotan, thawing out, he immediately comes to life, leaving a suspended animation state.

Rotan. Reproduction.

Rotan is very prolific. Spawning begins in the second year of life. Unlike other fish, the eggs had not round but oval, small, yellow in color. They are firmly attached to the grass and rocks thin legs (strands), constantly washed by the water. Males Rotana protect future offspring from other fish. Rotan is unable to resist only the bass, because the forces are obviously unequal.

After the withdrawal of fry, rotan is sometimes not averse to swallow their sons! Such is the struggle for life in the fish Kingdom! Rotan can exist in salt water, but spawn is always in fresh water. Extraction of rotan from an ambush. Attack it very fast and accurate.

Rotan. What to catch.

Bite rotan almost all types of lures and nozzles. But the favorite dish he still bait. Most important, perhaps, is the worm (rain, earth, dung, podlesnik, etc.). It is also good to apply a moth extracted from a reservoir, where it will be fishing on Rotana. Do not hesitate to take it maggots, beetle larvae, and caddis. You can stick on hooks to pieces of meat and guts previously caught the little things, even small Rotanov. This will be achieved if the pond is rotan.

Rotan. How to catch.

Rotana to catch on live bait, so do many anglers. However, it is good for a jig and minnow. If fishing a lot of water grass and float rod are awkward to throw, you can change the float, sinker, hook on the jig. Catch the Windows on the “short line”, slowly lowering and raising tackle. The color of the jig pick depending on weather conditions. In clear weather, catchability dark and cloudy day – light jig. To improve the bite can, rubbed jig goo crushed bloodworms or caddis

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