Gum Fishing

In Astrakhan, skilled fishermen built a new knee to the elastic band. In this model, two weights are used: one winds up on the boat away from the coast, the other is attached to a fishing line up to 80 cm in length to the carbine before the first hook.

When flowing on the pond, the gum on the lifting force of the water emerges in an arc. and baits are in the water at different distances from the bottom and attract fish by playing on the waves of the water.

At a distance of three meters from the shore, a wooden stake is driven in, and on it is made a device for fixing the working fishing line with a reel. Now you can do the wiring jerky along the fishing line and play on the water with the bait. After pokleva with two hands, you can pull the gum with leads and remove the catch. Then again put on the bait and gently immerse in the water.

At the next fishing the gum on the working line hung a whole garland of carp.

Alternately, remove them from the hook, put on the bait on it and quietly release into the water. Before the next bite there is time for cutting fish, in the summer it spoils very quickly. Therefore, when going fishing, take some salt with you so that the cleaned fish can be poured with salt and covered with nettles.

How to make a gum for fishing

Mounting gum is very simple, but you need to hold it carefully. We select the weights for the specified weight and attach a piece of thick fishing line to it about a meter, to which we attach the gum itself. The fishing line with leads and hooks at an equal distance from each other is attached to the elastic band. The distance is calculated based on the length of the leads: if the length of the leash is 1 meter, then the distance is twice as long. The main fishing line is in the hands of the fisherman. At the points of connection with the leads, the load, the main line, carbines are inserted, which rotate around their axis.

How to collect tackle with their own hands

Such tackle can be made with your own hands, if there is a handle on which you want to wind the elastic band, the fishing line, as well as if you have the gum itself, the load, the fishing line, hooks, karabiners, twirls, float. The handle itself can be made of wood, using a hacksaw for work, as well as plywood, cut two slots at the ends for laying elastic and fishing line. Collection starts from joiningcargo. From the calculation of the length of the cast of working gear, the weight of the load can reach up to 500 grams.

A thick fishing line joins it in order to prevent its breakage when pulling the load after fishing. Then we put the carbine and attach to it a rubber band of the chosen length, given its elongation 1×4. Then again there is a carbine and a working fishing line, to which the leashes with hooks are attached at equal distances from each other.

For the manufacture of leads, you can take a separate piece of fishing line and attach it to the main one after the windbreak. It is better to keep this piece of fishing line with leashes separately and attach one end to the carabiner with an elastic band on the shore, unrolling and spreading the leashes on the grass so that they do not get confused, and the other end – to the main line.

The length of the leash is calculated based on the depth of the reservoir on which the fishing will be carried out. You can take leads of the same length of 50 cm, and it is better to take each alternate leash, which is closer to the shore, to extend by 5 cm additionally, so that the longest one is at the shore and lies on the bottom in the direction of the reservoir. Then we collect all the gear by winding it on the holder. When wound, never stretch the rubber, so that it does not lose its elasticity. Self-made tackle rubber can be cut from electrician’s rubber gloves or from a gas mask in the form of a strip 5 mm wide. All hooks gently fasten, so as not to tangle. Tackle is ready to go.

Bottom tackle with rubber shock absorber

Bottom gear works well in reservoirs without water flow. It consists alternately of a thick fishing line or cord, a carbine, an elastic band, again a carbine, the main fishing line with leads attached to it. For the load, you can use a stone of sufficient weight. On such a tackle, you can fish of different weights, even predatory, such as pike, zander, or large, like silver carp. The tackle gives the chance to fish in any reservoir: on the sea, the lake, the river, a reservoir.

Fishermen living near the reservoir, once set tackle and only come to collect the catch. For a sinker use a stone or a two-liter plastic bottle filled with sand. If these gears are located not far from the coast, it is not necessary to install the float so that no one pays attention to the catch. In the middle of a river or lake a small weight can be delivered in a boat or by swimming, and by the end of the thick fishing line to which the load is attached, attach a float of foam. The foam in the middle of the river looks like floating waste, and only the one who installed it knows about it.

Leashes are made according to the kind of fish that the fisherman is going to catch On small crucian carcasses, sabrefish leads must be taken from strong and elastic fishing line with sharp hooks, matched to the size of a fish. For large specimens you need to take thin wire and proper hooks. If you do not know what type of fish is caught in this reservoir, make a few test leads and on the fishing line before the rubber band, change the leads several times. According to the first instances caught, one can understand which leads to put on and which catch to hope for.

In spring, the gum, roach, small crucian carp and carp come across most of the gum. In the summer and autumn, large specimens of white and predatory fish, such as bream, pike, roach, crucian carp, catfish, and pike perch go on the gum. If you live near a small river, you can leave a donk with a rubber band on the pond overnight, and collect your catch every morning.


The donkeys are collected according to the same principle, but the difference is that a trough in the form of a large spoon or shell is used in front of the cargo or instead of it. Along the edges of the spoon, holes are drilled into which the leashes with hooks and foam balls for buoyancy are attached. In the center of the recess on the spoon is attached a feeding trough, which is filled with bait, and when the fish goes off the smell of feed, it goes directly to the area where the leashes work.

For catching white fish from the shore or from a boat, fenders and bottom gear with an elastic band are used. From the boat to fish on the gum is very convenient. We measure approximately the depth of the reservoir. A sinker with tackles is lowered to the bottom, and the working fishing line is attached to the side of the boat. Our task is with the help of twitching fishing line creating a game of leashes and fishing catch. For the best bait, colored PVC tubes can be put on the hooks, leaving the tip of the hook open. On such gear you can catch all kinds of white fish, especially perch, it is very curious, so it will not remain indifferent to the game of colored tubes.

For fishing on a silver carp tackle is done in the same way, but given the fact that the silver carp is a big and heavy fish. The elastic is taken larger section, and the line – stronger. Also used bait – “killer of the silver carp”, bought in the store or made with your own hands from the bicycle spokes. All schemes can be found on fishing sites.

If fishing is carried out on the river, it makes sense to swim across it and install a load or fix the end of the tackle on the opposite bank, and the rest of the rigging with leashes will work on your bank, attached to the peg. Due to the fact that the gum will stretch under the influence of the force of the current, the place for fishing should be a little downstream so that the gear does not hang in the form of an arc.

Fishing “track” includes adding to the gear mesh, which is bought in the store with a height of no more than 1.5 meters, and the length is chosen at your discretion (by the area of ​​the reservoir or river). The grid cell is taken 15×50 mm. For large fish species, a net with a mesh of 25×50 mm is purchased. Such tackle is assembled alternately: sinker, thick fishing line or cord, swivel, float, elastic, mesh, attached to the working fishing line or part of the fishing line on both sides of the carabiners. The mesh in the water opens in the form of a screen, and if it is attached to the opposite bank without using a load, it is very catchy.

In the presence of bait, the fish swims towards it and becomes entangled in the net, as indicated by the float or the alarm bell (if any). This type of fishing is designed for restless anglers who came ashore, disbanded tackles, whispered about fishing, collected catch and tackles and went to cook fish soup. For such a snap requires a strong fishing line, and instead of a rubber band is used rubber band. All gear assembly, manufactured using different technologies, can be bought in specialized stores.

In the Astrakhan region, fishing with a track is not allowed, it is considered poaching.

Tackles need to be customized to catch the intended type of fish. For perch, sabrefish, small crucian, you can take a rubber band and a medium-diameter fishing line, and for a large predator such as pike, pike perch, carp, you need to pick up a rubber band or rubber band and a solid fishing line. Also the hook size is selected.

the gum is more catchy at night because the fish is feeding at this time. In order to see the bite, a float with neon lights is bought in the store. As bait on the gum for a pike perch, you need to take fry of fish, alive or dead – it does not matter, perch even enough artificial bait in the form of fry.

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