How to catch a Rudd

Rudd is a very cautious fish, it can be easy to startle. In order not to frighten the fish is best, while fishing, hide behind the vegetation on the banks or at least wear dark clothes. The main rule is not to issue unnecessary sounds, try to make noise as less as possible, and it is better to keep quiet.

Is preparing for fishing in advance if the fishing spot you will not interfere with the reeds or twigs, remove them for a couple of days before coming to the pond. Let us consider the question of how to catch a Rudd.

It is best to start searching for fish at depths of half a meter, if it is not present there then you should move the bait in the bottom water layer. Well, if this does not work then in the upper layers, but as practice shows Rudd is almost always standing in the floor water.

Special secrets and a clear answer to the question how to catch a Rudd I won’t tell you, and no one will say. This is simply because they are not present. Fish is not that common, and it is almost purposefully not catch. For this in the literature and on the Internet there are only General guidelines on the selection of baits and tackles.

I’m really interested in fishing technique, and I suggest you will read this moment.

  • One of the most effective moments are when fishing for redfin consider casting a lure on the Lily pad, and then her gradual immersion into the water (just easily pulled off the hook in the water). Using this trick I have just caught a rather large Rudd, because she’s scared the most. And noise from casting practically does not arise.
  • Also quite successfully used a slow sinking float. With this method, the bait gradually passes from the upper water to the bottom. Installation of such gear is quite simple, you need to attach additional weight to the base of the float and ready.
  • If the task of fishing at the surface, comes to the aid of water-filled float (the way he serves both as a load). When the fishing bait is on the surface, it is best to apply insect or bread.

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