How to catch carp

Carp is considered a very cowardly fish is very careful and attentive inhabitant of freshwater ponds. Besides more complexity to the process of fishing adds complexity in the selection of bait and bait. Well tackle here, too, need specific. Let us consider the question of how to catch carp.

Grass carp are herbivorous fish, and he gives preference to the nozzles that feed the most often and common in its habitat. But don’t think you can just catch a Cupid on the sprout of a cane which grows in this pond. The attachment to file, to make sure that the fish weren’t afraid.

Those who know how to catch carp know about his love for the cane and try to prepare it in advance. The standard of such bait is the stem with leaves at the top, long about 15 cm.

The easiest tackle to catch a Cupid consists of powerful reels and strong rods. The choice of fishing line and hooks depends on the anticipated size of the trophy, usually take the line of 0.3-0.5 mm, and the hooks 11 and 12 of the room. Sinkers and floats to tackle this unnecessary confusion, they only impede the process of fishing. Classic alarm is a bell, but if you can, it is best to properly adjust the coil.

Many of you are thinking, how hard, stick the stem of the cane on a hook, throw it in and waiting for a nibble. But if you do so, then the bite probably will not see. This can be explained by the fact that the fish will simply ignore unnatural bait, and that the use of donok and floats repels Cupid on the same principle.

Very attentive anglers, and not very attentive, may have noticed that during feeding of Amur swims in the surface layer of the water and sharply breaks a reed bent to the water. This is the key to the answer to the question of catching fish.

The correct mounting and the supply of fresh cane – that’s the key to success. It is necessary to carefully hide the hook in the leaves (they should be face up) then wrap the cane around the fishing line a few times, so he didn’t fall off, and throw. It is best to choose a place to cast near vegetation. It is best if this design will float on the surface of the water, well, or its lower part only slightly immersed in water.

In any case, don’t just stand there on the waterfront, looking out and waiting for the fish to bite. We all remember that Cupid is a terrible coward, and it would be best to fix the rod on the shore, and the fisherman hide in riparian vegetation, or just sit quietly nearby.

Now everything depends on the pond, the main thing that it was fish and you will definitely see the bite. Your task will be only the right hooking and fighting the fish. There are fish here mistakes are not forgiven.

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