How to catch pike on live bait from the shore

It is known that any predatory fish to ambush prey in the thickets of grass, Lily pads, driftwood, and flooded bushes. Such places are worth looking for while on the water.We will catch from the shore, the circle of such places is shrinking.

To reach promising areas much easier on the boat, but spinning can be easily solved.

To make a good and accurate throw is often conveniently used tackle. For example, a float rod with a sliding snap, or spinning.Choosing as the “sticks” of Bologna the bait, it is recommended 4-6 meters. It will be easier to throw gear away from the coast into the Parking lot of a predator.

Having a sonar scan the bottom of the reservoir to determine the elevation. This is true in case fishing is conducted on a small river. The purpose of the action is to search for holes and drop offs with stoagie pike.In the absence of sonar use a spinning rod with a sinker. After casting wait until the diving sinker to the bottom and start winding. Finding a pit to throw the bait on the border of the drop off.

In cloudy weather often come across large specimens, in hot and sultry weather, biting is rare. In the absence of heat a good chance to catch a pike not a bad gastronomic proportions.Plenty of good fishing has passed in rainy weather.Come to the river early in the morning for the morning bite. The exact time depends on the pond, fish don’t have exact total of the schedule for the bite. Universal time 5-8 hours of the morning.In the article I referred to describes the main methods of catching toothy on live bait, recommended reading.

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Ways of fishing a huge variety: on a rod, ground rod, rubber band, spinning (read the article at the link above). They all involve the presence of a fish on the hook.Talk about a snap to shore, no matter how to deliver the bait to the predator.

Taken a skein of the main line (0.30 thickness) tied to the leash of any material. Mounted triple hook. Tie on a weight and tackle ready. Plants fish-throw it in the proposed location of fishing.Bait or spinning is any available coil, which is (inertia, instantaneous). Wound fishing line 0.30 diameter, attached the leash and tee.

On the main line is of a bead that prevents the constant beating of the load when casting the attachment. Threaded sliding cargo olive and mounted a sliding float.The above float is the node constraint. Distance on the eye, depends on the depth in fishing. When he flips from the shore are rarely huge depth, the bait must be located in a meter from the bottom.

Reliable attachment of the bait on the hook ensures long life time of the bait and ensures excellent cutting. Live and mobile lure has all chances to be noticed by a sharp-toothed predator. On dead bait make a few cuts for the spread of odors.

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