How to catch pike on live bait: the methods and equipment

This method is simple, requires no special gear or skill. Quick to master. Available almost all year round. Described in more detail in the article about fly fishing predator on the float, I advise you to go there and get satisfactory answers.

How to catch the name implies, use a fishing rod with a float, the hook is pushed baitfish. Method not difficult and extremely simple. Especially pay attention to the float and moving the snap-in for distance casting. You can catch the boat from the shore, on the course, in standing water, on small and large rivers.

The method is generic. No need to pay close attention to the bait, approached, every stick in the truest sense of the word.

Fishing with spinning

Will fit almost any fish species. There is 1 secret. As a spinning bait for catching great bass. The reason is the tough scales and skin, giving high reliability when casting longer staying on the hook.There are several methods: angling, the fishing rod is the spinning rod with a sliding tackle and a float. Throw live bait on a decent distance.The second option is to use the impaled fish as a “Wobbler”. The bait acts live fish, which attract the predator’s natural sight and the smell.

On the bottle

Interesting and simple method. The fisherman will need a plastic bottle, fishing line, sinker, tee and flag.

According to the principle of this imitation fish or a circle. You will need a boat, as the bottle lowered into the water with the boat.At the base (bottom) of the bottle is attached a makeshift flag made from a piece of fabric bright colors and the thin metal plate (a pointer from winter fishing).

At the beginning of the neck of the wound fishing line with treble hook and sinker. The indicator is bent and zamatyvaetsya on top of a small amount of fishing line.Top of the line Bank is attached elastic band for money to live bait is not unwound. With the bite and hook the pike will begin to twist the fishing line and gum will not be a hindrance, due to its strength.Unwound 3-4 meters of fishing line freed up the box, took a vertical position. The photo shows a scheme of the bottle for catching predatory fish.

Fishing zakidushku

In simple words zakidushka this fishing on the Donk. Can be done in different ways. In the simplest execution does not even need a rod. You will need: long section of the line (thickness 0.25), olive sinker, bead, swivel, leash of any material with a length of 40-50 cm, the hook tee.

The fishing line is wound on spinning reels, spinning, a simple stick or piece of wood.Fishing line tied to the swivel, is mounted with a bead and a sinker in the form of olives. The bead needed to at the time of casting sinker not beat the fixing unit of the main line to the swivel.On the other side of the swivel is tied a leash with a tee and nailed the bait.The tackle is thrown from shore or from a boat on the current, in still water, doesn’t matter.

Fly fishing elastic

On many occasions the fishermen say about ulovistost this method. Simple to implement. The fishing line is tied baitfish not 1, but several, which enhances the effect (simulation of flocks of small fish).

The picture shows how to correctly mount this tackle.

  • 1.Well driven a stake into the ground.
  • 2.Stuck in the ground a twig with splitting, from the fixed line.
  • 3.4.Floats.
  • 5.Rubber shock absorber
  • 6.Sinker

Throwing his gear into the water the bait fish coming down the pike.Swallowed his line fly off with splitting, ruzmatovich is here to stay (linked to peg 1). The floats keep the design afloat, and sinker keeps gear in one place.Shock advise to put with the good performance of the gap, while undercutting high load.

On mugs

The method of fishing on mugs already described in detail on our website. Requires boat and actually mugs.The design is identical to the bottle (reviewed above), with the only difference: instead of plastic container used foam circle with a wound fishing line.

On the imitation fish

The previous methods used in any season except winter, this gear was invented for the exceptional ice fishing.

Similar to mugs, the base is not foam, or plastic, or plywood.

The base is attached a mast with an inertia reel and fishing line. The fishing line is attached to the leash and tee (or double). Followed by a piece of cloth to alert the fisherman of a bite.On drilled hole installed and alarming zherlitsa. After the start of ingestion of the bait, the fishing line unwound and alert check box occupies a vertical position informing about pike or any other predator on the hook.

These methods are United by the attachment of live bait on the hook. The article link to read basic, simple and reliable methods of mounting a bait fish. After reading it, the bait will live longer on the hook, the number of retirements decline, and the number of successful sweeps will increase several times.

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