Jerky’s pike bait

Novice anglers themselves will not be able to distinguish jerkbaits for pike from  wobblers , at the very beginning many baits seem very similar. However, they will differ dramatically.

It is impossible to learn all the fishing details to the end, every year more and more new products arrive on store shelves, but they are in no hurry to forget the time-tested ones.

Not everyone uses Jerky to pike, but having mastered this tackle in the spring and autumn, the fisherman will always be with a trophy predator.

Jerk has such features:

  • the weight of the bait starts at 30 g, the maximum can reach 140 g;
  • Jerkbait’s spade is absent; it is immersed in water due to its large weight;
  • minimum size 10 cm.

Such indicators suggest that it is necessary to use these baits in bodies of water with sufficient depth.

There are several varieties of jerks for pike:

subspecies specifications
gliders the bait without a shovel with a high and voluminous body, thanks to such indicators, when correctly selected, it moves jerkily from side to side
pull bates there is no shovel, when wiring, it immerses to the depth specified by the manufacturer
divers a large type of bait that will not play with even harnessing is often additionally equipped with propellers at the rear
tweets play well with monotonous wiring, but with jerking they will show themselves better have a small blade

Jerk fishing is designed to catch pike from 700 g or more, therefore, it is necessary to form tackle from the components of good quality.

The subtleties of fishing

Catching pikes on the jerk passes with its subtleties, knowing all of them, every angler will be able to accurately detect and pluck worthy trophies from almost any reservoir.

This type of bait is designed to catch a predator of 1.5-3 kg, but larger trophies are often on the hook. In order not to miss the toothy predator, you must first prepare for fishing. To do this, collect high-quality tackle, pick up baits and learn how to properly conduct them in the water column.

Tackle Features

Pike on jerkbaits will help to catch such a kit:

  • the fishing rod blank should be selected small, up to 2 m long, while the test on the rod should match the bait used. Story will suit fast or superfast, it is better to give preference to carbon products.
  • As a reel, it is better to equip the blank with a multiplier. This view will be a great option in order to withstand significant power loads over a long period of time, which the inertia can not cope with.
  • The best basis is a thick braided cord, which is put on the cartoons. Using a leash is not necessary, but desirable.

Experienced fishers recommend using blanks of fishing rods the length of a fisherman’s height, but a 2-meter rod will also prove to be good.

Jerk Lures

A pike on a jerk pecks well in the autumn and in the spring, it is on the basis of these features that they choose lures. A large size will not scare away a predator, rather the opposite. Immediately after spawning with an empty stomach without milk and caviar, the pike will want to fill it up as soon as possible, and in the autumn, when the fat is being fed, the pike will easily rush to the bait even more than it.

The color scheme can be the most varied, both acidic and natural color baits are used equally often.

Fishing technique

In order for the pike to react to the jerk as it should, it is necessary to be able to carry out the bait. There are models that will show themselves well in a monotonous form, but sharp twitches and braces will attract the attention of a predator better.

In most cases, pike fishing for jerks takes place from the boat , so the throws are relatively short-range. And the wiring itself is more controlled.

It is best to attract attention:

  • sharp dynamic jerks;
  • chaotic fast jerks;
  • sharp twitching.

This type of bait is often used for trolling, but casting with the right wiring will bring no less tangible results.

Beginners often use:

  • evenly paused wiring;
  • stop and go;
  • uniform.

But in each of the above there are always sharp jerks and exhaustion of the cord weakness at the same time.

Catching is carried out in reservoirs with depths of 3 m or more, while the most promising are pits with snag, brow, places near thickets of grass, and a good result is obtained when catching the water area near trees fallen into the water.

Top Jerk Lure Rating: Top 5

To determine the best jerks for a predator is not very easy at first, however, a rating made by more experienced ones will help to figure out the abundance:

  1. Salmo Slider is classified as a small Jerkbaits, its maximum length can reach 12 cm. It plays well with uniform wiring, as well as with light jerks with pauses. It is from this jerk that many anglers with experience recommend starting training for beginners.
  2. Strike Pro Big Bandit belongs to the giants, however it catches perfectly pike from 1 kg. The length of the bait starts at 19.5 cm, which explains the interest of large individuals. But the size is also a drawback, gatherings are often obtained, since the tees are spaced a considerable distance. It will not be easy for a novice fisherman to choose a wiring, but if the outcome is successful, the result will be a great trophy, and maybe not one.
  3. Strike Pro Buster Jerk is one of the most famous models of this manufacturer, produced in two generations. The first has a length of 15 cm, the second 12 cm. A plastic product resembles a fish with a wide body, as a bait it lends itself perfectly to management even for beginners. The balls located inside during movement in the water column will create additional noise effects that will attract the attention of a predator.
  4. HardBaits Jolly Dancer is made of wood, the weight of the finished product is about 90 g, so the tackle is formed accordingly. The length of the product is 16.5 cm, which gives it a predictable game even with simple animation. Often used by beginners.
  5. Salmo Fatso has two varieties, jerkbait can be both floating and sinking. The length also varies, there are 10-centimeter options, as well as 14-centimeter bait. Even wiring will make the jerk roll over from side to side, which will attract the attention of pikes and make you attack.

Jerkbaits are produced by many manufacturers of fishing tackle, while everyone strives to create the most simple model to use, but other indicators are taken into account no less. Fishing for pike with the use of jerks is always interesting and exciting, the main thing is to be able to choose a bait and choose the most suitable animation for it.

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