How to catch tench on the pole

Lin is a very cautious and cunning fish, to catch which is far from over. Due to the nature of the feeding areas, fishing for tench on the feeder is less popular than float tackle.

This opinion is justified by the fact that tench is most often found in areas with muddy bottoms and plenty of algae, and to apply there is a feeder becomes difficult. And in the course are float rods. Today I want to tell you how to catch tench to the bait.

And catching tench on the rod is necessary so that the hook attachment was at the bottom or slightly above it, about 10 inches. To set the depth with such precision it is necessary to know how much your weight will sink in the mud. In the period when insects effective is fishing for tench in the middle layers of the water with this fishing bait is not used.

Now some personal opinion about how to catch tench to the bait. I use a Bolognese rod with a light snap. We all know how Lin resists when playing, there is no coil can handle difficult, so that its presence is necessary. Well, due to the care of this fish I suggest to abandon the brute snap-ins in favor of more light.

The use of lightweight rigging means the use of floats in 1-2 grams. It is advisable to use long floats, because you have to catch in the Bush. It is better to give preference to a thin floats, so they dip into the water will produce less sound and the fish no longer frightened. Discard the floats do not require shipping, they are very noisy. Great old-fashioned version of the float is made of foam.

To ship the floats need two pieces, one which is heavier (bulk) set at a distance of 30 cm from the hook, and the other close to the hook, about 5 inches from him. The second auxiliary sinker, and put in order to achieve the effect of slow diving of the lure, it should provoke Lin to take. Choose the hook size needs to be in accordance with the size of the bait, I use the hooks 6 rooms.

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