How to catch roach

Today we will talk about how to catch roach. But first, an introductory word: roach often caught in the shallow places with a smooth sandy bottom. On the river roach likes to be in areas of slow current, and it can be the pits or breaks in the banks.

Peak roach activity occurs before the flood when the water becomes cloudy. In such circumstances, you can very well catch the roach near the shore, between the bushes. Very well caught roach in this period and from the boat on the small rivers is fishing in the wiring.

In the pre-spawning period is very good at catching roach on the pole with the feeder. I equip the feeder rod, small spinning reel and go in search of fish, and very often find. In the spring it is better to hiccup roaches in places with a small difference of depth.

If you are going to look for roach on the river and catch the transaction, then you should know some points. The main technique is the following: during free movement of the float nozzle is raised in the middle water layers and during braking is lowered. Such movements provoke a roach on the catch and no catch you don’t stay.

If you catch a roach in ponds, it is better to use very light tackle. In summer the bite of a roach falls on early morning and evening. The best plant tips on roaches: steamed barley and wheat, in animals: grasshopper, maggots, bloodworm and caddis worm.

Many of the fishermen catch roach side nod. There are different ways to play a jig, but this way I am not fond of fishing and so I can’t tell you how to catch roach on the side of the nod.

My thing is catching roach on the float rod from the boat in small ponds among the reeds. By the way roach, and other fish, are very sensitive to pressure changes, so it’s best to go fishing when it is stable for 3-4 days. Peaks of activity of the roach are observed before and after rain.

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