Fishing for tench on processed cheese

Of course, Lin caught many, but not every fisherman can firmly say that is fishing for tench. After all, for most fishermen Lin is more passing production, especially when you go to catch carp in the small lakes.

Usually, only a few can boast that they were able to catch only lines without being distracted by other fish species. Quite difficult to find a place where it will be caught the only Ling. And you can change a variety of lakes, different baits, but this may not be enough. Important luck.

One way to catch tench – the right to use the bait and the preparation of “working” space.

Here’s a tip of a fisherman who purposefully “hunting” on the line for more than five years.

Cheese and friendship as bait for tench

As lures and bait he uses processed cheese “Friendship”.

Preparation of “job” occupies a special place in the preparation of catching tench. First of all, You have to clear a place for future trips. The fact that Lin is a rare guest in those places where it is convenient to fishermen. Her element – the thick reeds, taking the bait only at the very edge. All major lines keep places where you could get him would be virtually impossible.

Small and medium size line approximately holding to the edge of the reeds. To the middle line, usually include fish, weighing from 400 to 600 g. to Catch larger items much more difficult.

So, the “working” place of the fisherman, because without it fishing for tench on the melted cheese will not work. Choose a lake whose depth near the shore is from 1.5 to 2 m. In this case it is recommended to pay attention to the wall of reeds. What it will be thicker, the more can be Lin and it will be bigger.

To get good chances of successful fishing, You have to dive a bit into the reeds, releasing a large window from the reeds. And will have to do it put the mask on and falling to the bottom of the two-meter depth, pulling out the roots of the reeds. The reward will be a very good catch of tench to almost all summer.

And let it be said that for successful fishing on the tench will be sufficient to find a small lake, covered with duckweed, but that’s not always enough to engage in targeted fishing for Ling, whose weight will be about 500 g.

Now let’s talk about bait. As in any fishing as bait – to lure You to the big fish. However, the first to the fishing spot always comes fry. And just behind it will hold larger fish. You need to be patient and to make large specimens, weighing from 500 to 600 g. do not chase escaped change. This rule is equally not only for Lin, but carp, bream, carp and other fish.

Deciding to catch the cheese, You will need to spend money, as bait will have to use an ordinary household cheese or cottage cheese.

Choosing a place to start to lure over here Lin. To do this, prepare to spend some time. So, the largest portion usually falls on the first day of bait. Portion weight should be about 1 kg a week, and gradually reduce the portion of the lure. In the evening, just before fishing, you should pour out half of the serving, which was poured out on the first day of feeding. About 500 g. it is Worth considering that the amount of bait will depend on the pond You plan to fish, but should proceed from the above.

And here it is a nice moment of fishing! As bait you can use worms, but in our case, following the advice of a specialist in fishing for tench, you need to take processed cheese, for example, “Friendship”, or the like. You ask why processed cheese? What are its advantages? And in that catching of a tench on processed cheese will not be a long and tedious bites, with a period of 3-5 minutes shaking the float, and then almost imperceptibly out of the way. Unlike conventional bait fishing for processed cheese provides bite not that sharp, but not so such as before. At poklevke the float rarely hides under water, but still shifted to the side, but Lin bait, swallow the bait faster than normal worm.

Most fishermen prefer worms, as most vegetable baits eaten young. This is true, but not in the case of Lin. The fact that young people Lin chooses just the same worms and You can catch most often, individuals for 100-250g. At the same time as vegetable bait young tench are often ignored. But fishing for tench on the melted cheese will bring prey, but also on worms, and cottage cheese, and cheese, even bread crumb. And yet, to get the desired fish, you will have to feed, alluring her.

And a week, working according to the scheme above, You will be able to attract to his “working” the place of flocks of tench, weighing between 400 and 600g. In addition, accustomed to a particular feed, they will not be afraid to rise to the bait. If you do everything right, for once you can catch from ten to twenty individuals weighing up to 500 grams. As always, it is impossible to exclude such a factor that there will be days when even a bite will not. Do not despair, because in the summer these moods are always temporary. Wait a bit and after a while, not forgetting to feed spot, You’ll get a stable bite.

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