Fishing for roach in winter

Roach refers to small fish, and if you manage to catch specimens weighing over 300 grams, it is considered a trophy. Most often fishing for roach in the winter brings the fish to the small size.

But the small size of the fish compensates its amount, because roach densely inhabits all reservoirs with more or less clean water.

Caught roach quite well in summer and winter. Its peculiarity is that in winter the roach is not falling asleep but continues to eat. Certainly not as active as in the summer, but you can catch a lot. Important to choose the correct tackle, bait, bait, time and place of fishing.

Fishing for roach in December

Pergolide and 3 weeks after it delight fishermen. In December, the roach moves to the old feeding places, of which she sailed in the early autumn. The most promising places to search roach will pit and thickets of aquatic vegetation and the waters near them.

How to catch roach in January

In January, the peak of gluhozime that captures the beginning of February, but just below. With decreasing oxygen in the water fish gradually reduces its activity. And catch a lot of roach in January, not everyone succeeds, and in some regions none at all.

The secrets of catching roach in February

In February and early March, a period which is loved by all anglers fishing on the last ice. The fish starts to stir with the approach of spring and the biting activity increases dramatically. A large part of the catches you have to see for 3-4 days until complete melting of the ice on the pond.

Winter fishing for roach float rod

Since the roach is very small fish and, accordingly, likely to break a rod it a little, then for float fishing you can use any rod that will be of your liking. Need to use solid rod, but too light will wear by wind, so choose something in between.

To winter roach fishing on the float rod was successful, there are some requirements for used gear, namely:

  • A conical float of small size (1-3. 5 cm);
  • The sinker is in the form of pellets;
  • A few thin leads with small hooks (3-4 rooms will suffice);
  • The main fishing line no thicker than 0.1 mm and approximately 0.05 mm. pedestrian Use of thinner fishing line for a leash makes it less visible to fish.


Sometimes the roach starts to behave very carefully. It is observed with the change of weather, wind direction and atmospheric pressure variations. In these times it is best to use light tackle for catching roach. Put hooks on the smaller size, thinner line and float easier. Only when fishing for this tackle to be demolished, there is already a need to come up with something new.

Such tackle the inactive fish will bite very readily. But the visibility of careful bite of the roach is very small. It is difficult to see, but still real. For the experienced fishermen it’s not difficult, but beginners can sharpen the skill of fishing.

In addition to reducing the activity, when fishing for roach on the float rod in the winter, no features and secrets. In some periods, when the fish shows peaks of activity, you can put the line and a little thicker. And the float to take small, but with the largest carrying capacity.

It’s better to make yourself float, just take a piece of fine foam and cut blade float required size and shape. You can then varnish and paint that was more noticeable. All according to your taste. We encourage you to watch the videos below.

Fishing for roach in the winter on a jig

The diameter of the line does not depend on whether you are going to catch a roach on a stationary jig or play it, often tackle with a fishing line diameter of 0.08 to 0.12 mm. If you catch in the pond for the first time and not earlier to catch large roach (over 200 grams) was not necessary, the fishing line of 0.1 mm will be sufficient. During searches of large roach is better to put a fishing line 0.15 mm, and closer to spring when the fish are becoming more active, you can put and fatter.

When fishing at great depths, especially in periods of activity, not to get involved with a fine tackle. Because fishing line with a diameter of 0.1 mm allow the angler to feel more confident when playing and the wind is not so confused. When fishing on mormyshka in windy weather it is possible to apply a fishing line and 0.18 mm.


For small depths (2-5 meters) the coachmen out pretty light, about 0.2-0.4 g, and the diameter of the fishing line matched to the weight of the jig (it should easily stretch under her weight) and most often it is 0.12 mm. For fishing in the deeper areas, it is necessary to use a heavy jig (0,4 – 0,6 gram) well and of course the line thicker.

But do not forget one very important aspect, a thin rope very rapidly reaches the bottom layers and provides a greater catch. Long nod is selected in accordance with the weight of the jig, usually 5-8 inches. Roach perfectly responds to the smooth play of the jig, so sometimes it is necessary even to slightly increase the nod.

The rod and reel for catching roach on the jig do not have any demands, most importantly that they can be convenient to fish and quickly reel the line. Often, the bait for fishing on a stationary jig looks a bit neater than when fishing on the game. That’s because the fixed gear causes the roach longer to inspect the bait and careful to approach her.

Roach on the jig bite fairly willingly, but if you want to increase your catch in a few times, we recommend you to read: activators bite, it we are considered the best bait that can help you even if the fish is passive.

A nod to the roach

For roach are a very attractive smooth movement of the jig without sudden jerks, so better to give preference to long nods. Most anglers use nods not more than 7 centimetres in length. But there are times when you have to use the nod at times long to attract shy fish.

Catchability mormyshkas for roach

Anglers believe the best jigs for catching roach bait in the form of an ant. But this is not true, some water is better to work and other jigs. In addition to jigs ant very efficient on roaches are the pellets and droplets. With color, the situation is different, in some ponds the fish caught on bright baits in the dark. I noticed that work best jigs are painted black halfway down.

Game mormyshka for roach

In winter the roach starts to get scared from actively moving baits. Sluggish and weak roach prefers jigs that are slow to play. And in February, even better catch on a stationary jig.

Most bites brought me the following game: you have to raise the jig a few inches, then pause and slowly lower to the bottom. Don’t forget about the little fishing activity in winter, so the first bite may have to wait 5 and 10 minutes. But if 15 minutes later the bite you never saw, then change the place of fishing.

Bizmathica on roaches

Most often when fishing for roach besttelki applied in the form of droplets. Made of tungsten or lead. Favorite colors of these jigs of a roach is light and dark black. Sometimes the jig suggest to equip a bead or nipple is not very bright color. Play bezmetallny start from the bottom. I recommend first to knock the bait on the bottom and then gradually to raise it, slightly shaking the rod. In some aspects of transaction you want to pause for a moment.

Tackle for winter catching roach

Fundamentally there are two types of gear for winter fishing for roach, this first float and the second fishing tackle for fishing on mormyshka. Sometimes you have to improvise and combine a jig with a float rod, but novice anglers is not necessary so to get excited about. Choosing tackle for winter catching roach, it is worth remembering that the fish pretty quick and despite the low weight has a strong resistance when playing, so you should choose a durable and light tackle.

Always prefer the trusted manufacturers of lines and rods in the quality of the gear from which you are sure at 100%. After all, nobody likes when a captured roach, weighing about 500 grams will cut the line at the edge of the hole.

And in any case do not buy the finished fishing rod, equipped with a fishing line and jig or a float. As shown by my personal observations – the line there is the lowest quality, the hooks on the jig can straighten even a small roach, and the rod can be scattered on the components still on the way fishing.

Do not forget about caution roach, which may scare off a rough tackle or thick lines. The tradeoff in choosing the size of hooks and diameter of the line already for anybody not a secret. But to talk specific numbers, only knowing in which the reservoir will be fishing. Some anglers about the choice of gear is very subjective, while others carefully select each item of equipment. It is hard to say who is right and who is not.

Tackle box the concept is strictly individual for every angler and for reservoirs. It’s hard to give any specific recommendations. But I think you will be able to exhaust total of something useful. I can write about it in the comments.

Winter bait for roach

Must be not easy (to wind down) but not heavy (to not get tired). Be sure to find a rod with the optimal parameters that will be suitable for fishing in your favorite waters. The whip to the rod must necessarily be hardy and good damping jerks of fish during playing. Float fishing for roach in winter you can take the most simple rod with foam handle. Some weight such a fishing rod with metal tubes inserted in the middle of the handle.

Fishing line for catching roach in winter

It is desirable and sometimes necessary to equip a fishing-rod for catching roach very thin line. Very often the largest individuals sidestep baited hook tied on a thick fishing line. At the same Rybinsk reservoir had to catch a big roach (300-800 grams) on a thin fishing line of 0.1 mm. the Gear broke off very often. But as soon as were made to change the line on a thicker – peck became much worse.

Winter bait for catching roach

Bait for catching roach recommended for use not only in summer but during winter fishing. For successful fishing bait is a mandatory attribute. Especially when fishing for wary fish such as roach. Roach reacts very well to the bait and sometimes to get a good bite should be abundantly lure.

Today in fishing stores, you can find a lot of ready, the bait mixes, most of them suitable only for fishing in the summer. Some of the purchase of bait is focused only on winter fishing, but as practice shows effect of them. This is what makes anglers to ask about how to prepare the bait for catching roach in winter. It must attract the fish and be easy to manufacture.

I decided to share a simple and effective recipe of bait for catching roach in winter. To prepare the bait in my recipe you will need products that you can easily find at home or in the store, or market.

And so, the recipe of bait for winter fishing for roach:

  • 250 grams corn grits;
  • 300 grams of breadcrumbs;
  • 50 grams of ground beans of cannabis (pre-fried);
  • 150 grams of ground buckwheat (also need to pre-fry);
  • 100 grams of ground dry peas;
  • 30 grams powdered dry peel of citrus (mandarins and oranges);
  • 30 grams coriander or cinnamon (you can use other spicy condiments);
  • 30 grams crushed dried Basil;
  • 10 grams of salt;

First you need to fry everything that wasn’t fried before. The main thing to watch closely, so that nothing is burnt. After frying you need to grind everything in a meat grinder, preferably a few times. To finely grind the peas, you can use a coffee grinder. Just watch that the wife noticed, and then the cry will be.

Then you need to mix all the ingredients and your bait is ready. Eventually you should get about a kilo of dry mix ready for bait roach. I like this dose is enough for one, active fishing.

I could now start to talk about what bait is best to soak in ice and water from the reservoir. But I won’t. I have not noticed any differences between the bait, which was soaked home, running water. No, of course if your tap water is chlorinated, it is better not to use it. And so, we should not bother about that.

On that biting winter roach

In addition to baiting, fishing for roach in winter cannot pass without baits. And many, even experienced anglers are wondering what bite roach in the winter. And the answer to this question is very simple.

I have not even bothered, and has prepared a list of the most efficient baits for roach in winter:

  • Motyl;
  • the worm;
  • the gammarus;
  • maggot;
  • the larva burdock moth;
  • caddis worm;
  • dough;
  • rye bread.

The best and catchability bait for roach is the bloodworms. Motyl is a classic and popular due to its versatility. On the moth catch not only roaches, and other types of peaceful fish. Pretty good showing, and maggots. Other types of bait are used less often, but in some conditions they can be much more effective than the previous one.

No worse than the previous two as bait work manure worms. I know a few people that in the cellar the worms are grown specifically to catch winter roach. And quite often, they catch more than others. The worm rarely used, because in the winter its hard to find a grow house, not everyone can. But he caught him very well.

But we should not limit the choice of baits for catching roach is only natural, there is still a lot of interesting jigs “artificial origin”. Part of which is supplemented by bloodworms, and the other is designed for fishing without a nozzle. Baits for catching roach is best to choose green or black. But do not forget about the other colors, for example grey is also pretty good catches. Sometimes to stir up the roach can help the blue or red sleeve, dressed on the hook.

Forms of jigs for catching roach is forced to flee the eye of the angler, it’s all kinds of drops, everyone knows goats and ants. Some also recommend to put a colored bead on the line slightly above the jig, pigovaeva that it provokes the fish to bite. I selected one combination of colored beads that seems the most successful: the black-and-white.

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