Lures on a pike in the fall, catchy options

Behavior of pike with cold snap after the heat changes dramatically, it begins to actively scour around the reservoir in search of food.

Toothy predator feels cold, so he tries to stock up on fat for a long winter period. It is this behavior trait that will tell you where to find a pike for an angler, but there are still some subtleties.

To assert that the toothy predator can be found only in the shallows or near the winter holes it is impossible.

In search of food, she can move throughout the reservoir , exploring the water area for the presence of food supply.

month where to looking for
September pike moves to the middle layers of the water, as the smaller fish goes there, which it feeds
October will increasingly be at the bottom, at the entrances and exits of the wintering pits
November depending on the temperature regime, it can stand at the bottom of the landfill pits or move into them
Equipment for autumn pike fishing

Strange as it may sound, but in the fall, when fishing for pike, two often hostile fishermen can come to terms: a spinningist and a fly-loving fan. Often they cooperate and fish the chosen water area together. We will talk about all the intricacies of fly-fishing in the autumn period to catch pike next time, now we will deal with spinning equipment.

Behavior of the pike during the autumn period is more aggressive, therefore the tackle should be stronger.

To hook and bring a decent option, you must prepare the following components:

  • The form of the spinning is chosen depending on the place from which the fishing is carried out. For the coastline it is suitable 2.4 m long , it will allow “shortening” it to 2 m. Test loads must be higher, decent cargo will be needed to catch the middle layers and the bottom layers, often their weight can reach up to 30 g and more. For large rivers, blanks with a maximum indicator of up to 50 g are selected ; for small streams and ponds, the boundary is 25 g.
  • for such rods you need at least with a 3000th spool, while the number of bearings is at least 4. When fishing with a cord, you must make sure that there is always a metal spool, plastic plastic will cut very quickly.
  • It is better to take a braided cord as a base, its diameter should be at least 0.14, but you should not put a very thick one. If the choice falls on the line, then it is desirable to give preference to Japanese manufacturers, but put a thickness of at least 0.3 mm.
  • It is necessary to equip tackle with a leash, without it the basis will quickly become useless. Sharp pike teeth will be able to kill both the cord and the line literally at the very first attack. For equipment, steel leads or tungsten leads are chosen, fittings can be used on both versions, but the steel can be made simply in the form of a twist from a guitar string.
  • Accessories used quality, steel swivels and carbines are used to connect the leash and warp, as well as for fastening the bait. Clockwork rings are better to take from a stainless steel, such will last longer.

Having collected all the gear you can go to the pond, but what bait to take with you? Not everyone can answer this question. The lures for catching pike in the fall are very diverse, so it is worthwhile to dwell on them in more detail.

What does the pike bite in the fall

The bait on a pike in the fall is chosen based on many parameters, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • large size;
  • bright color;
  • good game.

It is interesting ! As practice shows, even a small puppy actively pursues bait a couple of times larger than it.

Working lures on a pike in the fall can be divided into several types, each of which is worth staying in detail.


The hesitating is probably the best bait for pike in the autumn. Usually choose a larger size, and the weight is better to pick up about 20 grams and more.

The most catching anglers with experience are:

  • atom;
  • Pike
  • perch;
  • lady.

Good feedback signaled about themselves and Syclops from Mepps, this lure will always attract the attention of a predator.

The color range varies depending on weather conditions:

  • overcast skies will encourage the use of silvery and golden lashes;
  • from time to time the sun, which appears from behind the clouds, will allow to play in the best possible way dark nickel and bronze.

But with turbid water it is best to use acid colors of vibrations, in this color all of the above options are released.

They are famous for catching and noise oscillating baits, they differ from the usual two petals fastened together. With proper wiring, a noise effect will be created that will annoy the pike.


The best for pike in this period differ in size, less than 90 mm should not be taken, although some spinningists prefer to catch only rolls that are no longer than 60 mm in length. However, most recommend the use of minnow. The best are:

  • Orbit from ZipBaits;
  • Strike Pro’s Inquisitor;
  • Montero from Strike Pro.

Well speak about the wobblers Bomber, especially on hearing in the autumn period, the series Deep Long and Long A.

Depth is chosen for each reservoir different, it is better for the fall to pick up options with an immersion of up to 2 m . Smaller ones will not be able to attract enough attention to the pike, which has already fallen into the middle layers, options with more depth will not be able to achieve the proper effect due to passing under prey.

The color scheme should be varied, during this period acidic and natural colors will work the same way.

Tip! You should not get hung up on one bait, a spinningist with experience knows that a frequent change of baits will have a positive impact on the catch.


Silicone version of baits will be equally catchy, their choice is very large. Selection rules are the same, not to take small ones, to give preference to larger specimens. Will work best:

  • Twister from 9 cm and more. The most catchy colors are white, yellow, lemon, red with black tail, orange with glitter. Products from Manns have excellent quality; this classic always works in all reservoirs without exception. Installation can be done through the jig or through the offset, then the load is simply changed depending on the depth to be harvested. But the novelties of edible silicone are used no less successfully, here engine oil, violet, caramel with dots will perfectly show themselves.
  • Vibrotails are one of the main baits in the autumn period for pike, their diversity is simply amazing. Classics of the genre recognized Predator from Manns and Kopyto from Relax. Choose one or even the three most catchy is simply impossible, each option will be good in its own way. Acid-colored fish, light-storage devices, violet, caramel, lube oil, natural colors are in demand. Particular attention should be paid to the options with a red head or tail, the back of another color on a silicone also manifest itself perfectly.

But it’s not worthwhile to dwell on these options, there are still a lot of manufacturers that produce at least catchy models of silicone fish. It is important to try and experiment, only then it will be possible to achieve the proper effect.

Tip! The foam will be an excellent bait for pike in the fall, especially late. The method of posting “on the fall” will attract the attention of large individuals.

For mounting silicone, they use both jigolovki and mobile installation with an offsetsetnik and a collapsible cheburashka. The latter option will allow you to hold a fish without hooks among the grass and grass in early autumn.

Less catchy pike baits in the fall

When a fish begins to eat a notion of such a thing as “not a catchy bait” simply does not exist. In the autumn period, the predator rushes at everything with the same zeal, but not everything will be equally successful:

  • Pinwheels during this period often cling to the grass, snags and other noise at the bottom, so they are used very rarely to catch pike.
  • Spinerbate even with a decent shipment will still not be able to dive to the desired depth, so this bait is left to catch pike in the spring.
  • Poppers also belong to the surface bait, the fish in the middle water column and from the bottom just do not notice it when posting.
  • Mandula will not be able to work out in the autumn period either, the surface bait will simply not be able to hook the pike’s eye from the depths.
  • Floating wobblers will also not be the best option bait, with slow wiring, they just float to the surface of the reservoir.

Tip! Choosing a wobbler to catch a pike in the fall should pay attention to the size and marking. The best options will be the bait 110 and 130 mm with the designations SP.

Now everyone knows which pike bait is best to use in the autumn. Properly assembled tackle in tandem with them will help everyone who wants to hook and bring out a pike of decent size.

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