Perch fishing in winter

Ice fishing of this fish is capable of all known methods. You can catch it on the toddler, trolling, float fishing rod, mormyshku, with or without moth, all sorts of alternative blades – noodle, fantomas, bottom.

You can perfectly catch on the balance and even on the summer twister. Of course, under this fish, some tackle will have to be finalized.

The basic gear that is commonly used is baubles, rocker and jig. To catch them you need to maintain certain vibrations of the nozzle under the water – play. The game nozzle – the main component of success. It allows not only to attract fish, but also to provoke a bite. If the game is played correctly, the bite will be frequent. If wrong – bites will be rare, capricious. And sometimes you can scare away a fish.

Attracting fish to the game is associated with the perch’s behavior, its natural instincts and peculiarities of the fish psyche. It is hard to say what provokes him to bite. Perhaps some kind of protective reflexes, designed to defend the territory. Partly – the stomach, which requires food. Maybe he just wants to play with the bait, like a cat with a mouse. Absolutely exactly the food instinct is not decisive, as it usually consumes very little under the ice, especially in the deaf. And only at the beginning of spring, before spawning, begins to eat food.

On large deep lakes, he tries to follow schools of fry and white fish. Even if it is too large to serve him as food. There, these flocks and flocks of the perch itself can reach the largest sizes.

Fishing there very much depends on whether they hit the flock or not, on the number of holes drilled. In shallow water, where there is not much dead vegetation, the situation is somewhat different. Perch prefers to stay in it, making small transitions over short distances and rarely gathering in flocks of more than 50-100 individuals. Usually the fishing here is more stable, you can even try to wait for the bite, sitting for a long time in one place, and not run on the ice with an echo sounder, a storm of many holes.

Behavior under the ice

Sounder when fishing is of great importance. He helps to track down the accumulation of fish. In practice, he shows a white fish, which in our reservoirs most are roach, white bream, and small bream. Surely perch can be found next to her. This will save time on fishing holes and vice versa, a promising area to drill more densely.

Perch – schooling fish. Hungry individuals usually gather in flocks, their size can reach several tens of thousands. But more often there are packs of 30-50 pieces. Usually they hunt in a pioneering way: they catch up with a flock of fry, try to surround them and begin to eat one by one. After the hunt, the pack usually leaves in a quiet place. Since almost all of the perch caught by the author had an empty stomach in winter, it can be assumed that after a satisfying “lunch” the perch becomes extremely passive and does not bite anything at all.

This also explains the periodicity of bite perch. Digestive processes, like any predator, last a long time, up to two days. Having given up, the flock of perch lies on the bottom and does not show any activity.

But not always the food instinct moves him in response to the bait. For unexplained reasons, perch are victims of a herd of suicide. If one predator was caught on a hook in the sight of a pack and was pulled up, the probability of a bite of the next one increases sharply. He is not at all embarrassed by the fate of his friend, on the contrary, it will only whet the pack. This is confirmed by numerous underwater shots, the motto of this fish: one for all and all for one!

Bass for winter trolls and balance

The traditional type of perch fishing is winter glitter. Such fishing has historically been found in all northern peoples, even in the Novgorod Museum of Local Lore, you can see winter loot, forged or cast with a solid hook, belonging to early periods of history. The lure creates when the game specific oscillations for which the fish is suitable from afar. It can attract fish as an object of food, cause simple curiosity or irritation with its presence.


Of great importance is the selection of spinners. It should not be too big so that the perch can grab it in the mouth, even a small one. The main thing is to find a fish and catch the first one, most likely, it is worth sitting on such a hole and playing for another five minutes. The most difficult thing about the flash is to pick up the game. For every spinner, it must be its own.

By type, they are distinguished by cloves and gliders. Carnations when flashing fall sharply down and to the side, and then return to their original position. The line is almost always stretched. Gliders when the game is slowly lowered, leaving the fishing line in a weakened position. As a rule, fishing occurs from the bottom, and the descending glider is visible from a distance. Carnation also allows you to detect the most subtle touch of the nozzle and to provoke the most passive fish in the game. When catching a perch, cloves are usually used more often, since it is easier to search for fish with the help of balances.


Perch pecks on the balance. The latter is not so demanding of the game, there is no need to pick it up and the novice can handle it the easiest way. In addition, he gives wide, sweeping vibrations that are far caught perch and are able to attract a flock from a distance. The value usually has the size of the balancer and its height above the bottom – sometimes the fish peck at the very ice. Balancing is a game with a moderately sharp flip of 30-40 cm and subsequent release.

Returning to the lower position and biting is felt by the hand, then pause. In the game, it is not the toss that is important, but keeping the necessary pause with the return to one point. Under the perch put the bait no more than 5-6 cm in length, both minnow and balance, while the appearance and price of the bait can not be judged catchability. It happens that the spoon looks rude, crooked, but catches divinely. Everything must be tried.

Tackle for baits and balancer

Udilnik under trolling and balancer should be used fairly rigid, with a length of 40 to 70 cm in the working part. For balancers – a little less hard and longer. Stiffness is needed for proper play, you won’t catch anything on a short snotty mormyshy whip. A jigger jerk should not be extinguished with a rod, but transferred to a minnow, it is already smeared with an elastic fishing line. As a rule, it is equipped with a small reel and fishing line 0.1-0.15 mm. For perch thicker should not be used.

You can put a special winter cord, while udilnik apply softer and you want to adjust the game bait. The nod is not necessary to apply, the bite is well heard by hand.

The fisherman usually has a separate set for different types of blades, for balancers, because he knows in advance how they need to play with a particular bait. In the end, it is not such an expensive thing and can be made independently. Often, a simple change of a homemade fishing rod from the upper tip of a float rod to a fishing rod from a feeder whip can bring success in fishing. It must be remembered that not only the bait affects the bites, but also the game, some elusive trifle in the game just changed – and now the bites began, or vice versa, they stopped.

Fishing tactics

This is the whole essence of fishing for jigger and balancers – to choose a combination that fish will like today. But it is important in small reservoirs, where the perch can be found everywhere in approximately equal density. On large lakes, deep reservoirs, the situation is different. He gathers in very large flocks. The search for fish is crucial here. Make it easier in the team. Fishermen are walking in a line 50 meters from each other, holes are being drilled at the same distance. Closer on a large area to go it makes no sense.

As soon as the echo sounder showed the fish or was poklevka, they begin to catch the hole, if there is no result, drill this place to the side with a cross, 3-5 meters, then move on until they find the fish. Of great importance is the search for the perch with the whole gang, when it finds one – everyone converges to it, despite, perhaps, discontent. True, it is advisable not to be drilled under the ass, because you can get a hot and ice-screw on the cap.

For such fishing a good help would be a snowmobile and binoculars. The fisherman looks out for someone who has a poklevka through binoculars, then sits on a snowmobile and rushes to him. The pack leaves, the search continues.

Practice says that the hole on the perch works no more than ten minutes, during this time you can take out up to thirty handsome men – it depends on the experience and speed of the angler’s hands. At the same time, you need to be able to get them so that no one sees. This is a very exciting fishing, fun, there is always a lot of people, there is a competitive spirit and a lot of activity – you have to drill holes a hundred pieces a day. It is desirable for a fisherman to have not only an echo sounder, but also a flasher.

In shallow water, the situation is different. There are usually drilled holes after five meters and go through them. Usually one hole works no more than three-five minutes, it is possible to extract no more than a dozen fish. But do not go far, snowmobile is also optional. After catching the hole, go back to the first, especially where they were before the bite. Most likely, the fish will return there in half an hour. Here, the importance is more to catch imperceptibly both for fish and for other fishermen. It is important not to create a lot of noise, at shallow depths – to shade the holes with snow. The number of holes per day is the same, about a hundred, so the load and benefits of fishing are no less.

Perch on mormyshku

The most affordable way is to catch the snake. So perch and non-predatory fish are caught. Mormings imitate the behavior of not another fish, but some aquatic insect or bug. The nozzle is used, usually it serves as a bloodworm, sometimes using a worm, moldy worm, and even dough. Recently, unmossy mormyshkas have become popular. Here the game is very important, as when working with a spoon. After all, it is possible to attract fish from afar, but it is already more difficult to make it take a loosened mouth. The arsenal of unplugged game techniques is also higher here than with a lure.

The main disadvantage of the jigs – it is not as effective at great depths. The fact is that the game is usually concealed by a fishing line and its resistance to immersion. The most effective way to catch the mormyshka up to two meters.

There you can apply the game with the help of a nod, trembling, small ryvochki, in a word, completely imitate the movements of the insect. Deeper you will have to increase the weight of the jig and use the thinnest fishing line, which is not always good – it will be harder to release when hooking. Somewhat deeper you can catch successfully on tungsten mormyshki – up to 3-4 meters. They are at the same size have a greater density, go to the bottom faster and you can play them at the same pace.

Work mormyshkoy

Usually perch pecks at mormyshku right. For him, put both nod and bezikivkovye udilniki. The latter have less mass, allow you to literally make the game with your fingers. In nod udilniki nod takes a great part in the game, signals the bite. It is expressed in the failure of the game nod or raising it, at this point cut off. A very good bite signaling device – when a fish takes the jig in the mouth, the load on the nod disappears and it straightens. When fishing for roach, the moment of sweeping is crucial, and when fishing for perch, it is less.

When fishing for unwiped bites, they feel with their hand like a lure. Do not be afraid that the rod should be as easy as possible or something else that does not feel. A good perch takes so that the bait can pull out of the hands. Still, catching a light fishing rod is nicer than a hard one.

The main feature when fishing on the jig is to always keep the tip of the udilnik low over the hole, so that the forests become as small as possible. Fishermen go on various tricks. Apply a low bent fit, use other methods of catching instead of a box. Traditionally, the northern nations fished from under the ice, sitting on their knees or lying on it, using thick bedding made of straw or hides. Yes, and we have in old times brittle bream lying on a sled. This has a lot of advantages – the angler is not so blown by the strong wind, which sitting on the ice itself cools much less than sitting on the box.

Fishing sport

All this has led to the fact that the professional Mormovshniki love to catch from his knees. For this purpose, very thick knee pads are used, which allow you to stand up even on wet ice, or pads of the same thickness. The holes do not usually have many Buryats, but often move between them, as the fish may return and peck again. In Russia, in Ukraine, in Kazakhstan and Belarus, competitions are held in fishing for mormyshka, usually a bass is a trophy. According to the athletes, fishing requires a lot of stamina, you have to literally run between the holes to win the victory. Catching perch on the jig can be both fun sports and leisurely rest on the weekend. However, the perch still has to be searched, drilled at least twenty holes a day, because attracting it with either bait or smell will not work out – just by playing.

Form mormyshek

By type mormyshki are divided into motylynye and unmoiled. For motylye mormyshkami form does not matter The game usually looks like a rhythmic movement up and down, the nozzle strongly extinguishes all sorts of vibrations of the jig. Perch fits the game, and takes already on the nozzle. Although, of course, some argue that the shape of the mothball mormysku matter, but in practice the size and weight – grain, oats, klopik and lentils of the same size and density will work more or less equally efficiently with the same nozzle.

Chewless Mormyshki

Mossless jigs, on the contrary, have a spectacular game. The most commonly used is replanting, which is cut with scissors from summer edible rubber, spongy pads, impregnated with flavoring and other materials. The replanting allows the fish to feel the taste and increases the time it takes for the angler to hook up. Also used various beads that put on the hook. They ring under water, attracting fish. According to the unmilled, the bead affects the bass of the perch even more than the replanting and jig.

The most ancient and popular type of unwiped paper is a devil. Mormyshka, which has a soldered tee, allows you to put a bead symmetrically, asymmetrically on one of the horns, to replant as well as asymmetrically or symmetrically. All this, as well as the form of the devil himself, make it possible to achieve an effective game. The fisherman, having identified a good devil and the right game for them, then tries at home in a basin of water to understand how it looks under water and pick up other similar devils, re-soldering them, putting beads, the same replanting, screwing the pile on hooks or flags, etc. d.

Other mormyshkas for unmoiled fishing – goat, carnation, nailfish, bug, etc. Fishermen use them both for perch and other fish, most often they are made by themselves. The author is not a great specialist in catching them, but it can be said that the highest efficiency of a non-vacuum-free one was shown when catching busters and … a ruff. Perch it was always easier for me to catch on a lure and balance weight, as well as on a crank mormyshku. The devil for catching gustera in the winter is just perfect, and even in the middle of the dead, it was possible to catch this delicious fish.

Unusual Perch Lures

There are a number of lures that have shown their effectiveness in catching perch, but they are neither traditional mormyshkas, nor locks, nor balance weights. They should be told separately

Bottom jigger

They are described by the Shcherbakov brothers in sufficient detail, they are used for fishing in depth. The bottom line is that the lure during the game does not return to the water column, but falls to the bottom. At the same time, a cloud of turbidity rises, and the perch is suitable for knocking and for this cloud. There are many varieties of them, frogs, Honduras, fantomas, and others. They make themselves fishermen, they also give them names. The design of their uncomplicated, the game too, and they can be recommended to beginner fishermen. The main thing is to make it easy to put it in the soda and make the hooks sharper, or else they will quickly rot in the water.

With replanting

Many people put the worm on the lure, as well as the balancer on the bottom hook. It helps to cause a bite, but it strongly violates the game of spinners. There are bait and balancer with a chain and perch eye. Instead of a hook for trolling or a balancer, a chain is placed, at the bottom of which there is a single hook. An eye on a perch caught earlier is planted on it. Tackle adjust so that when moving the balancer plowed the bottom of this eye on the chain, raising the dregs. The chain has very little effect on the game and is more effective than just a worm on a hook spinner. The perch, indeed, more reliably holds the nozzle, which has a taste of blood, whether it is colorless worm blood or dipping blood.

Fishing for stubs

The method is more often used when fishing for pike, but often the perch sits on live bait. The main problem is to get live bait of a suitable size, not more than 7-8 cm in length. Malka catch in winter is more difficult than in summer. It is necessary to use home-made faces from a plastic bottle where bait is put, but it is also important to know where it stands during the winter season. In addition, he lives on a hook less than a full-bodied live bait, and it is necessary to run to replace it more often. Therefore, fishermen often put on a hook not a live bait, but a simple worm for a perch. The perch also bites on it, and fuss with it less.

Often zherlitsy place along the coast, to understand where the flock came. Fisherman sees that there was a bite, goes there and continues to catch it or balance weight.

Custom Balancing Type Baits

Use rattlins, cicadas, scuds. They have a more pronounced game than lead balancer. Rattlin also has a sound due to the presence of balls inside. Summer and winter rattlins differ from each other. Bokoplav – a special balancer, invented by Ukrainian fishermen. He performs complex three-dimensional oscillations upon return, close to a spiral arc. This allows you to collect perch from a greater distance. Cicadas, or Bladebaits, is one of the best lures when fishing in the summer for spinning. Perch is crazy about them and takes better than the turntables, but they are also more volatile. Winter cicada has brilliance and play like an ordinary balance weight, but visible from a distance. You can try to use the summer cicada, if there is no special winter one.

Float rod

Specially perch seldom is caught on it. It can be justified in two cases: either it is a very passive perch, which takes only a fixed bait, or it is very tempo fishing, when the fish takes the nozzle already in the fall, and at this time the angler removes the perch from another rod and throws it. In the first case, the perch biting occurs when another fish is caught, and in the second case, it is often used with a spoon or mormyshka so that the fish will come from afar, and then be caught on the float. Often use animal bait, bringing to the bottom of a large number of bloodworms, which holds the fish. Catch usually two or three fishing rods. At a very great depth and in a strong current, this method is in second place after the spoon, since playing with the mormyshka is impossible in such conditions. When fishing, it is still worthwhile to play along with the bait, since such a nozzle will most likely come into the view of the perch.


It is a body, from the sides from which there are hooks. With vibrations, the hooks beat on the body of the baldas creating a jingle and attracting a perch. As the shooting of the Shcherbakov brothers showed, already at a small depth the noodle does not have such a game, and the hooks just hang along the body without movement during the game. And in general, we must remember that almost any lure at a depth is more nailing. However, when fishing in shallow water, the noodle shows good results and does not require special skills when playing it.

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