Perch fishing jig: technique and tactics

Perch – schooling fish, kept coastal areas along the coast, occupying the most overgrown places. Major species to be found here is quite difficult, and trivia galore. While fishing often raises the question of how to get rid of it and find something dimensional.

Microjy belongs to the category of one of the most efficient lures for the striped predator. Thing in size and attractiveness from the point of view of the game jig lure.

The size of the silicone range from 2-7 cm, for MICRODIA applicable bait 2-4 cm They combine compact size and often do not interest larger predators. With this nozzle it is rare when a fisherman leaves without a catch. It is sufficient to perform the river or lake in search of attractive perch sites and to begin to sh. To be the border with herbaceous vegetation and snags.

If the goal of catching individuals are of small size, it is not necessary even to ask questions about how to catch them. Small and medium-sized perch are ubiquitous, and with great pleasure take any compact bait, whether microcephaly Twister, spinner or microclimate. The manufacturer and the cost of the lures in this case is irrelevant, again, that they caught anything. The main thing to choose the correct phase, the mood of the fish. If it is active, it will bite on any tackle, even with a leash of metal, at least from the stealth fluorocarbon.

When the fish are lethargic and reluctant to react to the transaction, it is necessary to change the types of lures, change the water layer in which they are angling, and so on, that is, universal gear is still there. To catch big perch will need to have a different approach, more serious, so to speak. Striped sailors initially gather in large flocks where their numbers are huge.

Further, growing up and gaining the weight they split into smaller groups, where the basis consists of individuals of medium size. Later, grow up to a kilo and above, perch to finally leave the group and begin a solitary life, spending his time alone at the bottom.

Gear should be prepared in advance, a specific type of fishing and expected fish size. So for example, for Ososkov small enough to use small jigs, and lead them in high water. To search for trophies, you need to go deeper, to look for holes and snags, which usually are a predatory fish. For this purpose, Cheburashka or larger jig head depending on depth of fishing.

It is important to note that the weight of the Cheburashka or jig head is selected depending not only on depth but also on the flow. With average and strong for any bait will to communicate, and to overcome this force, you must increase the load. Checked it this way: after the tackle jig reached the bottom, done 1-2 winding coil, and pinpoint the time of the fall (planning) of the lure, it should be just a few seconds. It is clear that if the tackle reaches the bottom too quickly, the weight of the sinkers should be reduced and Vice versa.

Should not needlessly use too heavy of Cheburashka. When fishing unreasonably large weight, you risk to leave the rubber without playing. The fact that if too rapid immersion of the tail portion will not have time to play properly, and the transaction will be idle. You need to try to strike a balance between the size of the lure and the weight of the jig, based on the terms of fishing.

In stagnant water and when fishing in surface water layers, there is no need to equip the heavy spinning head, in this case, it is advisable to do something easy, it could be 4-6 grams, here is pay attention to test the spinning and feel how comfortable it is to throw the selected weight.

The vast majority of cases use it is silicone, it is important to give him freedom of action, possible show quality. And to affect this will be 1 more factor, such as a method or nozzle mounting.

It can be:

  • hard when as cargo take jig head
  • the hinge, which provided more real, natural and live bait game. As the shipping used collapsible Cheburashka.

The second method was to displace some older hard method for a number of reasons. The most important of them is the universality of Cheburashka, as well as the rate of change of bait. Equipping rubber offset hooks at home (not to waste time fishing), you can easily change them, selecting the right color or length. Similarly, you can easily change the weight of the load, not re-equipping the bait, it is enough to open the lock and pull the trigger.

A very important point. After equipping the rod, check the behavior of the bait on the hook. One of the mistakes is that the ear opsenica too small, and after suspension for the cargo he simply does not move on it freely. This leads to the fact that at the time of posting bait (ear hook) can get stuck in one position, and stop playing. In the end, the transaction will be empty. That this would not happen, you should test such moments on the shore before casting.

Equally important is the rubber itself. Cheaper options are often hard, wood. High quality silicone should be soft and gummy, it shows a great game in the water as attracting bass. But than you have to sacrifice, and in this case it’s durability. If you frequently takes high-quality material fast, easy bite pieces, it breaks in places of attachment, becoming unfit to continue fishing. For those wishing to save will have to look for either quality, but not very expensive tires (like lucky John for example), or to order it in China.

How to equip the edible gum in a way that would increase the service life of

Mounting options are several: it can be done on a jig head or Cheburashka with offset hook. Suggest to use the second option as the most versatile, efficient and simple. Newcomers to jig fishing may not know that a good, delicate gear to wear in the place of fastening of a head of the lure and jig head or on the step of opsenica. Therefore, the experienced anglers in different ways prolong their life.

From teeth perch if bait does not save, then to mount it so that it no longer was torn quite simply. When you use a head step from lead grind off, and the edible gum in this place is tied on a thin wire or nylon thread using a waterproof glue. As you can see, the jig is a big problem, they are not very comfortable, not so versatile and not as progressive as sinkers spherical shape with ears.

Soft silicone is better to mount on an offset hook, in the form of nezatseplyayki. So the tackle is not deprived of good of podskajete, but at the same time protected from the sting of the hooks, which gives the opportunity to fish in the snags and overgrown areas, koi perch abound. And what would the silicone kept as long as possible, you can use a ready-made springs.

Spring is gently, slowly, screwed into the center of the bait so that her ear was sticking out halfway. Further, through this eyelet is passed opsitnik shall be informed of the steps and then mounted as a regular silicone lure (see photo). After this procedure, the jig gear will live much longer. Thus, it will no longer explode in the head, so you don’t have to melt with a lighter, that would give you the opportunity to live a little more.

Foam jig for beginners

The recent gain in popularity of the foam bait. Their use in jig fishing is still for many the dark forest, but in vain. The cost is low enough that gives you the opportunity to catch in difficult conditions, without much worrying about the loss.

This files most often handled by the attractants and other additives, to give an additional factor of attraction. Their size varies from 3-7, see One of the efficient tactics as follows: treated with the attractant peralonso is lowered to the bottom and pause 10-20 seconds, then turn the coil.

Foam bait something similar to parolantoj, but have their distinctive features. They have a hard body, so do not differ in their explicit attractive game. In the tail section mounted hook, and the bait attached to the jig Cheburashka on the winding ring.

The main thing that she can move freely at the time of posting. For versatility to your tackle box suggest to add to the this type. Polyurethane foam is particularly useful in moments when the fish is silent and not responding, then it comes to using it. Oblasova the bottom layer it is possible to provoke perch to bite.

What time of year you find perch jig

In the fall of this type of fishing is often used, bringing a good catch. At this time, the bass strays in large flocks and begins to shift towards medium and large depths. In wintering holes he hasn’t left yet, otchalivai in full, as zhor is in full swing. In late autumn, when the temperature drops, it is necessary to look in greater depth, trying to detect any drop off or hole.

If you wish to catch a specimen it is necessary to sh the bottom and the bottom layer, so the spherical spinning equip Cheburashka with rubber. Jig, in this situation, is the best solution. Experiment with the size of the lure, as the big fish, in most cases, will not be chasing fry on the surface, spending an incredible amount of strength.

Sowing at a depth, in the area which it covered, he will wait for the passing of bottom fish. Best months for hunting humpback whales in September and October, during this time, he is very active. But as has been said use a heavy jig head and Cheburashka. Over the summer, the water level rises, current increases and to break these conditions is becoming heavier.

When choosing the weight of the load necessary to build on the depth and current. In small and medium-sized rivers there is no need to apply loads to 30 g, often only 10 grams, but again, the final choice is yours based on the location of fishing. The decision comes with practice, making a couple of test casts, you will understand that you want to use. For example, in autumn the wind increases, not allowing to produce the casting light Cheburashka 4-8 grams, leading to use of weight more serious.

In late autumn, in November, when water temperature is lowered, the activity of the whole fish down almost to nothing. Impact and weather conditions, and ended feeding period, the next stage, when the fish moved in the winter of the pit and ready for a long period of cold weather and frost. It was during this period can best be prolongada and penopoliuretanovyj baits.

Passive play attractive predator is much better than rubber vibration. In the spring all the rivers and lakes to raise their level, after the snow melts. The water is muddy, it is almost nothing to be seen. Need time for what would all the excess settled on the bottom and the survey outsise. Do not forget about the ban of fishing on a spinning in the spawning period, the duration of which is determined depending on the region.

We start from the fact that the ban has already been removed. Full Bank fast and for dictating its terms: are made from the same heavy jigs. In the summer when fishing for perch often use ultralight. It’s easy, small rod (1.80 – 2.0 m), with the same coil (1000) and a thin cord (up to 0.1). Test the rod often does not exceed 10 g, and even less than that. Small bait well attract active during this period, the fish.

Tackle for jig: how to choose and prepare

This method involves delicate and light tackle. It does not use the so-called Cola – rod absolutely not respond to jerks. When you use these clubs have no idea what’s going on with the gear in the water column or on the bottom.

The main objective with which you want the spinning to cope is to be extremely sensitive to both at the time of posting and during the bite, for timely hooking. The perch soft lips, so with a strong jerk you are easily able to tear. For what would the fisherman felt his rod, selects the fast or middle fast action.

Its length is determined depending on the places of fishing. For small and average rivers the ideal option would be a wand with a length of 1.8-2 meters. It is a versatile option, suitable for fishing from the shore and from a boat. The rod with a good SIC (for example) rings, with a quality reel and the cord makes it possible to produce long and accurate casting.

Plus, if you use the original, balanced baits, the problems with the casting distance of the rod in 1.8 you will not be exact. The coil is selected under the rod, preferably in purchase to be able to put it on the spinning, to take in hand, to assess the balance of the ligament. If the grinder is heavy, it will immediately become clear.

For ultralieve jig used ultralight reel, 1000 spool, larger and not need. Ideally, when included with it is a few spools: 2 aluminium 1 aluminium, or from plastic, depending on price and manufacturer, this can be different variants. In this case, the one doing the twist, and the second of monofil.

Braided fishing line is placed between 0.6-0.1 mm, despite the fact that 0.1 is the upper limit, it is possible to catch the pike. It’s not uncommon for perches bait throws the pike, so there are times when it is better to be safe. The best option is 0.6-0.8 mm, it will depend on the manufacturer.

For example, Japanese manufacturers of braided cords of trying to specify exact diameter in their products. Quite often when on the package thickness is 0.8, but in reality she is 0.12, and so on. Practice shows that the more expensive the factory, the more consistent with the stated dimensions of reality.

Used the wiring and fishing technique
  • Uniform wiring . Suitable option for beginners. There is no need to possess sacred knowledge, for its reproduction. Performs well in summer, provided that the lures have their game, in particular twisters and vibrohvost. You can lead in any water, like at the bottom and at the surface. After the cast is waiting for the fall of the cargo on the bottom and evenly begin to rotate the handle of the coil. In order to find out game specific bait cast her to the shore and perform wiring observing her behavior. Thus you determine the optimum speed of rotation of the spool.Get some experience, you will learn how to hold the bait just above the bottom, not dragging her through it. Or, when mounting the slugs (worms) keep right along the bottom. Experiment and you will find the option of working today.
  • Jerk. After casting the bait expecting it to dip to the bottom. The tip of the spinning rod tip to the water starting to make short jerks, parallel podmetina cord. After another breakthrough is a pause in 1-2 seconds and all repeats on a circle. The number of rotations of the coil, and the pause time is chosen empirically. Choosing the best option you will provoke a bass to attack.
  • Speed wiring. The classical method commonly used by beginners and professionals. In a nutshell it’s the retrieve and pause. The method is generic due to the fact that the spinner can vary the number of rotations of the coil with pauses of different duration. Usually, in the warm water of the pause are shorter in cold longer. This is due to different activity of the fish. Again, be sure to experiment. If the fall to the bottom of the lure picks up a lot of dust and turbidity, Gorbach will be harder to notice and attack her, so this case, it is appropriate to pause a little longer.

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