Perch fishing on a spinner in the details

Fishing is conducted in the period from spring to autumn, but the most successful is summer. It was at this time get the spinning pinwheel catchability of different sizes and colors.

By far the most common and affordable lures are representatives of versalock from the company’s MISP. The secret to their success is simple: efficiency and price – the two main indicators, which is guided by professional and novice angler.

We are not representatives of this company and this article is not a purchase, but we believe his long experience to this issue. Turntables are a consumable item, their loss during the fishing news. Perch, being a predator, trying to stay standard places on the pond. One of the favorite habitats are snags, clumps of grass, Lily pads, stumps, old props and other places where the fish can hide in ambush or to feel safe.

Look for striped should be in similar places, but at this point increases the likelihood of a deaf hook where to shore the bait will not happen. In the case of boat fishing, this problem can be solved in favor of the fisherman, if to carry off. But when fly fishing from the shore chances are fading away. Therefore treat the gear should be carefully, but be aware that you can lose them at any moment. Here we should remember about the cost of bait.

Turntables MISP sold in a price range from 100-200 rubles, while having excellent perch and pike. Ideal for snag and overgrown places where the use of expensive Wobbler Popper or inappropriate. The size of the lure to catch a fish is affected only indirectly. The perch is a greedy fish, sometimes attacking prey their size. In the Arsenal you need to have a range of sizes and colors, changing the fan depending on the weather, fishing conditions or mood of the fish.

Adhere to simple rules in clear, Sunny weather, morning or evening, put the darker colors (copper, brass). In cloudy or dark equip the lighter spinning lure (silver, Nickel) or brighter. The same applies to water. If you have recently passed the rain and the small Creek became muddy or recently the snow melted, begin to fish with light lures.

The net water give preference to dark colors. Do not take these tips for unshakable truth, try to change the color and shape in its sole discretion, if biting is not present. Bright, Sunny days are not bright mount turntables because of unnecessarily reflected light rays. Unnatural glitter or unnecessary visibility may not only scare off the perch, but also any other predator. If biting is not present, you can change the color, weight or size of the lure.

It is worth mentioning that the perch willingly responds to the flies and point of attack on the leaves of the spinner and the axis of attachment of the petal. For example, in the Mepps spinners often use the following techniques: petal has a sticker with bright spots of motivation for a predator to attack. The same applies to imposed flies (multi-colored tails on the tee), acting as a stimulus. Bead sometimes fulfils several roles: to attract attention or point of attack of a predator.

Petals fans are divided into several types and the type chosen depends on conditions of fishing:

  • An elongated petal shaped “Long” (long). Rotates at an angle of 30 degrees relative to the stem of the fan. Used on the stream when fishing the bottom layer. Low speed and minimum drag is showing on slow posting.
  • Oval or as it is called “Comet” is the most versatile of all fans of any manufacturer. The angle of rotation of 45 degrees allows you to use both on the course and in stagnant water, with fast or slow transaction.
  • If you see that the petal is wide and close to round shape, then you are “Aglia”. Rotates at an angle of 60 degrees and is used when fishing the upper layers of the reservoir, especially in overgrown areas in stagnant water. Creating a serious vibration is able to lure not only lurking perch, but the predator is larger.

Separately say that in some models of spinners on the body lobe of the bore hole. They are created with the aim of creating in the water not only vibration but also noise, an additional irritant to the predator. It remains to be said about tees and transaction type. Hooks must be of high quality and sharp, if you observe this condition the number of bites will be more, and gatherings are reduced. This type of lures are good that does not require serious skills in the methods of the transaction.

You can slowly rotate the reel, and the jig will do everything for you. The last few tips for novice anglers. Before buying any tackle and bait view on spinning, which will contain a test. The use of baits lower weight will lead to loss of sensitivity at the time of posting. More weight threatens undue load on the rod and increases the chances of breakage of the stick.

When using monofilament line, do not use rope, of sufficient diameter is 0.18 mm, braided line is allowed in the amount of 0.1 mm. the Size of wersalki on a perch is selected to number 3. The third room is versatile, perfectly showing themselves in angling small striped bandits, and pike are larger. Classics are considered to be n 0 -2.

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