Pike fishing harbor

Before you catch a sharp-headed pike, you need to figure out what it is and how to use it correctly. Many remember from the course of history that our ancestors often procured their food from ponds. In those days, there were no spinning rods or other rods; for prey they went with primitive tools that remotely resemble modern cutlery.

Such is the prison, in fact, this is a large fork, only the number of teeth it can have is different.

There are several types of jaundice on pike, each of which will have its own characteristics.

view specifications
classic has a long handle, at the end there can be 1-10 teeth
eskimosskaya a distinctive feature is the nail at the end, some anglers equip this type of prison with reindeer antlers with nails
wooden it is used very rarely these days, you can see it at the sea with fishermen when hunting flounder and stingrays

Most often, the prison is made independently; it will be difficult to find it on sale.

Equipment and uniform

Pike fishing implies the presence of the instrument itself of good quality, as well as some additional fishing accessories.

Necessarily needed:

  • Kukan based on a steel cable;
  • medium sized cage;
  • flashlight.

The last item is necessary in the arsenal in the case when the capture occurs at night in different types of water bodies. In addition, for fishing on the harbor it is necessary to have overalls for the fisherman himself for a comfortable stay in the water for a long time.

Usually pike fishing takes place in April, so anyone who wants to try their hand at such a non-standard fishing should stock up on:

  • warm things;
  • high-quality fishing wagons or waders;
  • a decent dose of patience.

Without these components, hunting for pike with jail success will not bring for sure.

Advice! The manufacture of prison should be carried out by the master, a handicraft product is usually much better than the factory one.

The prison itself must be chosen with a specialist, it will be difficult for a beginner to understand the quality. When buying, pay attention to the sharpness of the notches on the teeth, the number of teeth themselves, the quality and length of the shaft.

It is worth paying attention to the products of some companies engaged in the production of harpoons for predators. Many improved, added a telescopic aluminum rod there for greater convenience of the angler.

Jigging Technique

It is customary to beat a pike with a spike more in the spring, when the predator goes to spawn. It is during this period that the moment comes when lovers of non-standard fishing for the present time go to their craft.

This usually happens at night, the sequence is as follows:

  • in full uniform the fisherman enters the water to a sufficient depth with a prison;
  • become in a comfortable position for him, puts his hand to carry out a sharp jab and waits;
  • the pike swimming near it is pricked not evenly, but a little obliquely;
  • it is additionally desirable to press the fish to the bottom.

Next, the pike is brought to the coastline with the help of a prison, and only there they pull out the instrument from the body of the fish. The catch is sent to the cage or fixed on a hook kukan and lowered into the water.

To catch a pike using this method, you must have the following skills:

  • accuracy when throwing jails;
  • Strong arms;
  • good vision.

However, the success of fishing with jail depends not only on these factors. Important indicators are compliance with such factors:

  • absolute darkness;
  • absolute transparency of water;
  • absolute silence.

The first two factors are completely dependent on natural conditions and weather, but the fisherman has to maintain silence independently and over a long period.

Fishing from sharp to pike is very interesting and exciting, having tried this kind of capture once and again will return to it for many years.

Fishing today is accomplished by different methods, someone prefers the use of float tackle, someone likes active spinning, while others enjoy the donka. Pike fishing is popular among a narrow circle of fishermen, because very few people know and use this method. What is a jail and how to properly catch fish with it we will try to find out together.

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