Pike fishing in spring

A lot of baits are used to catch pike in the spring, but under adverse conditions the predator may not respond to any of them. What is the reason? How to interest the toothy resident of the reservoir?

You should start with the weather conditions , it all depends on what kind of spring, then the subtleties of fishing can be divided by months.

spring month where better to catch
March small rivers, mouths of streams and rivers flowing into lakes, shallow old ladders, inflows
April I catch fishing near spawning grounds, shallow rivers and streams, oxbows, floodplain lakes and backwaters
May depending on weather conditions, the predator moves away from the spawning site and is located on summer stands, near young reeds, at the coastal weft, at the brooks and dumps

The pike will begin to actively feed immediately after the ice has come down; in case of sunny and warm weather, you should wait a couple of days and go fishing. If in March the ice did not open on the reservoirs, the weather does not please the sun, it rains with wet snow, then it is better not to walk on a pike during this period. After waiting for warming and real spring weather, everyone will be able to take the soul with the rod in hand.

Rotating lure for pike in spring

With the onset of heat, the inhabitants of the reservoirs also become more active; for most fish, spawning occurs during this period. Under appropriate weather conditions, representatives of the ichthyofauna experience zhor , they try to eat more, so that the offspring is stronger. The pike is no exception, it actively feeds up to the spawning itself.

To attract the attention of the toothed predator during this period can be different baits, especially work well for pike in the spring, in particular, turntables and small swayers. The best option would be exactly rotating , it will be able to attract attention many times better than other baits.

Spoon-on-pike spring has some distinctive features:

  • choose a better option with a rotating petal, while the tee should be with a fly;
  • spoons that will create additional noise during wiring are better suited, you should choose from the options with a bell-shaped core and tandems;
  • large turntables will not be able to catch the shallows on which pike spends most of the spring;
  • preference in choosing the best to give small and medium sizes;
  • when choosing pay attention to the petals, elongated suitable for rivers, but the round are ideal for fishing lakes, ponds, backwaters with standing water or minimal flow.

The colors can be different, but experienced spinningists know that silver and gold will work fine in warm and cloudy weather , bronze is better for pike to use in sunny weather. If the water is turbid, then the most successful options will be acidic colors and color with svetonakopitelnymi elements.

There is an unspoken rating of spinners among spinningists with experience, the top 10 best ones are hard to determine, they will vary depending on the regions, but the three leaders never change.


Products of this manufacturer from Europe are known far beyond the continent, they catch not only pike, but also other predators in different waters of the globe.

The most successful baits for pike in the spring of the manufacturer are:

  • Agliya number 1 and number 2;
  • Agliya Long №0, №1 and №2;
  • Black Fury # 1 and # 2;
  • Commet number 2 and number 3.

In the spring season, Agliya Fluo Tiger, as well as simply Agliya Tiger, has an excellent effect.

Tip! It is possible to catch pike in the spring and on Agliya No. 3, in the future it will be this lure that will be useful in the summer, as well as work out in the fall.

Blue fox

This manufacturer is also familiar to many spinningsists firsthand, having tried at least once his products are all very pleased with her work. The peculiarity of these lures for pike is a bell-shaped core. When running, the bait creates additional noise, which is what attracts the pike.

Blue Fox doesn’t have many variations, the model range of turntables differs in standard colors and in the weight of the lure. For spring fishing use 1 and 2, use 3 is better in the autumn

Ponton 21

The model range of this manufacturer for pike spinners is very diverse. Here you can find options with both a round petal of the type of Aglia, and with an elongated, similar to Long.

The best spinners for catching pike in the spring from this manufacturer are:

  • TB Synchrony # 2, # 3;
  • TB Trait # 2 and # 3;
  • Ball Concept №1, №2.

It is these models that will be able to attract the attention of the pike in the spring, the asp, the pike perch and the perch respond well to them.

Tip! Use copies are not worth it, the originals work much better, although they are well.

In addition, Spinex and Master turntables use quite good reviews; they have long paved the way to the hearts of spinningists and firmly hold their places behind the top three.

It is necessary to be able to hold the baubles on the pike in the spring, because the pike that has not yet fully awakened can not always appreciate the chosen bait. The wiring for the turntables is applied uniform, and the speed should be slow or medium. The pike cannot keep up with the fast-moving bait, especially in March or early April, because the ox has not heated enough.

The best oscillators on a pike in the spring

Is it possible to catch a pike on a lure in the spring only on a rotating one? Of course not, oscillating ones are also used no less successfully, the main thing is to choose the most suitable one.

Many retail outlets will be able to offer a large selection of various vibrations, but not everyone is suitablefor catching pike in the spring . Preference should be given not very large, with a little body extended options.

The most popular are:

  • Crocodile from Spinex, this lure is available in several weight categories, the minimum is chosen in the spring, it is 10 g. The colors are varied, acid water is taken for muddy water, and silver colors are preferred in sunny weather. The peculiarity of this bait is the presence of a point of impact on the body, it looks like an eye and this attracts the additional attention of the predator.
  • Catching pike at a caster will be no less successful, this spinner is known even to beginners spinningists, and as the survey shows, it is bought into the arsenal of one of the first. With proper wiring, the caster will imitate a small seaweed that floats. The barbell works in such a way that neither pike, asp, nor pike will leave it unattended. In spring, the weight of lures for pike of this type should not exceed 12 g.
  • The gadgets from Mepps, namely Syclope will help to be with everyone’s catch, silver models with red and black drawings will be an excellent option. Gold and copper should be left to catch the predator in the summer and late autumn. The weight of the lure also matters, in the arsenal there should be options up to 10 g.

You should not dwell on these three oscillations, small versions of other manufacturers will be able to attract attention just as well. The only criterion will be weight, it should be minimal, in the spring mainly micro-shakers are used for shoals, which are often by weight less than 3g.

What spinners to use found out, but how to catch a pike on a swayer? During this period, the best option for wiring will be stepped, edges and heaps bordering the shallows, successfully fished with stepped jigs.

Features of spring fishing

Fishermen with experience know that it is not always and always possible to catch pike in the spring. In many regions, in order to preserve a population of fish resources, a ban is imposed on catches directly related to spawning. It usually lasts from late March-early April to mid-May. During this period, all fish, including pike, will have time to lay eggs, from which hatch fry.

There are other features of spring fishing that everyone should know:

  • In order to be with the catch during this period, it is necessary to choose the right place, the best way will suit shallows up to 1.5 m depth, with this flow should be minimal. On the river, catching a predator is minimized.
  • Lures choose small sizes and small weights, this will help to hold them not very quickly, and thus attract the attention of the predator.
  • Learn the pressure, the pike will be great for bait with high pressure and sunny weather, low in the spring, she does not like.
  • Time of day is an important indicator; with moderate thermometer indicators, pike will feed from 7–9 am and 5–7 pm, morning and evening dawn will not particularly attract her for a meal, because the water is still not warmed up normally. In the night period in March-April, the pike cannot be found either, but with warm May with sufficient thermometer indicators both in the night and day periods you can try to find a toothed predator in the evening and by the light of the moon and stars.
  • Windy weather with rain and steadily low temperature will not contribute to catching a predator, on such days it is better not to go fishing, wait for a better time.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the activity and the reservoir, on the river with the rapid course of the pike will not stand, it is too weak for this after winter hibernation.

Catching pike on a castmaster or on any of the above-described turntables will definitely bring results. The main thing is to properly carry out the bait, slowly and with pauses, as well as to have catchy lures for pike. Only in this way in spring can the spinningist achieve the desired trophy.

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