Pike in the fall on a jig, from the shore and boat

Catching pike on a jig in the fall from different places provides for special gear, but there will be no strong differences from those used for other predators at this time of year.

Components of the standard, that’s just on the characteristics you should pay attention.

The bait is chosen depending on the place of fishing:

  • they take from the shore longer, sometimes up to 3.3 m;
  • fishing with will require shorter forms, 2 meters is enough.

It is desirable to catch a pike on a braided line, therefore the reel is selected with a metal spool. By the number of bearings, it is better to give preference to a copy with at least three.

The foundation

Selecting the form and the coil, go to the selection of the basis. The best option would be the cord, but the mono is used quite often. According to the diameter, it is preferable for scales up to 20 g to choose a braid of 0.1-0.12 mm. If fishing is carried out with the use of larger heads, up to 50 g, then the cord is put at least 0.15 mm.

The line can also be set, but the thickness should be appropriate. For loads up to 20 g, the basis of this type should be up to 0.28 mm, the use of heavy heads will require its increase.


It is necessary to put the leads for catching the autumn pike on the jig, as the basis will be sharply ground sharp teeth.

The best options for the fall are:

  • fluorocarbon, it is not noticeable in water, but has strength indicators worse than others;
  • tungsten, it is strong and soft, which means it will not interfere with the game of the bait, but is noticeable in the water and tends to curl quickly;
  • Steel is most preferable in the opinion of experienced anglers; it has practically no memory and is distinguished by strength.

It is not advisable to put a leash from a fishing line or cord, it will quickly become useless.


To connect all the parts additionally need to use various small parts, among them:

  • swivels;
  • fasteners;
  • clockwork rings.

When choosing products to collect gear, it is necessary to pay attention to their breaking loads, they should be an order of magnitude smaller than the base. Then the hook will lose the bait, but not the cord itself.

Lure selection

Catching pike in the fall makes the spinningist to be fully armed, in the arsenal there should be a variety of lures both in color and in material.

All of them are divided into silicone and foam, and the colors can be different:

  • Silicone fish from Manns and Relax are considered the most common, they have been used for several generations, but this has not worsened their catchability. In the fall, both naturally colored baits and acidists are chosen for pike. Glitter and blotches are welcome. The predators are well attracted by the contrasting tails, the head, the back, but the translucent and transparent variants no less successfully irritate the pike, they should not be categorically cut off.
  • During this period, not a single spinning player can do without twisters, they are also chosen from the above companies, or they use edible silicone from other manufacturers. The size is desirable to choose more, absolutely small bait can remain unnoticed.
  • Foam rubber is also attractive, they are often used for fishing by the method of stingray. Although this bait is considered more sudachy, but in some circumstances it was she who took the trophy specimens.

In addition to silicone and foam in the autumn period, the pike responds well and, for those who like it, it varies in taste. The predator responds to the turntables worse, and even when the grass in the pond the hooks of such bait will often be confused.

Head selection

The most difficult at times to become the selection of jigolovki for bait. Here they are repelled from the test indicators of the spinning form, the harvesting of the desired depths, the presence of the flow.

The selection is carried out according to the following rules:

  1. At the beginning of autumn, when fishing in shallow depths and using a blank with dough up to 25 g, heads up to 20 g are used for silicone and foam rubber. This is quite enough to attract attention and catch pike.
  2. In the middle of autumn the form will be needed with a higher maximum test if you plan to catch on the course or on lakes with sufficient depths. The head set 30-32 g, while you can use as a collapsible Cheburashka, and jig with a sealed load.
  3. In late autumn, when all the fish rolls down into the pits, they put heavier loads that will help to lure the predator even there. During this period, cargoes of 50 g and sometimes more are used on the rivers.On the lakes will be enough, and 20-30 g in the heads.

It makes no sense to use lighter options, as the lure simply cannot touch the bottom, and the heavier ones will lower it there very quickly.

Choosing a place to catch

No less important will be the place of fishing, it will change with each autumn month:

month search locations
September near edge, spit, shoals near the shore
October middle and near edges, occasionally goes aground
November bays, deep holes, long edges

Walking through these places with spinning everyone will get a trophy in the form of a toothy predator.

Proper installation of gear

Correctly assemble tackle for catching pike in the autumn period is not difficult, it is necessary to consider some subtleties. The collection is carried out as follows:

  • the basis is wound on the coil;
  • the leash is attached to the cord through the swivel;
  • on the other side of the leash there is a clasp, it is with its help that the lure will be fastened.

It is not advisable to use clockwork rings and beads for mounting; such accessories will only frighten the predator or simply make the tackle heavy.

Subtleties of fishing

In the autumn period, fishing is carried out both from the coastline and from boats. Moreover, each of these options has its own subtleties. Only fishermen with experience know about this, a beginner will have to first learn all of this either from older comrades or through trial and error.

Shore fishing

From the coastline, the fishing of the chosen water area is quite problematic, because it is not always possible to throw the bait to the right place. In addition, bushes and trees along the shore can become a tangible barrier.

To catch the pike, the spinningist will have to walk a lot, even a small lake will have to be fished from all sides several times.

From the boat

The presence of a craft significantly simplifies capture and increases the chances of getting a trophy specimen. On the boat, you can better explore the bottom of the new reservoir, and in some cases, personally see the parking places of the predator.

Obdura carry out gradually, in process of moving. Strong throws do not have to, because if you want you can always get to the promising place.

At night

The jig will also show itself well during the night period, for this an additional firefly is attached to the tip of the spinning. Castings can be carried out both from the shore and from the boat, while in most cases the trophy pike will be located in deep holes.


The effectiveness of fishing depends on the ability to hold the bait, with a jig in this regard you can experiment. There are many ways, everyone chooses the most effective one for himself, makes his own edits and distinctive movements. There are several main, each has its own characteristics.


This way to hold the bait is the easiest and most effective. It is used by both beginners in spinning and fishermen with experience.

This is done like this:

  • Immediately after casting the bait, you must wait a few seconds for the bait to reach the bottom;
  • as soon as the thread starts to fall it is necessary to make 2-4 turns with the coil handle, while the bait moves about a meter;
  • followed by a pause of 3-5 seconds.

After that, the process is repeated exactly, bringing the bait as close as possible to the shore or watercraft.

American way

Posting this type is very similar to the classic, they will differ in that the movement of the lure is conducted by withdrawing to the side of the rod tip. Next, the form is returned to its original position, and the base slack is exhausted to the coil.


One of the most effective for jig, carry out a bait by the principle of a step:

  • they are casting and waiting for full bait immersion;
  • then it is slightly raised above the bottom;
  • again give the bait to fully fall.

And so on to the fisher. Playing bait, silicone with a jig, will be special, will allow to attract the attention of even the most passive predator.


This method of wiring perfectly imitates a small fish running away from danger, and at the same time it is necessary to work with both a spinning sheet and a reel.

It looks like this:

  • having waited for full immersion, the bait is sharply thrown with a rod and in parallel exhausts a fishing line;
  • Further, the form is allowed, and the winding of the line is slightly reduced.

With such movements, the bait is kept all the time.


This method is very actively used in cold water; it is this method that allows you to catch a really trophy pike. The wiring is very simple, the bait is simply thrown into the pond and they wait until it sinks to the bottom, the water presses it to the bottom and the current pulls it down a little.

The important point will be the selection of the head: the light will rise into the middle layer of water, and the heavy will simply plow the bottom.


The name speaks for itself, with this method, in addition to the coil, nothing else takes part in the work. The game is achieved by uniformly winding the base on the coil:

  • slow will allow to hold the bait at the very bottom;
  • the middle one will lift the silicone into the middle layers;
  • quick will allow to bring it to the surface.

In the autumn period, slow and medium speeds are used.

Useful tips

Pike on a jig in late autumn is great to catch, but for that you need to know and apply some tips. Fishermen with experience share such subtleties:

  • for the base it is better to take the cord, while the eight-core will be stronger;
  • steel strings can be made independently of the guitar string, for them they often do not use fittings, but simply twist the tips;
  • Silicone baits can additionally be equipped with noise capsules, so they will attract even more pike attention;
  • installation for grass is done through the offset hook and collapsible cargo, the lure does not catch when wiring;
  • in order to catch a trophy pike, it is necessary to choose places with pits and well fish them around;
  • microjig in autumn is almost inactive, it is better to leave it until spring;
  • in the fall, in the arsenal of the angler, among other things, there must be a hook, often this tool helps bring the catch to the shore;
  • bait for autumn fishing choose not small, a great option would be three-inch fish and more;
  • Foam rubber is better to use with wiring “for demolition.”

Autumn pike responds well to jig, the main thing is to be able to pick up the bait and make it attractive for the predator.

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