Pike trolling

Among all methods of predator fishing in water bodies of various types, only trolling causes such a violent reaction, with both negative and positive. Some are very fond of driving on a motor, while also catching a pike, or even more than one.

There are opponents of this type of fishing. Like it or not, the engine runs on fuel, and this pollutes the water area and scares its inhabitants. A beginner does not understand these arguments, let’s find out in more detail what trolling is and what is needed for this type of fish capture.

Trolling is called predator fishing on artificial baits on a spinning rod from a boat on a motor. Constantly throwing is not necessary and the posting here does not matter, the bait is simply dragged along the boat.

This method catches different predators:

  • Pike
  • zander;
  • the amount

Perch also come across often, and all the fish caught are usually large.

The subtleties of trolling

Without a craft, trolling will definitely not work, this is the main feature of such fishing. There are many subtleties that each angler discovers for himself in the fishing process. However, in order to get the trophy for the first time in the selected water area, you need to know something about such fishing.

Those who have at least once been interested in trolling know that the most successful time of the year for this lesson is autumn, but in other seasons this can be done no less effectively.

According to anglers with experience, it is best to trolling:

  • in early spring before the spawning ban;
  • from the second half of August to November;
  • in winter, in open water, until it is covered with ice.

Use more durable gear that can withstand significant loads. In addition to trophy fish in this way, snags often “fall” onto the hook, regular hooks for trees fallen into the water. That is why in order not to lose gear it is necessary to use high-quality components.

It is better to use larger baits; a small predator may simply not notice it.

Most often used as bait:

  • voblera;
  • large silicone.

Spinner for trolling on a pike is rarely used, but sometimes it’s a large oscillator that can attract attention in the proper way and lure a predator from an ambush.

Gathering gear

For successful fishing by trolling, in addition to preparing a watercraft with a motor, you must take care of well-assembled gear in advance. To do this, you should consult with more experienced comrades or study the topic yourself.

For trolling you will need:

  • spinning blank;
  • high-quality coil;
  • solid foundation.

How to choose the right components? Next, we will analyze each of the above points in more detail.


Trolling experts with experience know that for this method of capture, rigid, small plug-in rods are used. It is necessary to choose based on the parameters of the reservoir and the fish that live there. The larger the individuals and the greater the depth, the more powerful the rod is needed.

indicators specifications
length from 1.4 m to 2.4 m
material carbon or composite
test from 15 g to 150 g

For deep water reservoirs, some even use Crocodiles with test values ​​up to 200 g.

Advice! Telescopic forms are used only on small lakes, and then rarely. Such a form is more flimsy, it will not be able to withstand heavy loads and simply breaks at the first hook.


The coil is selected, starting from the form, preference should be given to power models. A great option for trolling is the animator, but do not forget that you need to purchase a special fishing rod for it.

Ordinary inertialess ones are a great option for trolling, but experienced anglers recommend putting models with a byte-runner. It is convenient to use such a coil, it has excellent power indicators, the capacity of the spool is all high, the cord can be wound up to 350 m.

The number of bearings matters, in the reel for fishing tacos there should be at least 4 and plus one in the fishing line.

Before buying, you should twist the selected model, it should go easily and without extraneous sounds.


When collecting tackle, you should not forget about the base, here it is better to give preference to a braided cord, and its thickness should be decent.

As already mentioned, trolling often produces a predator of impressive size, so the basis should not only withstand the trophy itself. The jerks of large fish are very strong, in order to keep them you need not only a high-quality reel, but also a solid base. The cord for trolling is set from 0.22 m in cross section, an ideal option is an eight-core camp with discontinuous indicators from 18 kg.

Thinner options will not work, when hooking or notching a large fish, the cord will not be able to withstand jerks and simply burst.

Additional accessories

In addition to these basic components for successful fishing by this method, it is necessary to have some additional components.

Among other things, you need to stock up:

  • leashes, it is advisable to take steel from a guitar string;
  • clasps like an American, if broken, they will be necessary to secure a new bait;
  • swivels, they must always be in the arsenal and on any fishing.

It’s not worth talking about the range of lures, every angler knows that everyone should have trolling wobblers.

An important element will be a watercraft, usually a boat with a motor. Use both rubber and metal boats of various sizes with motors of different powers.

Trolling Lures: Top 10

Having gathered the tackle and checked the boat, you should not go fishing, because there is no more important thing, baits. Wobblers for pike are selected according to different criteria, many of which directly depend on the reservoir and the desired trophy on the hook.

The lures are divided into universal and narrowly targeted, all of them are used with equal success at different times of the year.

Next, consider the best wobblers for trolling on a pike, namely the top 10:

  • Salmo Hornet belong to universal baits for trolling, this fish will not go unnoticed by pike, nor perch, nor catfish, nor perch. The predator responds well to the high-frequency persistent game of the wobbler, it is convenient for them to catch the edges, rifts, extended ditches at the bottom of the reservoir. The series is produced in 9 models; baits from 4 cm long are used for trolling. Some anglers make a garland of this type of lure. The wobbler will go deep at 2-4 m.
  • Halco Sorcerer is known among trolling enthusiasts as a purely pike bait, working at a depth of 8 m. It will prove to be best on river beds, dumps, pits, at the edge. Most often, models from 6.8 cm are used, however, the model range has a wobbler and 15 cm long. They are used to catch large pike in large reservoirs and large rivers. The wobbler is made of durable plastic, coated with high-quality varnish, which is not afraid of pike teeth. Additionally, the wobbler is equipped with a noise chamber, which when wiring creates a sound that is so annoying to the predator.
  • Rapala Deep Tail Dancer is known to every trolling angler, some experts in this business have several models. They are used for pike fishing, they will respond perfectly to trophy perch, pikeperch, catfish, asp. Ideal for catching the depths at which large fish stand. Wobblers are produced in three sizes: 7 cm, 9 cm, 11 cm, the largest will catch even 11-meter pits without problems. A wobbler is made of balsa, then it is treated several times with a special coating. Use in late autumn will be the most successful.
  • Yo-Zuri Cristal Minnow Deep Diver is the deepest wobbler in the top, the model is usually caught by the largest specimens of pike. In addition, catfish, zander and even humpback are often thrown at the bait. The crystals have three lengths: 9 cm, 11 cm, 13 cm, it is easy to distinguish them from the rest, they have a long elongated, slightly curved body. An internal loading system ensures stable operation under all conditions. The wobbler has a lot of colors, this allows you to choose the most successful for a single reservoir with its own characteristics.
  • Bomber Deep Long A has long been in demand among fishers, the main advantages are excellent performance and reasonable cost. The wobbler works at good depths, with it, channel sections, pits, reaches, reaches, whirlpools, ditches are caught in the autumn. With its game, the bait will fall into the eye not only of the voracious pike, catfish, pikeperch and humpback react perfectly to it, the asp is less likely to respond. A wobbler is made of high-strength plastic with a quality coating in the length of 8.9 cm and 11.4 cm. The larger one is able to dive to depths of up to 7 m, the smaller fish will catch places up to 5 m.
  • Salmo Perch belong to the classic trolling lures, not without reason they are called the most catchy wobblers for pike. The model range is presented in different sizes, while each has its own characteristics and features. There are sinking, floating and neutral buoyancy models. They are also distinguished by depth, the maximum bait can dive up to 7 m deep. In addition to pike, the wobbler is also attractive for zander, as well as catfish. A distinctive feature of the Perch is its stability even with strong currents and waves.
  • Strike Pro Crankee Runner deep-sea wobbler, capable of diving on 6-8 m, is ideal for fishing in large and medium water arteries. On reservoirs and medium lakes, perch, pike perch, and, less often, catfish will be interested. A feature of the bait is its work only on the active predator, it will not interest passive fish. That is why it is best to use it from mid-autumn until the freezing. A balancing system is hidden under the plastic case, the wobbler’s coating is resistant to the predator’s sharp teeth. Among the positive characteristics you need to highlight an affordable price.
  • Bomber Fat A is a real killer of pike on medium and small rivers, as well as small lakes and reservoirs. With a length of 5 cm, the wobbler plunges 2.5 m into the water column and there actively attracts predators with its body. Experienced fishermen note that this particular roll will work at any speed and regardless of fishing conditions. Use it from spring to late autumn.
  • Rapala Husky Jerk is a universal model for both trolling and casting. They mainly catch a pike with a wobbler, the working depth is 1-2.5 m. The game is medium-sized with medium amplitude, it is provided by a small and almost round shovel. The wobbler belongs to the suspenders, perfectly holds the set depth, additionally attracts fish with the help of a noise chamber.
  • Salmo Pike original bait from this manufacturer. Its production was based on the fact that in the autumn the pike became a cannibal, it eats its lesser brothers without a twinge of conscience. Wobblers imitating small pikes show themselves perfectly in the fall, trolling with them is always effective. The model range is diverse, the length is from 9 to 16 cm, and the depth will vary. Minimum pike will go per meter, up to a maximum of 8 m. The game is mid-frequency with a small amplitude, which allows the bait to work perfectly for any current. They make bait from balsa and cover it with high-quality paints and varnishes that are resistant to sharp teeth of any predator.

This is the 10 best wobblers for trolling with a brief description of each. It is worthwhile to understand that having one of the options is not enough, there should be at least 6-8 of them, moreover, in different sizes, with different colors and different depths.

Advice! Experienced fishermen recommend that they have at least two dozen different lures of this type in their arsenal for high-grade fishing.

The subtleties of choosing trolling lures

It is not necessary to catch a predator on the bait, which were described before, wobblers on the pike, namely for trolling, you can pick up other manufacturers.

The current fishing tackle market is very rich in a variety of lures, including wobblers.

It will be difficult for a beginner to pick up catchy options for trolling, knowing some parameters to figure out in abundance will be easier:

  • for trolling, a wobbler is suitable with both a large shovel and an average one;
  • the color can be very different, more often they are chosen from acidic ones, but natural colors should also be in the box;
  • the body of the bait can be either round or elongated;
  • I choose more weight, too light will simply jump out when fishing;
  • sinking models are better not to take, floating and suspenders will be the best options.

Each fisherman understands the remaining subtleties when developing experience.

It is not difficult to choose bait for pike for trolling, the main thing is to know the parameters of the reservoir where the fishing will take place, as well as the preferences of the fish from this area.

The capture of a toothy predator is carried out in different ways, each of which is interesting and unique in its own way. Trolling pike recently gaining popularity among lovers of spinning. Using this method, you can get a trophy specimen, while you don’t need to make special efforts. However, not all anglers know what trolling is and what the essence of such fishing is. To understand the basics, as well as to learn some of the subtleties of this method, we offer below.

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