Float rod for catching roach

Catching roach on the pole and gambling and exciting form of fishing. A lot of anglers love to catch the roach because of its neat bites.

If you do not pick up a good tackle, bait, bait, it does not matter how well chosen was the bait for the roach, you still will not achieve good results.

Roach on the float rod

Roach is known for his timidity and caution. Therefore it is necessary to follow the silence, the lack of extraneous noise. First, the fisherman must be very careful. Picking a place for fishing you need to pay attention to the following: in any case, the shadow angler must not fall into the water. This phenomenon is very frightens the fish. Once you have selected a location you should all be prepared rod for roach must be ready to fishing for a few minutes.

The tackle you need to configure properly. It is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of the float, namely its sensitivity and lightness, as mentioned above, fish is very cautious and the float should react to even the smallest disturbance. The fishing line diameter varies from 0.12 to 0.18 mm. Don’t forget to tie a small sinker, to facilitate the casting tooling. Very positive impact the use of the rather long leash, about 30 cm of thin fishing line. And as roach the fish are pretty fragile, to break this line it will be difficult. Hooks usually choose the fifth number. Briefly, the bait for the roach should be as easily and unobtrusively. Provided fishing at a distance of about 4 meters from the shore.

The bait is suitable from the stores and homemade. Most often, the basis of the meal or bran, and then added components, depending on the reservoir and the wishes of the angler. It is important to achieve a viscous consistency of the mixture, so that it is quickly eroded by the flow and not scattered at the time of casting.

For bait suitable plant species and animals. Roach loves everything from maggots and ending the test. The main thing is to hide the stinger hook under the bait.

Roaches need to look in the quiet places of slow current or in backwaters. When the water is well warmed prefers to go out to feed in the upper water layers. At such times the bait for roach must be configured to a depth of half a meter. If outside, then the hook will be effectively put on the bottom. And the bait to wear a large portion. More roach in the morning, from approximately 9 to 11 hours. Often, in warm water, the bite intensifies closer to the dinner. The evening bite short aktiviziruyutsya. Do not get involved with bait, there is a danger of overfeeding the fish.

Well, to consolidate the knowledge I recommend everyone to watch the training video from the series Fishing with us. There you all the details show and tell.

Catching roach on the float rod in the spring

The spring fishing roach on the float rod very often causes fishermen a great catch, sometimes more than the entire year. But if you get out fishing just at the period when roach goes to spawn, then it is likely to catch many big fish.

But do not forget about the law and outside of it. This period is valid spawning ban, and almost all reservoirs will be only fishing from the shore. And only with a fishing rod, or lure 2 hook, no more.

Catching roach on the float rod in the summer

Catching roach on the float rod in the summer also brings the fishermen a great pleasure and a rather big catch. During this period, roach begins feeding on plant food, so as bait is best to use peas, barley, corn or dough.

In summer, the fish tries to keep at shallow depths. Most often even less than one meter. Therefore, to choose and to lure such parts of the reservoir. Regarding baiting, it should be plenty. But to overfeed the fish is not worth it.

Catching roach on the float rod in the autumn

With the onset of autumn, the bite of the fish begins to slacken and the roach is no exception. If in early autumn, it is still possible to catch, the closer to October it becomes much more difficult to do. And in November to catch roach on popravochku possible only masters who know all the secrets and subtleties.

In the autumn, it prefers animal bait. Best of all, it caught on bloodworms, maggots and worm, a classic which works throughout the year. By the way, with the approach of winter, the roach started to bite on bloodworms, ignoring the rest of the lure.

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