Rigging for pike on the float with live bait

What gear we need:

  • Rod.
    Will suit absolutely any “stick” in the Arsenal. The usual float rod, or old, forgotten spinning.
    For convenience, suggest to use the telescope, it is more mobile during transportation. Length is not critical, but when fishing from a boat is preferable to a short rod. If fishing is conducted from shore, overgrown by bushes and trees – a short rod is the best choice. Packetlove comfortable when fishing from the shore, allowing you to throw a tackle.
  • Coil. Spool use any available. Excess of three thousand, the reel with the spool in 1500 suit any. Recall, this is not feeder fishing at a distance of 80 meters from the shore. Believe me, in the villages caught on the cheapest of the inertia reel and fish not less.
  • Monofilnaya wood. Take the middle ground 0.25 mm Diameter fishing line depends on the weight of the fish. Stand pike and will not be his size to scare away a wary predator. If your ponds live trophy fish, hoping to catch them put 0.35 dia.
  • Leash. Be sure to equip the gear leash. Will save you from losing fish. Pike easily just grab the line without a leash. Will advise to deliver the easiest, proven option: twisted steel string. Having experience of using other fluorocarbon leash, posadochnogo material or Kevlar – feel free to put it.
  • Hook. Do not use dinamiki. If the bait is small in size, used hooks counterparts. If the bait is big enough, use a tee. The size of the used tee size 10-12 would be ideal.
  • Float. One of the most important components in a snap. The float should be fixed in a sliding way. Put between 6 and 15 grams, depending on: in still water or current, for a fast, moderate or slow for is fishing. More for – more the capacity of the float.
  • Cargo. Float tackle is not without weight. Take an olive, choosing her from a place of fishing (previous paragraph). The surest way to determine the weight of a sinker is to put it in a third of the weight of the float.
Proper rigging is done as follows:

Use sliding option, which has a number of advantages:

  1. Allows you to make long-distance casting.
  2. Pike not feeling the resistance takes the bait more confidently.

Schema snap-in float fishing rods, everything is simple and clear. Unnecessary comments are not needed.

What are the ways of the nozzles bait

Through the gills.

It is considered the safest way when fishing pike in connection with reliability. Provides very high percentage of hook when attacking. It is this: the leash is inserted through the gills and pulled out of the mouth of the fish. To a leash tied double and the string is stretched until the entire hook is hidden in the mouth of the baitfish. It is important that two stinger protruded from the bottom of the mouth as small tusks (see photo).

Back under the fin or lip.

Extremely easy ways. One hook is inserted through the upper lip with the tip up. Either one stinger under the top fin, the second just there. Last pretty versatile way, allowing the fish long enough to be in a living and moving condition, suggest to use in standing water (it gives the bait more realistic).Bead as in the photo can hang up. Also, in order to increase the chances of a long stay fish on the hook.

Under the skin.

Difficult enough method requires that the fisherman’s skill. The leash is attached to the needle, threaded through the base of the tail of the bait fish under the scales and withdrawn in the beginning of the dorsal fin (photo illustrated). Considered an effective way with high performance. Practice and you will need to do it right.

What kind of fish you use as bait:
  • Rotan
  • Fry pike
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Bleak

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