September pike fishing

Fishing for pike in the fall is very interesting and productive, most often they use spinning rods with various lures for catching a toothy resident. It is impossible to single out any specific ones, since during this period the pike rushes at almost everything.

The activity of pike is explained by a decrease in the temperature regime of air and water, in addition, the predator senses the approach of winter and tries to walk the fat over the winter.

Predator activity will vary by month, and this can be represented in the following table:

month behavior features
September pike emerges from the pits on morning and evening dawn, actively eats during rain and in cloudy weather
October significantly lowering the air allows the pike to be active almost all day, fishing will bring luck relatively small depths
November worsening weather conditions will contribute to the capture of trophy specimens, will bring the result of fishing deep places and exits from wintering pits

Fattening pike begins around mid-October, but this period is highly dependent on weather conditions. As soon as the air temperature is set at no more than 18 heat during the day, the predator actively begins to feed. Yes, and the duration is different, often zhor lasts until the freezing.

Gear collection

Special tackles are used for catching autumn pike, during this period the predator is aggressive, and fishing should be carried out at decent depths. Based on these features, the selection of components should be appropriate.


Catching a pike on a spinning rod in the autumn is effective, but only in the case when it is possible to catch significant depths. This is where a toothy resident will hide behind the representatives of her diet.

Fishing requires the use of significant cargo, which means that you need to catch pike in the fall on rods with good casting performance.

In the autumn, rods with the following characteristics are used:

  • the length depends on where the fishing will be carried out: at least 2.4 m long is used from the shore, spinning up to 2 m is suitable for the boat;
  • the minimum casting weight often exceeds 7 g, so a test of 10-30 g or 15-40 g is ideal;
  • you should choose from carbon plugs, your hand will definitely not get tired of them, even if you fish the whole day.

A form with these parameters is perfect for pike fishing in the autumn.


Autumn fishing for pike on a spinning often brings trophy specimens of a predator. It is not enough to detect a toothy resident, then it is also necessary to snatch it out, and without a high-quality coil it is hardly possible to do this.

To collect gear for the fall, a reel is chosen with the following indicators:

  • spool no less than 3000 sizes;
  • the presence of a metal spool, which is used as the main fishing;
  • the number of bearings plays an important role, for a spinning gear you need at least 3, ideally 5-7.

The gear ratio is better to choose more, preference should be given to the options of 6.2: 1.


Many use the usual monk, but it often after several fishing spins and gets confused. The best option is a braided cord; for autumn fishing, it is better to choose an option of 8 threads. He with minimal thickness will withstand excellent loads, which means the pike will not leave for sure.


Often, forming a tackle, anglers make leashes on their own, they use swivels, clasps, winding rings. Yes, and on the bait itself, the hooks can become dull, which will negatively affect the detection of a predator. To avoid cliffs and to accurately preserve the tackle intact, it is necessary to use only high-quality fittings.

Buy fasteners, swivels, rings only from trusted manufacturers, and you should not save on tees and hooks of a different type.

The lead material is also important, the use of fluorocarbon during this period is not advisable.

The best options are:

  • tungsten;
  • steel;
  • titanium.

Many prefer the string. Such a leash can be built without additional fittings, on a twist. However, anglers with experience nevertheless recommend using at least a swivel in order to avoid tangling.

Having collected tackle from such components, the fisherman will definitely be able to detect and retrieve the trophy.

The selection of lures

In the fall, pike baits are used for a variety of baits, it all depends on weather conditions and the reservoir. But fishermen do not advise particularly bothering about this, when the pike eats, it rushes at almost everything that it is offered to.

The most effective are considered:

  • oscillating spinners such as Atom, Pike, Perch, Lady from Spineks, acoustic spinners of the same type work well;
  • large turntables, No. 4 and more with acid blooms;
  • large wobblers from 7 cm and more, with the deepening should be from 1.5 m and more;
  • baits for catching pike on a jig-head, with which both acidic and natural colors are suitable;
  • foam fish in a jig or offset with a cheburashka.

During this period, trolling will bring trophies, for this type of fishing with a watercraft only wobblers with sufficient depth are used, the coloring can be very diverse.

The subtleties of fishing by month

In the fall, we picked up the bait for pike on a spinning rod, but for a successful catch it is worth knowing one more subtlety. The predator will behave differently in each of the autumn months, so it’s worthwhile to first find out when the pike pecks better in the fall and which lures will be the most catchy.


To catch pike in the fall, namely, its excellent outcome in September, it is necessary to know and apply the following subtleties:

  • Immediately after a cold snap, you should not go fishing, it is better to wait 10-14 days for the water to cool;
  • it is better to use medium-sized lures, the most catchy are turntables, wobblers and silicone;
  • catching of the coastal zone will be effective, during this period the pike will feed on the thickets of reeds, and then go to nearby pits.

Catching pike in September for spinning is carried out on lighter gear, a cord of 0.14 mm in diameter is quite enough, and the lures are not very heavy.


Cooling causes the fish to move in search of food to a depth, the vegetation in shallow water has already died out. Following a peaceful fish, a predator will also migrate, so spinningists pay more attention to deep-sea places in a pond.

Effective fishing with small baits will not be. During this period, preference should be given to larger options.

Will work perfectly:

  • acid-colored coarse silicone;
  • wobbler from 9 cm dyne;
  • swinging baiters of considerable size.

The wiring is more aggressive, twitch is ideal.


Properly selected bait for pike fishing this fall month will be the key to capture trophy specimens of a predator. Trolling will be effective, it is in this way that it will turn out to be of interest to those who have already sank to the bottom, including large size ones.

Casting during this period does not work much, although it all depends on weather conditions. If ice has not fettered ponds, then you can fish for a long time in various ways.

Useful tips and tricks

To be sure to catch it, you should know and apply some secrets:

  • it is better to use a cord for fishing, and its thickness depends on the test parameters of the blank and the estimated catch;
  • a lead in the fall is a must, a twisted string would be the best option;
  • for fishing, wobblers of various shapes and lengths are used, but preference is given to larger models;
  • an excellent variant of the bait will be a spider, it is it that is most popular among lovers of autumn spinning;
  • for trolling, you need stronger equipment, and it is better to use a coil with inertia with a byturner or a multiplier.

For the rest, you can safely rely on your own intuition and feel free to improvise while fishing.

The secrets of catching pikes on spinning in the fall are revealed, it remains only to apply them in practice.

With the arrival of the long-awaited cooling, most fish become active after the summer, this stimulates their catch. For autumn pike fishing for spinning, you don’t need to have special skills, there must be correctly assembled tackle and a sufficient number of lures.

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