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Going fishing with any gear, you need to carefully prepare, one form with a  reel  and fishing line will not be enough. An important element on which the outcome of fishing directly depends is the bait, without it the capture will not happen for sure.

You can catch a pike in several ways, in the opinion of most anglers the most effective is spinning. An excellent form, the right equipment and proven bait will not allow anyone to leave the reservoir without a catch, but you need to know what to choose from. Spinning lures for pike fishing are very diverse, on which it is worth stopping your attention prompted by more experienced comrades.

Spinning lures for pike are divided into several types, while each of them can attract the attention of a predator no worse than the rest.

Different indicators influence the choice, among which the following will be important:

  • test form indicators;
  • reservoir criteria;
  • weather;
  • season;
  • sizes of predator inhabited in a reservoir.

It is also worth considering the personal preferences of the angler, some prefer to be fished only with silicone, while others bite only on a wobbler.

Advice! A beginner spinning player needs to try all the lures and only then independently choose the one he likes best.

It is very difficult for a beginner to decide on his own; store shelves with tackle amaze with variety. That is why it is necessary to take a mentor with you or to independently study the range of products before the trip. We will try to help a little with the choice, for this we will study in more detail the most catching spinning lures for pike.


This type of pike bait is very popular. It is the wobbler that is most similar to real fish, and not only visually. They make it so that when posting in water, it imitates aquatic inhabitants as much as possible, most often wobblers imitate a dead fish or a very fast fry.

But this is not all information about the bait, wobblers are divided according to the shape of the body, for pike they are most often used:

  • rolls;
  • minnow;
  • Poppers
  • jerks.

The wiring for this type of bait can be varied, in most cases it all depends on the shape and characteristics of the reservoir. Twitch, uniform and uneven wiring will give the performance. In this case, it often happens that the angler must choose the most acceptable, and sometimes combine several at once.

It should be understood that this bait for pike is divided by buoyancy.


  • sinking;
  • floating;
  • with neutral buoyancy.

It is necessary to distinguish the wobbler by its depth, for this it is necessary to carefully examine the shovel, it will become the correct indicator of immersion. The larger the size, the deeper the wobbler will go when posting it in the water column.

It is worth paying attention to the coloring, in the arsenal of a real spinning player there should be bright acidics, and baits with a more natural body color.

The size for the pike is better to choose more if you want to get a trophy instance of a predator.


One of the most popular for pike is a spinner . It often happens that a toothy resident of a pond does not respond to any of the proposed baits, namely a spinner attracts her attention and forces her to attack.

Experienced anglers recommend that you always have several varieties of turntables in the box, the most catchy are:

  • Aglia;
  • Aglia Long;
  • Black furry;

This type of spinners is the most catchy in Mepps, Blue Fox produces excellent quality and a specific form of the core, and those who use large Ponton 21 also have good results.

Many craftsmen make such spinners on their own, their products often outperform even branded items in terms of subtlety.

The color of the petal of the baubles is of great importance, its choice should be treated responsibly. It is advisable to have all the basic ones on a mandatory basis, but the acidic can already be purchased as necessary.

Vibrating baubles

The pike reacts well to fluctuations throughout the year; the main thing is to be able to use them in water bodies. There are a lot of varieties of lures of this type; they are distinguished by their shape, weight, and color.

Most popular are:

  • Castmaster;
  • Syclops;
  • many models from Spinnex.

It is worth choosing a bait of this type, starting from the time of year, the depth of the reservoir, and the size of the inhabitants of the river or lake is also taken into account. Universal baits are considered models with a silver body, but gold and bronze from the arsenal do not need to be removed .

Acid-colored pike bait is also popular with experienced anglers, and most often the pike reacts to cyclops with this color . Spinner spinners are no less popular, they catch on lakes and rivers in different regions.

The wiring for such a spinner should be uniform, but fast. That is how the bait spoon can best simulate a fast-running fish, and the predator will rush to catch it.

 Oscillators are equipped with ordinary hooks, often tees. But for wiring between a water lily or other bottom vegetation, it is better to put unhooked ones.


Silicone lures are among the most budget ones, another plus is that several types of installation can be done.

Approaching a display case with silicone, even the most experienced spinning player is confused. Current stores can offer a variety of baits of this type.

Nozzles for spinning on the pike are distinguished by:

  • size;
  • decoration;
  • body shape;
  • tail shape.

Silicone is separated into a separate group from the edible series, there is also much to choose from.

The same manufacturers have been enjoying the greatest popularity for many years; their products always work and in any weather.

The best pike lures produce:

  • Mans;
  • Relax;
  • Lucky John.

But the form can be very diverse, most often they prefer vibro-tails, they are most similar to fish. Twisters will also be able to attract the attention of pikes, special attention should be paid to frogs made of silicone, worms, crustaceans, leeches. Each of the above lures will be able to attract the attention of pikes and with proper wiring, the predator will certainly be on the hook.

The wiring for this type of bait is used differently, it will suit both uniform, and twitch, and stop end go.

Pike are also caught on spinning with the help of other lures, but these are the ones that are used most often and effectively.

The subtleties of selecting baits by season

In order to always be with the catch, you must be able to pick up fishing lures for the seasons. It often happens that the same option works fine in the spring, but in summer and autumn the pike does not react to it at all. Only a fisherman with experience can conditionally divide, but here are some tips to learn together.


As soon as the ice drops off the pike, the spring pre-spawning zhor begins, but still cool water will not give it the strength to attack to the full. The water in most reservoirs has not been cleaned, along with ice in the thickness is a lot of garbage. Based on these features, they select bait for a predator.

The most successful options are:

  • Silicone options are small in size, with particular attention paid to acid colors . Light green and yellow twisters will work best, vibro-tails of a bright color should also not be hidden far away and often offer a reservoir to residents. Particular attention is paid to edible silicone variants, in early spring they will help to attract spinning not only pike, but also other predators. Installation is best done movable with an offset hook and a split cheburashka.
  • Wobblers in this period are used little, the most catchy will be the use of popper . He is allowed into the shallows, it is in these places that the pike will now stand.
  • Oscillators will work, but you should not rely on them for great expectations. An exception will be the custodian, fishing is carried out on him throughout the year.
  • The best bait for pike in the spring for spinning is turntables, and pike will pay attention to them most often. An ideal option would be a model with plumage on a tee, such a bait will be able to lure not only a toothy predator onto a hook, the asp will also not refuse such a bait.

In addition, the pike will respond well to spinnerbait and streamers.


In the summer, with increasing heat, the pike moves closer to the pits, sometimes it is very difficult to get it out of there. Another place of parking will be water bushes, a water lily, reeds during the summer heat become an excellent refuge, because the potential prey of the predator is there.

In summer, for pike spinning, apply:

  • Poppers, they are carried out with uniform wiring at a fast pace. At the same time, they produce a specific sound in which the pike immediately begins to attack such a bait.
  • From silicone, the best option would be a twister with a retractable lead, the sinker for this installation is used depending on the depths of the selected reservoir. Separately, I would like to draw attention to the silicone frog, with this bait they catch the coastal zone of rivers and lakes in the evening and on the morning dawn. Equipment with doubles will make it possible to use on the grass, where the predator will hide.
  • From spinners it is worth giving preference to small vibrations and medium-sized turntables. This type of bait works great in the evening and morning coolness in relatively shallow areas. In the daytime, even a large bait will not be able to interest the pike; in the heat, the predator does not want to eat at all.

A good option for summer fishing is the donka with live bait.


Experienced fishermen know that in the autumn the pike is very active, it grabs at almost any bait offered to it and swallows it with appetite. Before freezing, it is advisable to offer larger predators to the predator, but the colors can be very different.

The trophy will definitely pay attention to:

  • large-sized silicone baits; they are equipped with large-sized jig heads. Both natural colors and acidic ones will work perfectly. Edible silicone can not be used in the fall, but vibro-tails and twisters will be the best option for catching pike during this period.
  • Actively catch a pike on a wobbler, the best option would be a mine model, with which they use 110 and 130 sizes. It is recommended to use more options with natural coloring, although acidic ones can work out well. Cranks are caught in the first month of autumn, while the water cools down little by little.
  • In autumn, the pike responds very well to iron, and the sharks will be very successful with the predator. Use heavy options so that it is possible to catch all the edges and rifts, as well as lure the pike out of the parking lots at the pits. Turntables will work weakly, if you use such a spinner, then choose a larger size.

Fans of snacks grab an excellent result during this period, they manage to catch trophy pikes on live bait.


There are ponds that do not freeze in the winter. It is there that they continue to catch pike on a spinning rod. Of the baits, large-sized wobblers, silicone and oscillators are best suited. A feature of fishing will be the selection of a fishing rod, it should be the necessary length for long casting.

It is worth paying attention to the pike lures in the summer are different from the options for other seasons. But still, it is advisable to have a complete arsenal with you and are not afraid to experiment.

Useful Tips

To always be with the catch you need to listen to the advice of more experienced fishermen. Many share their experience with the young, but personal observations in this matter will not hurt.

Pike fishing will be more successful if you apply such tricks:

  • At any time of the year, the bait must be attached to the main one through a leash, with a hook this will help maintain the main tackle, and when biting it will not allow the pike to immediately cut off the bait.
  • When choosing baits do not forget to pay attention to their weight and compare this indicator with the test on your spinning rod.
  • It is better to give preference to the lures of well-known companies, they will work exactly better than cheap counterparts.
  • In sunny weather, the bait should be darker, vibrations and turntables choose copper color, but in cloudy they offer silver and gold to the pike.
  • Picking up turntables pay attention to the shape of the petal, the round one is more suitable for lakes, ponds and bays with a minimal flow. An extended version is used to catch rivers.
  • Light-accumulating silicone is suitable for fishing at night and in the evening, and during the day it is better to give preference to acid-colored fish of natural colors.
  • As a leash for pike, it is better to use a soft, but strong steel or fluorocarbon thicker.
  • Leashes that are too short are not recommended; they will not allow the bait to play properly.

For the rest, the spinner relies on his skills and knowledge, the previously studied bottom and features of the relief will help in catching a toothy predator.

Spinning pike baits are chosen according to different criteria, but personal preferences should be considered. After all, every fisherman himself can be said to feel his lucky lure.

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