Spring fishing walleye: ice and open water

In the opinion of the majority of anglers to catch walleye in the spring, especially at last ice, and only freed of ice, open water, very bad. Many anglers and not trying to hunt for Fang at this time.

This is largely caused by changing the usual habitat of the fish and the unpredictability of bite at this time of year, which sometimes leads to poor catches even before the fish spawning or during poslenebesnogo Jora. Only a few anglers can boast of stable results of the spring walleye fishing.

Fishing for walleye on the last ice

To catch walleye in early spring is often possible with ice. At this time usually just starts melting snow and ice, and spring water are in the river, food for fish and oxygen. Because of this come to life frozen in time gluhozime water inhabitants. Small fish moved to the places where the streams flow into the reservoir of fresh water, and followed her to the same point and the perch. It is in these places fishing on the last ice will be most effective.

The best result thus bring the imitation fish. As bait for them to choose bleak, small roach and other fish with elongated body shape. Located in the right places they just give a good catch, by-catch can be pike. In addition to zherlits to catch Fang at this time can be for winter baits, balancers and jig the devil. In the latter case, a high probability of bycatch to get a few bream as they are but specimens often choose the same Parking lot.

Characteristics of spawning fanged

Compared to the same pike, walleye spawning is later. This time the fanged predator starts when the water temperature is about 12 degrees, which usually occurs in April or early may, depending on the climate characteristics in a particular year (in this case approximately two weeks for the start of the so-called pre-spawning feeding period). For delaying the caviar he rises above the bed of the river in which he lives, in search of shallow water areas with shrubs, fallen trees or large debris on the bottom. After that, the adults are in the majority returned to their customary habitat, as this fish does not tolerate murky water.

Photo 1. Muddy shallow enough for spawning.

This species has a certain nurturing one of the males remain to guard the eggs in a prepared nest. At this time, such a guard in case of a threat to attack much larger opponents than himself. For fry of the pike perch is characterized by rapid growth, when a sufficient amount of food. The fry of this species already in the second year of life may reach a weight of up to 800 grams.

Suitable tackle for fishing lures

Sudak often lives in deep water and severe current, so the rod will need a suitable.

You should pay attention to the following characteristics when choosing a working tool for fishing lures:

  • Length. This setting depends on fishing circumstances. For medium distances enough spinning rods 2.1 meters, for large distances approach the stick in the 2.4 or 2.7 meters and more. When shore fishing is to take into account the convenience of travel – short model to maneuver in coastal thickets is much easier (and tugs crankbaits they fit more).
  • Test. As this fish inhabits the depths, and even in places with current, often use rods with the test to 28, 30, 40, and sometimes more grams. Here it is necessary to consider the specific needs of the reservoir.
  • System. Given the used bait, and also hard enough lips walleye spinning fishing this fish needs to be fast and ultra-fast system. Only such forms and provide a reliable cutting, and correct the animation of the lures and the high sensitivity of the gear in General.
  • The material of manufacture. Graphite is preferred, as no fiberglass or composite do not provide the elasticity of the blank and fast action with a minimum weight of the finished spinning.

The reel must match the rod. In most cases, this is bezynertsionnoj size from 2000 to 4000, as vinyl stickers are used quite powerful, and the resistance of the perch may have, depending on the size, worthy. With thin cords I don’t need to winding requirements lower than in the case of perch fishing. For smooth running of bezynertsionnoj it should be 4 bearings and more.

Leashes are preferred from a thick fluorocarbon – this material is strong enough and discreet, and the fangs of a pike perch not able to inflict significant damage. However, in places where there are a lot of pike, its better to put metal leashes, because a sufficient size toothy predator can handle any diameter fluorocarbon.

Photo 2. Gear ready for combat!

Used bait

To catch walleye in the spring? The answer to this question depends on already descended the ice or not. According to the latest ice show result of imitation fish, but later, in open water, comes the turn of artificial lures. In their selection must take into account the anatomical features of this type, namely a relatively narrow throat, whereby as production Sudak selects mainly the versions with elongated body shape.


Silicone lure some of the most popular when fishing for pike. They allow for the most efficient sh in the deep water areas of reservoirs, using a variety of options transactions. For this predator in the course are the models with length from 3 inches and more with elongated body shape is vibrohvosta, worms, slugs, a little less imitations of the larvae of aquatic insects.

Depending on the situation at a particular time on the fishing spot can be applied a variety of Assembly joints, and jig-head, drop-shot, Carolina, Texas and other options.
Important! Preferred edible silicone, since it is such bait that has an attractive smell and taste, give the least amount of blank bites.
The colors of silicone lures can be quite varied, but are thought to be particularly indifferent to the perch to light green, green, yellow and white. Popular and options, glow in ultraviolet rays, which are especially attractive on dark bottom of the pond.

Photo 3. Set of colorful silicone.

The transaction in this case should be chosen depending on activity of fish. In some situations, will work well and classical steps, but in situations when fish are lethargic and passive, will have to be more creative – drawing on the bottom, short explosions with a long pause, step with light twitching the tip of the rod on the pause, all this may provoke an attack inactive walleye.


Zander are mainly of the vibrating lures, spinning somewhat less popular. The most suitable options are with elongated form of the body length of the lures in this case starts from 6 inches or more, color: silver, copper or gold.

Although they are somewhat less popular, but spinners also find application in fishing for pike. Basically this model with elongated, elongated petals like “Aglia long” from Mepps. The most often used options a fairly large 2 and 3 rooms.

Important! For walleye fishing with spinners, if necessary, can be further agregate for a quick dive at the working depth. Sinker or tondou the bombard, it should be fixed for 40-60 centimeters in front of the chopper.


Given the anatomical features of a perch, most often the fish caught on lures with the shape of the body of the minnow type. This is usually the options with a body length from 70 mm and more, and quite a large spatula, ensuring the immersion depth of 2 meters or more, and it is in these places and deeper and is fanged.

In terms of the preferred buoyancy sinking and suspender, a pop-up baits are used less frequently, especially in the spring, as there is no need to bypass the thickets of aquatic vegetation at the top.

Options with negative buoyancy allow you to start wiring at the bottom, oblasova therefore, a large depth crank. Suspender allow make the most the slow posting, with long pauses that may trigger a bite even passive fish.

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