Spring perch fishing

Perch is a common prey fish, which lives in almost all water bodies. Catch him in the spring should be at certain depths. It should be remembered that perch is a schooling fish, find one perch you can catch the whole pack as a whole.

Methods of perch fishing in the spring

The spring perch can be caught on almost any kind of tackle. He as caught on the float rod and spinning. The most important thing to choose the right bait. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider the terrain where the bass lives and what it eats. For example: on the waters with a muddy bottom perch prefer to feed on Motel. Despite this, the bass does not refuse other live baits. Going to the spring perch need to have a varied selection of baits.

Much easier to go out on a perch with a spinning rod, because for fishing on spinning don’t need to harvest bait, it is enough to take with you on fishing box with removable spinners, crankbaits or rubber and edible that will be enough. It is worth considering when choosing the lures that the bass fish is not very big and blestki should be accordingly. Although it is sometimes possible to catch a decent copy, and you can catch it even on a small spoon.

Where to catch spring bass

In the spring before spawning, perch, and other fish are sluggish and not active. And to catch him you need to choose locations with a depth less than two meters. Often for perch you have to try more than one place. During the cold water perch is on the bottom, and only a warming of the entire water perch can prey on small fish in the upper layers of the reservoir.

After spawning perch is a period of illness lasts about two weeks, at such moments, this fish is inactive, and to extract it from the reservoir problematic.

Perch on the float rod

In the spring the tackle float fishing rod should be thin and neat, so the fish are not frightened. For fishing bait many anglers set a small hook or jig. When fishing on mormyshka perch swallows the bait deep into the mouth, sometimes in order to take the hook out of his mouth you have to use the extractor.

For fishing in the spring on the hook put a generous amount of bloodworms, but sometimes even this does not interest bait fish, and in such cases experienced fishermen use a cunning technique to put on hook the moth with the larvae of flies (maggots) that in most cases improves the bite and thus catch the fisherman.

Perch on the float rod for live bait video
Perch fishing on spinning

Spinning perch caught as well, but that when properly configured coherently and spinning. It is desirable for perch use a light rod with sensitive tip. This rod will be able to fix any bite, even the smallest. However, not only the correct choice of rod will lead you to the desired result. How to choose a spinning rod for perch from a boat?

A spinner on a perch

Need to properly and carefully pick up the bait. In the spring perfect silicone bait that perfectly imitates a small fish. Use of such bait in cloudy and clear weather. Blazenka should almost be dragged along the bottom, but in any case not to cling to him. Often bites using various techniques of the transaction.

Also work well baubles of different metals. Such lures are quite heavy and need to ensure that the spoon not immersed in the mud. Catch bass in the spring by trolling mostly in clear weather, due to the fact that the sun’s rays falling on the spinner are reflected from its surface and thus provoke the fish to bite.

Perch fishing in the spring on a spinning reel video

There are many options and ways of catching perch. It’s a tricky and interesting fish. Getting on perches fishing you get a lot of enjoyment from the process of fishing. All successful fishing!

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