Tackle for roach

Roaches in large numbers inhabits the coastal waters and to catch it you have enough rods long, about 6 meters. Fishing is very energetic, similar to the carp fishing, and requires a light rod that the hands are not very tired.

The type and structure of rods and tackle for roach are selected depending on conditions of catching. When fishing for roach in the wiring for it is best to take the Bologna rod if planning to fish in a standing body of water it is better to give preference to centrifugal equipment.

Snap-in for catching roach

Fishing line of a fishing rod is not very rough, 0.25 mm is the thickest line. The leash should be about 3-5 mm is more thin the basic scaffold. The choice of hook you need to do based on the size of the planned catch, often they must be thin and light.

If roach is very active the size of hooks and the thickness of the leash does not play a role, but in times when fish are capricious, and it happens this often, it is best to replace the hook on the smaller and the line on the thinner. If you begin to notice the idle bite, it suggests that roach is trying the bait but not swallowing it, so you need to change tooling.

The float, like all gear on a roach, is selected depending on the fishing conditions, namely the presence of currents. To ship a float so that water was one antenna. This is done because when you bite roach drowns the float, and if the surface will remain one antenna, the resistance will be minimal. The shape of float also does not matter, the main thing that under the conditions of fishing came up and you were convenient.

The main is a sliding sinker in the form of olives, a shepherd boy is made from small lead pellets. The basic sinker is required for shipment of the float and the casting, and the shepherd allows to reduce the resistance of the snap when you bite. Depending on long the leash should be about 10-25 cm.

An example of the correct shipping snap-on roach

Assume that the float has a carrying capacity of 3 grams, then the weight of the primary weights need to pick 2 grams, shepherd boy it is necessary to make a series of pellets, the best in our case to choose the following combination 0,35+0,25+0,2+0,1+0,5=0,95 grams.

Then the total weight loading on the snap-in will be equal to 2.95 grams. Why not 3? You ask. And because the weight and adds a swivel between the main line and the leash. If you do not consider this point, your bobber is completely under water.

It is best to leave gear on a roach without the lightest pellets, and is already checking how it floats your float to add them or not. Yes, and the buoyancy of the float depends on the temperature conditions and the weight of the weights on the box indicates is not entirely accurate, so better at home to check the readiness of equipment in a bucket of water.

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