The benefits of catching pike on live bait from the shore

How to catch a pike on live bait from the shore and what everyone needs to know for this now. Do not be afraid, you should try experimenting, then you will find yourself with the catch for sure.

The most common predator on many continents, in particular in our country, is pike. Her capture is carried out in different ways using different baits, but few people know how to catch a pike on live bait from the shore. We will try to find out all the subtleties of fishing for a toothy resident of a reservoir using this method together.

Pike reacts to live bait excellent almost all year round, with the exception of summer heat . In the rest of the year, it is this bait that often becomes the most catchy, regardless of the fished reservoir.

A positive result can be achieved thanks to such advantages of gear:

  • versatility, the bait allows you to use many options for equipment regardless of the time of year and the type of reservoir;
  • equipment is made of components of minimum cost, so even anglers with minimal income will be able to use it;
  • ease of collection, tackle for pike on live bait will be collected even by a beginner;
  • natural bait for fishing does not require additional material costs and adaptations; bait fish can be caught in almost any body of water.

In addition to the advantages, this method of fishing has a slight drawback, not everyone will be able to properly store already caught bait. And if it is still necessary to deliver the bait to a pond, then beginner fishermen definitely can’t avoid difficulties.

The choice of live bait

The end result of fishing with this method of fishing is directly affected by the bait, that is, the bait itself. Only a correctly selected fish can attract the attention of a predator and provoke it to attack.

Catching pike on live bait from the shore will be successful if familiar species are used to form tackle.

The best options are:

  • crucians;
  • roach;
  • minnows;
  • ruffs;
  • bleak;
  • high water;
  • rudd;
  • perch.

It should be understood that for the capture of large specimens, bait should not be small. A fish for a trophy pike is planted on a hook from 350 g or more.

How to choose the best?

Experienced anglers know that the best bait for fishing a predator is bait fish caught in the same reservoir. It is possible to use fish from another lake or river, but the quality of the bite will be poor.

To be exact with a catch it is worth knowing where and on which live bait to capture.

place of capture the best option of live bait
river and reservoir Sinets, scavenger, breeding, rudd
lake, pond crucian carp, roach, bleak

But it’s not enough to catch live bait, you still need to be able to select the most suitable one, which the pike will not miss.

The subtleties of choice are:

  • thoroughly examine the available options, it is better not to take the wounded and with flaws;
  • choose the most active, they can live longer even on a snap;
  • special attention is paid to the desired size of the catch, the more you want to catch a pike, the larger the live bait.

Next, you need to save the selected options before fishing, and then properly plant.

Subtleties of planting

There is a variety of equipment for fishing pike from the shore, and you can put a fish on a hook in several ways.

The most popular are:

  • baiting through the lip, it is used most often. They simply pierce the upper lip of the fish, while the single hook is used and it comes with a leash.
  • Equipment with a tee will be more reliable, for this, a lead is drawn through the gill cover, and a tee is held at the mouth of the fish, to which it is attached.
  • Equipment with a tee can also be carried out by inserting one forend in the back of the fish. It is important to seize the moment and not catch the ridge, but bypass the fin.
  • Minimally injure live bait can be using the following equipment. In the area of ​​the tail, a regular stationery gum is fixed on the fish, a tee with a leash is placed under it.

Some anglers put live bait fish on several hooks at once, this method is reliable, but live bait fish will not live like that for long.

The main types of fishing

Using live bait, pike can be caught in any body of water with or without several types of gear. Each of them will be effective, the main thing is to choose a promising place.

Today, catching pike on live bait is a residually rare occurrence, however, such a method is present. You can meet fishermen on the shore with such gear:

Of the above methods, only three are popular, we will learn more about them later.

Float tackle

Fishing for pikes on the float from the shore is carried out as a standard set.

To capture you need:

  • rod from 4.5 m;
  • reel, better inertialess;
  • a sufficient amount of fishing line up to 0.4 mm thick;
  • a float that serves as a bite signaling device;
  • a leash with a hook and bait on it.

Such tackle allows you to catch pools and bays on rivers, small ponds and ponds, use it in open water at any time of the year.


This type of gear is used in early spring and late autumn, as well as when fishing under ice in winter. In the summer, this gear is useless in any body of water.

Catching pike in spring on live bait with the use of a thrower is diverse, tackle may consist of:

  • fishing lines with a thickness of 0.28 mm;
  • fishing rubber;
  • sinkers;
  • leash;
  • tee;
  • bait, that is, live bait of the right size.

Collected on hard spinning rods, dough from 80 g, self-resetting, reel. A large water area is caught with the help of a thrower, tackle can be abandoned even in inaccessible places on a pond.

To the girders

Catching pike on live bait in the summer will be successful precisely with the use of female vents; for this, both the converted winter version and many of the summer ones are used.

The components of the gear will be:

  • 10-8 m fishing line with a thickness of 0.30 mm;
  • a sinker selected for live bait;
  • hook leash;
  • bait fish as a bait.

In addition, stoppers for sinkers and high-quality fittings are used, namely swivels and carbines with a good casting rate.

You can also collect spinning tackle for fishing on live bait, but the fish will be injured and die quickly with frequent casting.

Secrets of bait fishing

Catching a pike on live bait is quite simple, all of the above gears are simple both in use and in assembly. It is not at all necessary to buy expensive items for tooling, much can be replaced with some of the tools at hand.

Experienced anglers recommend:

  • Beforehand, you need to collect tackles for fishing gear and for fishing with a float, girders can be mounted directly on the shore in the presence of other components.
  • An empty plastic bottle, a wooden horn, or simply tie a base to bushes on the shore, is often used as a reel for a girly.
  • For fishing on a float, it is advisable to make a float yourself. To do this, you need only a piece of foam, an awl, bright varnish or waterproof paint.
  • Fishing for live bait can be carried out both from the coastline and from a boat. The boat is used for arranging lanterns and circles, and then to collect the catch.

The rest of the subtleties of fishing will come after several fishing trips, the fisherman himself will see and without problems distinguish between good bait and bad bait, as well as skillfully collect tackle.

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