The bream fishing in September on the feeder

To catch bream is experiencing a lot of fun since it bites and ending with the pulling ashore. The usual catches are specimens of bream up to 1.5 kilos, but if you were lucky enough to get a “monster” more weight, it truly luck, or maybe the right approach to feeder fishing.

Fertile time for the angler September. The summer heat is retreating and September takes the reins of the weather in their rightful hands.

The first month of autumn, September is one of the most successful fishing for bream, because at this time, the fish aktiviziruyutsya before the onset of the cold winter and willingly feeding, picking up nutrients. The bream fishing in September on the feeder.

The bream fishing in September on the feeder

The best time for fishing – clear days, without wind, especially good bite at sunset or dawn. In cloudy, windy weather (but warm) bream can try to catch them in a quiet place where there are no strong waves. If we consider the habitats on the water, bream likes to stay near the bottom, in the spacious holes of about five meters, deep-water creeks with muddy soil.

When selecting a location, be aware that this fish likes a sandy bottom, the best bream fishing in September in areas where the bottom is clay and a little silt. If well fed, the fish will be good for places where the bottom is dominated by stones.

The most productive fishing September bream on the feeder is available on these sections of the river or reservoir:

  • clay shore, where the depth gradually increases;
  • steep Bank, where some meters already deep enough;
  • shallow beach with lots of aquatic vegetation, where the depth increases gradually in this case you will need long-distance casting.
Feeder tackle and rigging for bream in September

Tackle and snap in September are varied depending on the water body, distance to the point of catching and other.

Feeder blank

Usually for river fishing rod choose length from 3 to 3.5 meters. In some cases the use of a longer rod, but for casting then you should choose free from vegetation shore. However, sometimes the long rod helps when fishing overgrown banks, if you use the pendulum cast.

So to summarize what the rod is the form to use when fishing for bream on the feeder in September:

  • Length – 3.3 m;
  • Formation of rod – fast;
  • Rods casting – Heavy Feeder “Heavy” to 150 grams;
  • Test replaceable vershinki – ( under conditions of fishing: the current, the casting distance – weight feeders) – from 60 to 120 grams.
Coil feeder

Coil feeder, as a rule, use spinning. If fishing is conducted in a fast current and a bottom, oceanne large stones, then you need to use a reel with a fast retrieve (with a ratio of at least 6:1). The diameter of the spool is selected depending on the diameter of the line.

Reel for fishing on the feeder bream in September:

  • Spinning;
  • Coil size from 3000 to 4000;
  • The mass of such coil will be approximately 400 grams;
  • Clutch the rear;
  • Gear ratio 4.5:1 or 5:1. The gear ratio of the feeder coil at figure 5 suggests that the line bale will make 5 turns (coils on a spool) with one turn of the handle. These inductors have proven themselves on the positive side in terms of quality and compliance for feeder fishing.
The main fishing line and leash

Characteristics of the fishing line and leash:

  • To use thin lines it is necessary to apply a shock leader;
  • Basic scaffold choose braided type. The cross-sectional diameter to 0.16 mm.;
  • Lead of feeder – fluorocarbon from 0.12 mm., (sports equipment) 0,16-0,18 mm. (optimum).
Hook for bream fishing feeder

Now about the hook. It is attached depending on the nozzle.

  • Bloodworm – size number 16-14.
  • Maggot – No. 14-10
  • For corn, barley, masterki, Hominy you can take a medium size No. 14-8.
  • For the worm, you can choose medium or long handguard with # 10-6

It is very important when feeder fishing to pick up a bird feeder in accordance with the power flow. For example, the big bream that live in the rivers of Central Russia, often go out to feed on fast jets. To the feeder was maintained at this flow, it must weigh between 50 and 250 gr. Because the food in the fast current washed away instantly, mesh feeders should not have too wide a mesh.

On the lake or reservoirs, select the feeder easier, but look at the range of points of fishing and the type of equipment.

How to use the equipment and installation of feeder fishing for bream in September

Each type of tooling feeder based on the criteria of fishing conditions and of course the fish itself. So:

On muddy ground, you need to use:

If necessary, angling away from the shore, use a snap for long casting:

  • A helicopter and two site – # 1 in aerodynamic performance.
  • Inline.

On a strong current:

  • asymmetric (single-ended loop);
  • the helicopter (for fishing on the fall of the bait);

In stagnant water:

  • “Method” is used in standing water or in strong current, as the trough in the apparatus is semi-open. The symmetric loop and any other equipment.
  • The symmetric loop and any other equipment.
To offer bream in September

Head bream in September may be different, but usually caught on baits of animal origin

  • maggots,
  • worm
  • Motyl.
  • shell-the thick shelled river mussel.

But don’t howl about the plant:

Bream, though not particularly Moody, but experiment for the best fish we have:

  • So good vyruchat a combination of baits: worm with maggots; the maggots with bloodworms; maggots with corn and many others.
  • The use of mini-boilies. Bream boilies various flavours worth trying, and combine with animal heads.
  • Try the flavours, dips and more. Add a feeder or bait.
Bait on bream in September

Before catching better place to lure and better to do it in advance, at least for the day. And if the area of fishing is chosen correctly (in the way of movement or bream in the Parking lot), then the probability that you return from fishing, with an impressive trophy, increased significantly.

Common bream groundbait is a porridge consisting of wheat, peas, and added ground crackers. This is the basis, but anglers often put in it and other ingredients, in their opinion, it only increases the lure of property, basis.

Modern ready-made bait for fishing on the feeder is also good at attracting bream. But the main component that will hold big bream on the point, apply just necessary. In different places it may differ. Somewhere bream respects the soft sweet corn or cooked peas. Don’t forget about barley, steamed corn, millet and so on.

 Tactics for catching bream on the feeder in September

The feeder is a special kind of fishing, characterized by the organization of “workplace”:

  • Choose the place. Prepare a comfortable area for fishing. Bushes and trees growing back can bring difficulties when casting the feeder. But as they say, fish is not where the fisherman is comfortable, so make the right choice.
  • Prepare the bait. Mixture of purchase should infuse for at least 10 minutes.
  • After preparation and layout of equipment, Gaugeable bottom marker, the sinker or Fishfinder. Lipaemia and conduct initial SCORM consisting of 5-10 feeders.
  • Every 3-5 minutes produce perezapisi.

When the bream bite slowly rises, and then goes to the side. To strike at this point, quickly, but not sharply, because the lips of bream are weak, they can be cut with a sharp flick of the rod. As already mentioned, in September you can catch a pretty big bream, so when playing it is advisable to use net.

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