The bream fishing in winter

Options for how to catch this fish, weight, and hardly they can fit in one article. It so happened that for more than 20 seasons of ice fishing I am not attracted to any particular method. Maybe it’s for the best.

Practiced catch on the jig, float tackle and basmatic caught in the rivers, ponds and reservoirs. Will share the thoughts and observations that, hopefully, will help the novice lastniku to get and choose your own path.

Principally to catch bream in the winter, I would divide into two broad categories: first time without him. Of course, the first option is more familiar, but there are nuances.

Fishing for bream with lure

Bream fish schooling, though, and still tend to occupy a relatively large area, so perhaps we should expect a high concentration near the first hole. Especially in this place certainly will be noise, light and other times, obviously not conducive to active fish. It was the bait, though correct, is generous and regular, able to gather bream in the place where we need. Collect and awaken the appetite.

Successful fishing often begins only after several days of abundant sukarma. But in a good place the next day to wait for rectification of nod or fallen on the side of the float. There is a simple rule: the bigger the bream, the later he responds to the bait and more restrained in Kleve. And if the instances to the kilogram, as a rule, do not require any frills, then fish and a half and two kila – real the fussiest of eaters. Give them food poizyskanney and tackle delicately. However, these are caught quite well.

Fishing on “the garden”

In the slang of lestnica is very specific, but having the only sense that the word “garden”. A series of holes (usually not more than a dozen) in a limited area (say, 20 x 20 metres), which is constantly zakarliuka and fishing is conducted exclusively in the same hole. The place is clearly marked with reeds, branches (worse, if the bottles and packs of cigarettes) and is analogous to private property. In any case, the “owners” of these “gardens” are incredibly jealous of any encroachment from outside.

Fishing partly monotone, but quite impossible to say that it is not interesting. In principle, other things being equal, the bream fishing on the “garden” is probably the most profitable fishing. If the place is correct and throw food regularly, over time the concentration of bream under the hole will only grow, despite the fact that the catches of fisherman will increase. Bream will know that here you can always find something to eat.

How to catch “the garden”? There are two most practiced option, although there are no special restrictions. The first – to sh with one rod (often with a jig) to all wells in a row or something selectively. Second – using a few rods, to see what’s going to happen bite. A lot depends on situation, but usually both working.

Key point health the “garden” timely and proper complementary feeding. The absence of the latter bream will quickly notice and react positively hardly that. In principle, it is believed that for successful and sustainable fishing for the bream enough to lure back at least once in three days. Of course, often better. Bream are hard to overfeed, especially because the right foods does not involve one huge piece of food. It is better to feed was all the time, but little by little. For example, bloodworms, partially buried in mud and crawling there.

Fishing for bream in the tent

Often feeding place is just a pair (or two pairs) of holes. Almost always in such situations, appropriate tent or a semblance of it because the fishing is truly stationary. Even if the street thaw, shelter from the wind and the “extra eye” can not hurt. Fishing without traffic there is absolutely nothing wrong and this is largely determined by not only the personal preferences of the angler, but also the situation – the plot of bream is limited on space, and many anglers; there is no way the buckets to take the bait on the water; finally, the spot and the couple of holes are quite satisfied.

Usually when fishing for bream on constantly feeding holes used several rods. Despite the desire of many beginners Resetnicov to involve more gear at the same time, almost always this only does harm. From a large number of hanging woods bream guards faster (especially large ones); during playing, even in the case of small depth, there are cases of confusion all at the same time tackle; fish still coming to the hole periodically, and simultaneously to draw out we can only with one fishing rod. In my opinion, two, and in some cases three rods is more than enough for a successful and comfortable fishing.

Fishing one day

And if the “garden” or tents traditionally involves a long and regular feeding, that happens to go for a bream one day. Not everyone has the time, ability and even the desire to constantly go to the same places, even if the fish pond, a hundredfold. Can Lesova fishing one day to be successful? Yes. But correct immediately to configure what the chances of success are certainly less than in the case of constant feeding, and perhaps we can talk about major instances that are particularly suspicious of the sudden accumulation of feed where it previously was not.

It is important to immediately profusely to overfeed, to give more time for fish to navigate. The presence of bream in this area is not discussed at all. Better not to disturb it for some time fed with a place to ahead of time not to scare the prey. Scheme of fishing and tackle unlikely will be different from fishing in the “garden” or in a tent. Makes perfect sense to overfeed more holes, to increase the chances to get to the fish. I usually do about a dozen in the range of about ten meters from each other.

The bream fishing without lure

Without the lure to catch bream, on the one hand, adventurous and ineffective, but maybe some anglers just this recognize. Almost always this fishing involves a lot of movement and searching.

The bream fishing on basmatic

True followers of baitless fishing bream have long known the areas with fish and subtlety of her seduction that allows you to be catch, not dragging behind a mountain of lure, tackle and a tent. Experienced besmettelijk under favorable scenario for him is easily able to sh even someone who fishes on long lured the hole, which is under the fish. It also happens that the reservoirs with a large number of anglers big bream, probably having been once on the hook, the Joker is extremely carefully. But “the devil” or other things are perfectly responsive.

In General, the essence of besttelki I would make in an active search and a quick harvest of the holes. Typically, if several transactions the result failed, the chances of catching dramatically reduced. It’s hard to say “how much”, but usually 5-6 Postings in the hole is sufficient to determine the presence of fish willing to bite. Definitely important the correct presentation of what we tied on the fishing line, simulating them with live food item. But what else not to forget about is the importance of checking different horizons, and not just the bottom. This is true not only in the case of baitless fishing, but also with a nozzle.

Very often the bream bite is much above the bottom during a thaw or when abrupt changes in weather. In this case, some anglers just complaining about a bad bite, while too lazy to raise the rope a meter or two up. Such Letnikov not confuse even the fact that the bites occur on the fall. In General, bizmathica with an eye to the bream is not for the lazy.

Despite some controversial point in terms of fishing morality and ethics, the most productive fishing of besmettelijke often happens in feeding someone earlier holes. Absolutely no call to wait for “the master” will leave “the garden” to there catch. It is not welcome. “Jackals” – a word invented for this.

However, often the site of ice over the bed or lashovim plateau because of the huge number of holes resembles a sieve. Most of them are not marked, therefore, in principle, a draw. There is a sense of catch bezmetallny. Certainly many holes in the old memory waiting for the next portions of food hiding a couple of bream or skimmers.

Very productive and quite common case, when besmettelijke check abandoned “gardens” closer to spring. Bream, accustomed to feed on through the winter, still hoping for a sequel, but lestnici no longer fish here. As a rule, basmatic with a single hole can get only one “duty” of bream, but these holes may be many, so the total catch is sometimes very impressive.

Fishing for bream with a nozzle

A little weird, but often, if we do not feed, fishing with a nozzle less effective than bizmathica. With bloodworms, you can also quite mobile to sh left, but fed with earlier wells. There, where it will be bream, he will respond to the bloodworms that he used to. Especially considering the tactics logical in the thaw, when many open holes, and visually you can guess when and what there rushed. For example, mount peel the black seeds – the basis of durable fishing on these holes.

As you can see, a large part of this again boiled down to the presence of food, only lowered in the hole someone. This really is not going anywhere – bream still the foodie. However, for example, on the rivers ice-fishing for bream is very successful without bait. Plays a key role in the choice of location and fishing technique. Repeatedly I have had success fusing jig and periodically asking her a game (as in lifting and lowering). The good was that with a nozzle (Motyl, a worm) that without it.

Stop separately on things that, on the one hand, it is highly individual and strongly depend on the reservoir, but most of them are universal and it can help a novice lesatima, at least, not to make gross errors. This is the place for fishing, tackle and bait. Briefly about them.

Where to find bream? About fishing spot

No bait, skill, and gear will not save if the place of catching bream there. Even an experienced angler location ledovyh flocks is difficult to predict, if the terrain is unfamiliar. In this regard, it is logical to fishing in already proven areas. Often such land is in the day looks like one big black spot. This cluster of fishermen on a background of white landscapes. In the midst of the climb is hardly prudent, but at the edge and can catch. But what if there was no place or bream there’s not a bite?

In self-search should primarily focus on riparian areas and the stream itself with a fairly large depth, close to the plateau depressions, places near snags, bumps or pits on the background of similar terrain, the areas with the best oxygen regime. Almost always the place must be deep or at least – with an average depth of.

About the gear for winter bream

There are different thoughts and opinions about gear for bream, so I will present only their own opinion that has brought me and my companions excellent results. The approach is based on sensitivity and accuracy. I am convinced that even a novice lastniku not worth insuring, to apply durable, but rough tackle.

Key point – the line. If we are talking about fishing for skimmers up to a pound, diameter of 0.1 mm is appropriate. I have not once pulled out of the sports line (0,06-0,07 mm) of skimmers on 400-600 g, but this time it was occupied, and the errors did not involve any. In the case of hunting for the instances from 0.5 to 1 kg – 0,11-0,12 mm and only in some cases thicker. With these same bream from Qila wise to fight the line 0,14-0,16 mm.

Choosing the diameter, it is important to realize that a thicker line and nozzle, and the lure look less natural, dive longer, the sensitivity of the tackle worse, and bream may suspect a trick and not bite. Do not forget that we are talking about fishing on serious depths (typically 5-10 meters).

If the tackle with a nod, the latter choose a longer – 8-12 cm due to the wide body and the specifics of the ingestion of the bream, the majority of bites are “on the rise”, so the nod should not only clearly record this event, but also to offset the weight of the jig. Almost feeling the weight of the bait, the less chance that the bream will get rid of the jig before cutting.

Similarly with a float rod – ogruzka exceeds the carrying capacity of the float. The Joker lies on the bottom and part of the weights too. The float is submerged, but the hole is visible. The bite of bream – the ascent of the float. That’s wisdom. Sometimes, in order to better compensate for the weight of the snap, use two floats, but it’s subtlety. When fishing on basmatic has its own specifics, and there a nod is often required is shorter, which is determined by the type and weight of the jig.

But the coil and spinning is a very relative thing, depending mostly on personal preferences and anthropometric data of Fisher. For example, a miniature spinning is hardly suitable for the Boxing hand of a heavyweight. About the types of jigs, hell, Bisser, hooks and the rest I will not say – too many variables in this question.

About bait for bream

Perhaps the most win-win and almost always an effective way to quickly and permanently lure bream – to clean bloodworms (small or large doesn’t matter). Pounds over fishing is not the limit. Pleasure, of course, is expensive, and often extremely problematic, but necessary. Some part of bloodworms in the feeding still must be present. If without fanaticism, 100-200 g of larvae for fishing will have to spend.

As the great help out of various bait mixes – as a store (not always expensive) and its own (recipes dark). Well the bream reacts to ground biscuits and sunflower seeds, rice crackers, almost all pastries. For a more thorough sukarma, as well as to save relevant porridge. The most common pea porridge and cereal mixture. And if bloodworms or finely dispersed mixture can hardly hurt, a mess that was not eaten and she’s in the water soured, easily “kill” hole. Not worth it without an understanding of the case “tamper” and attractants – you can spoil everything.

The author is aware that this material is not disclosed (and could not do it) the topic of fishing for bream in winter. But this goal has not been set. Realizing the approximate boundaries and variations Lesovoy ice fishing, I believe, the beginner will be easier to further improve your skills in something specific.

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