The bream fishing on the feeder

The feeder is called an improved bottom snap-in. And it’s not just perfecting, innovations give snap the opportunity to catch more fish for the fishing of bream and other fish.

One of the steps to increase the catch on feeder tackle is the replacement of conventional weights, with heavier feeder. Well and, accordingly, the complementary feeding point of fishing near feeder equip the snap-in gives a big advantage.

It is recommended to start the process of fishing from casting blank 10 to the point of fishing, it is only necessary to score the feeder with groundbait and pull it. Many fishermen use for feeding egg homemade porridge made from steamed cereal crops, but many prefer the purchase compounds and bream fishing on the feeder turns into a pleasure. It is best to avoid strong smells the bait, bream is frightening.

In the spring the bream prefers shallow areas with abundant aquatic vegetation. It’s probably related to the abundance of food in these places, because in the spring the algae a lot of insect larvae and caddis. Big fish careful, and the bream fishing on the feeder fishing requires silence and patience. Many experienced anglers can tell you that the larger the size of bream, so it is more cautious.

Now, to get closer to the schema snap-in, feeder fishing for bream, I know two:

  1. This is a classic tackle is equipped with a tube protivoparazitarian. Such a set has never caused me confidence, and she’s long gone, and the bream fishing on the feeder is not in place. And the use of such snap-ins have long been eliminated. Such a set is most likely suitable for beginners, it is quite simple to manufacture and use. Some anglers put in such a tackle with two hooks, this is absurd, from my point of view. They are often confused, and that the whole process feeder fishing owl loses its true purpose.
  2. Paternoster is a quite a popular snap – in feeder. This gear is pretty quick to make, but it is inferior in the sensitivity. But certainly not inferior in the number of fish caught.

Paternoster is mounted in two ways:

  • The first is snap-garner
  • And the second: asymmetric asymmetric loop

Snap-garner is tied directly to the main fishing line. Here is one tip securely tighten the knots, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

Asymmetrical loop got quite a lot of popularity among fishermen due to its sensitivity, but it has one pretty big disadvantage, long leashes (and there are about 40 centimeters) very often get confused while casting, which leads to “idle” cast.

The bream fishing in the spring at the feeder

With the onset of spring warmth bream leaves wintering holes, going to smaller places (2-5 meters deep). In this period also begins the most interesting – the bream fishing on the feeder in the spring. Very often the Parking spot of bream can be found near the riverbed, where the current brings food. And the fish is more comfortable in running water rich in oxygen. After the winter, this is no happiness.


Usually bream can be found near the shore because that’s where he’s looking for a place to spawn. The fish continues to eat, while moving in close proximity to spawning grounds, but as soon as he starts biting sharply abates. Bream spawning usually in late April. The main water is warmed to a temperature of 11-20 degrees.

Bream can spawn anywhere, from the shallows and ending reedbed. Do not forget that the bream fishing in the spring on the feeder banned because of the spawning of the ban. Preferably fish choose to spawn depth from 0.5 to 2 meters.

And after spawning, and sometimes it’s at the end of June starts the peak of the bite. Here the important thing is not to miss the moment, as the next two weeks, the fish are very active. Suggest you get to watching the video.

The bream fishing on the feeder in the summer on the river

With the end of the spawning period begins a favourite with all anglers summer fishing. And now, many of you thought, why the header is present, the expression on the river, because we started talking about summer fishing. But because it is on the rivers the bream are biting in the summer heat best.

The bream fishing on the feeder in the summer will depend on knowledge of the reservoir, namely its topography. So if you are going on an unfamiliar river, I recommend you vzat a sounder or to learn about future places from the local fishermen. Many fishermen perepuskajutsja big mistake. Immediately on arrival at the pond, they begin to throw tackle and wait.

You need to first examine the topography of the bottom using a marker rod and mark a promising point. Will be even better if you just a little time to take observation. Just look closely at the pond, if fish is on the fishing spot, it will definitely manifest itself.

Some fishermen have excellent skills in the use of marking rods, but do not know how to apply the received data. This is because the fishermen just can’t tie in one of the habits of the fish with the characteristics of the reservoir. With the result, knowledge about the habits of fish and prospective locations on the bottom separately from each other. But they can help out only the correct tooling.

As for gear, we have looked at above. Nothing smart there. The paternoster or the ordinary snap-Gardner and drove to look for bream. Bait suitable store or own production, there is up to you. I prefer to do the bait by choosing my desired components and flavors.

Fishing for bream on the feeder fall over

Any bream fishing on the feeder, be it summer, spring or autumn, begins with the study of the reservoir. Do it all differently, some are starting to dive and explore the bottom, some people use fish finders or marker rods. No matter how, the main thing to find at the bottom of the pit edge and the differences of depths.

Once you have chosen a place for fishing it must be hard to lure. Feature feeder fishing lies in the tactics of complementary feeding. First you need to remove with snap leash, then fill the feeder with groundbait, not much stamping it. The main outline itself a landmark on the opposite shore, that every time you throw a snap to the same point. It is very important to throw in one point, to lure back to the fish.

In order to keep a constant distance during the cast the line can be fixed using special clips. Some prefer to mark the distance with a permanent marker so as not to harm the fishing line. You choose, the important thing is to be able to clearly define the place of casting.

The bream fishing on the feeder is extremely interesting and exciting activity. But the success of fishing depends on many factors, then you need to choose the feeder Assembly, the fishing spot and choose the right bait and the bait for fishing.

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